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Last Updated on June 29, 2021

We spend a lot of time at Bikes Haven testing and reviewing bicycles and related accessories to provide you with unbiased, useful, and up-to-date information. 

And our goal with Bikes Haven is very simple: 

We’re here to guide you to choose the right bike and related accessories without spending too much of your time on research.

To be clear, our review process isn’t static, but at least we have an established protocol that allows us to put together reviews and cycling information the way we do. 

Because useful reviews and ultimate guides take time to put together, we’ve streamlined our process to ensure what we publish is up to the standard and fit for the cycling community. 


How We Review Bikes & Accessories

Here’s a breakdown of the steps we follow to conduct and come up with the bike reviews and roundups that we publish on Bikes Haven. 

Step #1: Testing

Since our budget allows us to purchase bike accessories and cycling gear, we prefer to test these in-house and review them based on our experience. 

We visit brand sites and Amazon product pages to come up with a list of bikes and accessories we’d like to review. We scan the review section and collect information from verified purchases. We give more credibility to balanced reviews and ignore what we feel is biased. 

We end up with a list of 10 to 14 bikes or related accessories by the end of our product hunt. We buy the products with our own money for in-house testing. 

So far, we’ve purchased over 100 different sets of bike accessories and cycling gear, tested them front to back to have solid information to present on the site. 

Step 2: Research

We dive even further into research and comparison. We go outside Amazon, brand sites, and our own experience to learn what real testers are saying around the web. We gather information from forums and even talk to folks who own bikes from the brands we’ve picked. 

The research process is often long, overwhelming, and interesting at the same time. By the end of the process, we always have solid information that our editorial team can use to write product reviews that you can trust. 

Step #3: Writing the Reviews

The second step in our review process is to use the information we collected in the first step to write high quality product reviews. 

To be clear:

Some reviews are from our firsthand testing, others are from the information we gather from our testers and the growing cycling community. 

And no, Bikes Haven isn’t interested in outlining the features of the products we select during our research stage. Other sites have already done that. 

Besides, we know what our readers are looking for when they come to our site. They want to know the pros and cons of a product, so we do our best to blend the features with the strengths and weaknesses of a product. 

This, at the end of the day, ensures we come up with solid reviews that our audience can actually identify with. 

Step #4: Editing and Going Live

Here’s where we make sure our reviews are as humanly readable as possible. Our in-house editors do the hard work of proofreading, structuring, and formatting the content properly before the post goes live.

During the editing process, our editors remove anomalies and irrelevant information from the reviews, making sure that each piece we write has only the right information. 

At Bikes Haven, we don’t write for search engines but people. And if our readers are happy, we don’t see why the search engines wouldn’t be. 

Our content goes live after the editing process. 

Final Words

As you can see, we’ve divided our review process into three section, each with clear information on the exact steps we follow to come up with the information you read on Bikes Haven. 

Our review process is obviously intense and time consuming. And to be brutally honest, it takes up to two and a half months to come up with a reasonable number of reviews that truly suit our audience.  

One thing about the information on Bikes Haven is that they aren’t technical. We aren’t experts in the field, but we know the technical terms related to cycling. 

However, we use the simplest language to communicate our message in a way entry-level cyclists will find useful and pro cyclists will appreciate. In short, we weed out the unnecessary jargon from our research process and use the simplest language, while remaining as relevant as possible. 

That sums up our review process at Bikes Haven. 

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My name is Harold Whitford, a husband, father, and avid cyclist with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management from the University of Delaware. Having been in the industry for more than 15 years, I have a number of the road race and national time trial championships in my bag.

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