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Last Updated on February 7, 2022

There are many bike brands in the market. And that means you’re spoiled for choice. But even choices have limits, particularly when you want to buy the best bike the first time. 

The best way to start is to identify the best bike brands. And in this article, we’ve highlighted the 30 top options to help you stay informed. 

Before we reveal these bicycle brands, we have compiled best bikes buyer's guides below from all the brands we have covered to make buying a bike easier.


List Of The Most Popular Bicycle Manufactures  in the World

1. Giant  

Giant has been in the bikes business since 1972. The brand’s very first bike came to the market in 1981. And it keeps growing ever since. Giant’s design approach is simple-complex. They invest a lot of time in learning, evaluating, and improving market trends, and then use the data to build and promote bicycles that its target will love.

In 2017 alone, the company had already sold 6.6 million bikes, pocketing a revenue of $1.9 billion. Today, Giant is an award-winner brand with sales in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Annual revenue: $1.9 Billion

Annual Sales: 6.6 million bikes

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2. Bianchi 

Known as the oldest bike brand in the world, Bianchi actually dates back in 1885, a time when bikes’ front wheels were bigger and hard to ride. Started by Edoardo, the goal of the brand was to reduce the diameter of the front wheels and add a chain to enhance mobility.

The company’s innovation saw a rise in the number of riders developing interest in Bianchi bikes, so much that by 1935, the company was already selling 70,000 bikes in a year. 


Annual Sales: 70,000 bikes

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3. Diamondback 

Diamondback is one of the most popular bike manufacturers in the world. The company was originally a part of BMX brand founded in 1977. Over the years, Diamondback has grown to become the best manufacturer of some of the top road, mountain, hybrid, and folding bikes in the world.

 One thing I love about Diamondback is that they cover their market base quite well. In other word, it designs bikes for women, kids, and men, regardless of whether they are casual riders or serious bikers.

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Annual revenue: $1.25 Billion

4. Firmstrong 

Firmstrong, a bike brand based in Hermosa Beach, California, is all about outdoor fun. To be clear, this company doesn’t make any mountain bike. They are all about simple commuter bikes that you can use to cruise around the city or take a ride to the beach.

Their bikes are simple, look sleek, lightweight, and easy to ride. These road, commuter, and city bikes are readily available for kids, men, and women. You will love the bikes because of their simplicity and cost effectiveness.

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Annual revenue: $35.9 Million

5. Raleigh 

Raleigh isn’t a well-known brand simply because it has been around since 1885. It’s actually an established brand with a large consumer base, mostly because of quality production. Managed by Raleigh Cycle Company, this brand first became popular in 1913 when the demand for its bicycles was high.

 By 1913, the company had branched beyond designing just bikes. Today, it specializes in the manufacture of bicycles, motorcycles, and three-wheeled vehicles. That said, please keep in mind that a majority of its products are bikes.

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Annual revenue $100 Million

6. The sixthreezero

The sixthreezero isn’t as old as Firmstrong or Diamondback. And there’s no denying that the brand has come a long way in a very short time.

Started in 2000, with a theme that even the top bike brand like Giant never thought of, sixthreezero, grew to become one of the best beach bikes in Hermosa Beach, California Started in a garage by two enthusiastic cyclists.This brand has grown to become one of the most admired bike brands in the United States of America and beyond.

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Annual revenue: $10 to $20 Million

7.  Pure Cycles  

Popularly known as Pure Fix Cycles, Pure Cycles is one of the youngest bike brands in USA. Founded in 2010, this brand has been around for only 8 years and a couple of months, at the time of this writing.

Managed by Zachary Schau, Michael Fishman, Austin Stoffers, and Jordan Schau as a school project,  the brand grew to become one of the most affordable options for campus students who wanted to ride bikes to school but couldn’t afford high-end bikes.


Annual revenue: $6.7 Million

8. Vilano 

Vilano has been in the market for more than 12 years. Known for designing different types of bikes with riders’ sizes in mind, this company has the right bike for all riders out there. Vilano specializes in mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, and hybrid bicycles.

 This company also focuses on designing high quality bike parts that work well with Vilano bikes. You’ll love the bikes because they are colorful, durable, sturdy, and affordable. You can order a Vilano bike on Amazon or directly from Vilano website.

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Annual revenue: Undisclosed

9. Tommaso Bikes 

Tommaso Bikes is a top manufacturer. They’ve been around since 1985, which means they are a brand that you can trust. One of the best things about this brand is their diversity. Whether you need a mountain bike, a hybrid bike, a road bike, a dirt bike, or an electric bike, you can be sure that this brand will have something for you.

 Another thing you will love about them is the fact that they are also affordable. In other words, you can easily get a high quality bike from Tommaso even if you’re on a very tight budget. 

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Annual revenue: Undisclosed

10. Savadeck 

Savadeck, also known as SAVA, is a very popular bike brand in Germany. Founded by Yang Yiwu in 2005, this brand specializes in manufacturing a wide array of bikes, which are folding bikes, e-bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes.

 The brand uses high quality materials to design their bikes, because they want to give you the best value for your money right from the moment you purchase a bike from them. Also, they use bike parts from well-known manufacturers, like Shimano, to give each bike a high quality finish.

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Annual revenue: Undisclosed

11. Strider 

Adults aren’t the only people who need bikes. Even kids can learn to ride, tag along, and enjoy the moment. Kids are the reason why Strider is in business in the first place.

So if you’ve ever thought of buying the best balance bike for your child and wondered from which brand you can buy, you can be sure that Strider has something for you. Generally, these bikes are sturdy, designed from high quality materials, and they can therefore last for a very long time.

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Annual revenue: $20 Million 

Sales: 2 Million bikes since launch

12. Huffy 

Huffy traces its way back from its humble beginnings in 1892. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, this company specializes in different types of bikes for a wide cycling audience. There are bikes for men, women, and kids. The bike categories designed by this company include mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and road bikes.

Unlike Santa Cruz, bikes sold by this company are affordable and readily available for buyers on budget. So you can be sure you’ll get a bike that’s good enough for you even if you’re on a right budget.

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Annual revenue: $25 to $50 Million 

13.  Retrospec

Retrospec is more of a sports and outdoor brand, not a 100% bike brand. However, bikes do make up a large part of their products. As far as bikes go, this brand only specializes in designing durable road, hybrid, and commuter bikes.

These are readily available for kids, men, and women. You will love these bikes because they feature a durable construction. They are also cheap. You can actually get a good bike from them for under $400. The brand sells its products on Amazon.

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Annual revenue: Undisclosed

14. Schwinn 

Schwinn is a bike brand of a kind. Started back in 1895, this company grew to become one of the most successful bike dealers in the world. But after 97 years of being in business, the company went bankrupt and couldn’t function normally.

Later, Pacific Cycles, a part of the Dorel Industries acquired the company and brought it back to its feet.  Today, Schwinn designs and markets some of the best bikes for kids, women, and men. Today, the brand is a good dealer in e-bikes, mountain bikes, road bike, cruiser bikes, and tricycles.

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Annual revenue: $17 Million

15. Trek Bikes 

Trek Bikes is one of the most popular bike brand names in the market today. The brand has always had one goal since its founding in 1973: to design fast bikes that ride smoothly on different trains, so that you can have fun and feel good when cycling. In 1983, the company released their first mountain bike, the Trek 850.

 It became so popular that Trek Bikes quickly got into the limelight, becoming a well-known brand in a very short time. In the late 1990s, Trek Bikes ventured into designing general purpose bikes, targeting different types of riders. They didn’t release an electric-hybrid bike until after 2001.


Annual revenue: $900 Million

16. Marin

Marin may not be as old as Giant or Diamondback, but it deserves a mention for being a brand that focuses on quality and value. Founded in 1985, Marin has grown to become one of the top bike companies in the United States.

 It started out by specializing in the best mountain bikes, but later branched to other types of bikes, including electric bikes, commuter bikes, and city bikes. All Marin mountain bike frames are made of titanium, a material highly appraised for being lightweight and durable.


Annual revenue: Undisclosed

17. Cannondale

Cannondale has been in the bike business since 1971. Popularly known for being the first agency to launch a bike trailer called Bugger in the market, Cannondale has used different materials to design its bike frames.

 In 1983, they used raw aluminum to design their bikes’ frame, making each model they released admirable because they were lightweight. In 2004, the brand began to use carbon material to design the frame of its bikes. Driven with a creative and engineering mindset, this company knows how to do its job right.


Annual revenue: $600 Million 

18. Kona 

Kona started as a specialty in mountain bikes in 1988. But as the company grew, the founders of the company, Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilborn, branched out to other bike types in an attempt to expand the business. Today, the brand also manufactures and sells road bikes, commuter bikes, and electric bikes.

The company also runs a non-profit organization, Kona Basic Needs, which specializes in donating bikes to the community in an attempt to make the world a better place.


Annual revenue: $5.2 Million 

19. Specialized  

Founded and run by Michael Sinyard, Specialized is one of the key bike brand that manufacturer its own bike parts. Founded in 1974, Specialized has grown to become a key player in the market, always evolving by coming up with new cycling ideas and better designs that are good enough for the market.

The company released their first two bike models, a road bike called Allez and a sport-touring bike called Sequoia, in 1981. This brand is now part of Meridia Bikes.

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Annual revenue: $500 Million 

20. Santa Cruz 

Santa Cruz has been in the bikes business since 1993. The company’s goal from the inception is to make mountain biking fun. And they’ve made quite an effort to realize this goal.

 I did a background check on the price of each model. And I realized that this isn’t a low-end bike brand. Expect the cheapest bike to cost at least $1,000 but not less than that. Some models go up to $10,000 in price.


Annual revenue: $100 to $500 Million 

21. Kestrel

Kestrel is one of the oldest bike brand in the market. It started in 1986. And it has grown to become one of the well-known companies that manufacture high quality bikes. Today, the brand specializes in full suspension mountain bikes, triathlon bikes, and road bikes.

One of the key things about this company is that it was the first to come up with the idea of a bladder-molded carbon structure. The brand’s best achievement was in 2017. In this year, they released Kestrel 5000SL, the fastest bike in its product line. The frame of this bike is only 625 grams, which is the lightest frame ever in the company’s history.

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Annual revenue: Undisclosed

22. Salsa Cycles 

Salsa Cycles may not be as popular as Giant or Diamondback. Even then, the brand invests a lot of time, resources, and creativity to design high quality bikes. Salsa Cycles understands bike technology quite well.

So, they always do everything possible to ensure they design the best bikes for the target market. At the time of this writing, the brand specializes only in mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and touring bikes. They also design some of the best bike parts in the world.


Annual revenue: $200 Million

23. Bianchi Bikes 

Bianchi Bikes has been in business for more than 130 years. Founded by Edoardo Bianchi in 1885, Bianchi is one of the oldest bike brands in human history. During its early years in operation, the brand did everything right to put itself in the limelight at just the right time.

Come 1912, Bianchi became one of the leading bike brands of the time, manufacturing and selling more than 45,000 bikes a year. Today, this company is part of Cycleurope A.B Group.


Annual sales: 70,000

Annual revenue: Undisclosed

24. 6KU Bikes 

There aren’t so many 6KU bikes in the market just yet. And that’s because the manufacturer is still a new brand. Started in 2012, 6UK is already gaining traction. Who knows, it might become just as popular as Giant half a dozen years or a decade from now.

The reason why this brand stands out from the crowd is that it invests a lot in high quality parts, so you won’t have to worry about servicing your bike all the time.


Annual revenue: Undisclosed

25. Addmotor 

Addmotor got into business mainly to design motorcycle parts. However, in 2011, they began to design some of the best electric bikes in the world.

2011 was, in fact, the year when Addmotor decided that it was time to switch from motorcycle business to electric bike design. And they’ve invested a lot of time, resources, and focus on electric bikes ever since.

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Annual revenue: Undisclosed

26. Fuji Bikes 

If you’re a passionate cyclist who loves to evaluate bike from different brands, then Fuji isn’t a new name to you.

The brand has been in business for over 100 years, currently investing in innovative bike technology to bring only the best quality bikes to the market.


Annual revenue: $7.5 Million

27. Magnum Bikes 

Magnum is a relatively new brand. Started in 2010 with a mission to improve the electric bike niche, this company focuses on using the latest bike technologies to give electric bikes a new look and feel.

Their electric bikes already made waves in the international market, so there’s no denying they are in for serious business.

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Annual revenue: $2 Million

28. Mongoose Bikes 

Mongoose traces its roots back in the 1980s where it grew to become one of the most popular designer of different type of bikes. Today, the brand specializes in BMX bikes, mountain bikes, urban bikes, and kids’ bikes.


Annual revenue: Undisclosed

29. Montague Bikes

This is one of the well-known designers of full-size folding bikes. So if you’re in the market for the best folding bikes, Montague should be the first brand where you look.

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Annual revenue: $3.5 Million

30. Giordano Bikes

Giordano is a good bike brand to include on this list.

The company specializes in designing road, gravel, and hybrid bikes.

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Annual revenue: Undisclosed

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