Best Bike Brands In The World

Best Bike brands

The modern-day market is packed with a dizzying number of bicycle brands and models. These are available in all price ranges for all classes of people.

These brands and model often come in a variety of colors, features, and styles.

And in this article, we shall be looking at the top 5 bicycle brands in the market.

1) Trek

Trek was founded by John Burke in 1976, and the brand is known for durability.

With its headquarters in Wisconsin, Trek is among the trusted brands and is famous for its hybrid bicycles and high-rated mountain bikes.

Trek is considered as a market leader, selling its products under different names such as Electra Bicycle Company, Diamat bicycle, Klein, and Gray Fisher.

Operating in more than 90 countries, Trek is among the biggest manufacturers and provides bikes for all age groups of people.

2) Specialized

Aptly named Specialized, this bicycle brand only specializes in the manufacture of bicycles and bicycle parts.

Founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard, Specialized headquarters in the Morgan Hill, CA, USA.

Specialized is listed as among the most famous bike brand across the globe.

The bikes are popular, especially in the sporting domain that at one point, five Olympians used Specialized bikes in the Olympics.

Available everywhere, specialized bikes are often available at discounted prices so that everyone can afford one of these.

3) Giant Bicycle

The Giant bike is a Taiwanese-based brand that was founded in 1972 by King Liu.

Besides Taiwan, Giant has manufacturing facilities in China and the Netherlands.

Giant is global brand renown for manufacturing quality bicycles, and it`s not a surprise that the brand has sales in over 50 countries and over 12,000 retail stores.

A case in point, Giant`s global sales surpassed 5 M bikes and US$820 M in global revenue in 2007. In 2012, the revenue exceeded the US$1.8 Billion with more than 6.3 M bike sales.

4) Cannondale Bicycle

If you`re looking for a modern-day bike with a sense of modernity, and style, you should go for the Cannondale brand.

Headquartered in the US, with manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Cannondale was founded in 1970 by Ron Davis.

Initially, the brand only specialized in providing bike`s apparel and accessories, but later began manufacturing bikes.

Besides aesthetics, the Cannondale bikes are also renowned for their effortless gear shifting, relaxed ride, and budget-friendly prices for all classes of people.

5) GT

GT is yet another popular brand in the US and globally.

GT specializes in the manufacturing of high-end and high-class bikes, including BMX, mountain bikes and road bikes.

GT was co-founded by Gary Turner and Richard Long in 1978 at Santa Ana, Ca.

GT is a global brand that offers their bikes in a gamut of colors, styles, and design.

Besides manufacturing, GT also sponsors many teams at the Olympics and international bike competitions.

Most of the GT bikes provide a super smooth ride, thanks to the superior suspension technology.

‚ÄčConvenience, economical acquisition, and running costs are some of the reasons that make the bicycle a popular transit choice.

You can hardly ever go wrong selecting a bike on our top 5 bike brands we have listed above.