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Last Updated on August 12, 2021

Many of us were so used to regular bikes so much that we didn’t see advancement in cycling technology coming. Few years after the cycling giants improved bike designs, we started seeing people ride some of the most sophisticated hybrid bikes for commuting as well as top mtn bicycles for regular sports and riding through different terrains.

Improvements didn’t stop with the invention of mountain and road bikes. The cycling gods felt that there was a need to make something even better than what we have had in a very long time. This is where the concept of the best folding bikes came from. Today, these bikes are the craze, and they are just as popular as many cheap and high-end bicycles on the market.

But what exactly is a folding bike?

A folding bicycle is more less the same with regular bikes, except it has one unique feature that sets it apart from all other types of bikes: it folds. And they do fold down so easily and well that they are easy to bring with you wherever you would like to go. Apart from folding, these bikes are also designed with weight in mind. In other words, what makes them easy to carry from place to place is because they fold down for convenience and they are lightweight for easy movement.

Folding bikes aren’t really a new concept, like many people think. It is only that many cyclists have not embraced them fully just yet. As much as they are often overlooked by so many of us, their convenience as well as flexibility makes them over-deserving.

If you have limited storage space at home, or your commute involve several stopover and a couple of instances where you would have to walk from place to place, then the idea of a folding bike should appeal to you. And since there are many brands to choose, you are definitely spoiled for choice when it come to what you can buy for yourself.

Top Rated Folding Bikes Comparison & Rating Table


Product Name

Frame Build


Brake Type


Montague Paratrooper Elite 30 Speed Folding...



Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes

No products found.
No products found.

7005 Series Aluminum


Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes

No products found.
Swagtron Swagcycle SC-1 Folding Electric Bicycle...

Aerospace Grade Aluminum

Single Speed

Disc Brakes

No products found.
No products found.

7000 series aluminum

Single Speed

Disc Brakes

No products found.
Montague Allston Pavement Hybrid Folding  Bike,...



Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes

Columba 26 inch 18 Speed Folding Bike (Black)




No products found.
No products found.




No products found.
Euro-mini Zizzo Via 20” Folding Bike-Lightweight...




CAMP Adult Folding Bike for Men Women 20 inch...



Disc Brake

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike, 20-inch Wheels,...



Disc Brake

Best Foldable Bikes Reviews - We Picked Top Cheap Folding Bicycles for the money

1. Montague Paratrooper Elite

Designed with durability in mind, the Montague Paratrooper Elite is one of the strongest bikes out there. And although Montague Elite is one of the most expensive bicycles that fold away easily, it is designed quite well to justify the price.

If you think about it, folding bikes always cost a little more than regular bikes. But there are always cheaper options, so if you are under a tight budget, you can check out our other recommendations for the best budget bikes that fold away easily.

Robust, resilient, and reliable, Montague Paratrooper Elite was initially designed for the military personnel. However, the company later made it available for every enthusiastic rider who is looking for a strong, lightweight bicycle.

Paratrooper Elite’s large wheels give you the most comfortable ride on different terrains. If you want to remove the wheels, for whatever reason, you can do so easily with the CLIX wheel release system. The rack stand helps the bike to stand comfortably without additional support and the Direct Connect Folding System is ideal for folding and storing the bike away in just a few minutes.

The 30 speeds give you the option to maneuver the bike with ease on different paths. And the Shimano hydraulic brake system lets you rid the bike faster without worrying about easily braking.

Overall, the Montague Paratrooper Elite is an excellent bike for different activities. Whether you want to race in a cycling competition, you want to commute to work on a daily basis, you want to ride across the city on smooth roads, or you want to take a ride to the mountainside, this is the best bike for you.

2. Montague Paratrooper Elite 27.5-Inch

No products found.

Montague has been in the market since 1987. From that time until today, the company has built, manufactured, and sold bikes across different categories, from trail bikes to mountain bikes to the best folding bikes for the money.

 The Montague Paratrooper Elite, a 27-inch, is one of the company’s high quality bike with a decent rating. And it is not just a good bike for commuting. It is also suitable for cycling competitions as well as mountain rides.

The 27-inch Mavic wheels set this bicycle apart from the many options out there. Better than the traditional 26-inch wheels, the Mavic wheels used on this bike are not only durable but also lightweight.

Since the wheels are wide, they provide the best contact with the ground. And as such, they are idea for rolling over different obstacles as well as riding fast on smooth roads.

This bike uses the most powerful braking system out there. Designed for ultimate stopping, the Shimano braking system is an ideal for all riding speeds. Whether you want to control spend when navigating through rough paths or you are descending so fast that you feel it is time to stop, the brake system should be good enough for you.

You will love this bike because of its stability as well as its convenient folding mechanism. And although it is more expensive than some models on our list, it is a good option for people that want to get the best out of steep mountain rides.

No products found.

3. Swagtron SwagCycle

Swagtron SwagCycle is best for people that love a great combination of appearance and design, plus some swag, of course. The SwagCycle Classic is, in fact, unique because it is both an electric and a folding bike.

Clearly, Swagtron has hit two birds with one stone, and they have done it quite well. It is made of high quality aluminum.

Weighing just 41.85 pounds, this bike is lightweight enough to bring with you wherever you would like to go. It is limited in terms of use, though. Unlike Montague bikes, you cannot use SwagCycle to ride on steep hills.

 You cannot use it for bike racing either. But if you are looking for a simple bike that you can use for daily commuting, one that cost less than Montague bikes do, then the SwagCycle Classic Electric bike is a good choice.

The 250 watts electric power motor can power the bike for up to 10 miles on just a single charge. The battery recharges very fast; it takes only two and a half hours to charge it fully. Since there is a USB charging option, you can even charge the motor as you ride if you own a power bank.

The handlebar display is a great addition to this bike, and one that, I believe, you will use quite often as you ride the bike. Besides letting you check the headlights, it also allows you to see the battery level so you can decide when would be the best time to recharge the system.

4. Strida Evo Bicycle

No products found.

Strida Bikes are unique in their own way. In fact, the company, Strida, approach their design differently and they played well by the book to make one-of-a-kind bike model from their personalized blueprint. Available in different styles as well as in six different colors, you are spoiled for choice for the same price.

Another important thing about the Strida 5-style folding bikes is that they are available in three-speed transmission and single speed transmission. Like Montague Elite bikes, Strida Evo isn’t cheap. As such, it may not appeal to the enthusiastic riders who are on a very tight budget.

The integrated aluminum brakes and disc brakes are well built. They make it for you to stop the bike on different terrains with ease. However, the way this bike has been designed does not allow you to ride for long distance.

Unless you are willing to ride for two or three miles and then take a break before riding for another three miles in that order, you should probably consider buying a different bike.

One of the things that make this bike to stand out is how fast and easy it is to fold and unfold. It takes less than 10 seconds to do this. Just push the safety level, and the rest of the folding and unfolding becomes a piece of cake for you.

You will love this bike because it has a sturdy frame and it is quite easy to roll when folded. The design is minimal and the unit is lightweight, so it should be easy to bring with you wherever you want to go. There are two issues with this bike.

First, and as I have already said, you cannot use this for long rides because you can only become uncomfortable. Second, the saddle is too close to the handlebar, an issue that also contributes to the difficulty of riding the unit for long hours.

No products found.

5. Montague Allston Pavement Bike

One of the things I love about Montague is that they always pay attention to details when building their bikes. And then they bring to the market nothing short of the best bikes to the market. Their Allston Pavement Hybrid  Bike is a clear proof of what the company means when they say that they pay close attention to details.

And in my opinion, I feel like they have paid more attention to performance for the asking price. Even the folding mechanism received an equal attention, with the pivot-style under the top tube folding and unfolding the bike on the go with the help of a flexible, quick release lever.

 Allston Pavement’s frame is made of aluminum, so the bike is lightweight and quite easy to ride. Weighing only 30 pounds after assembly, the weight is just right on the right spot for a hybrid bike. Because it is this lightweight, it is also easier to carry, so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

The saddle of this bike is well padded and quite comfortable. This is a great thing, particularly for bikers who love to ride for long hours. Since the handlebar is somewhat raised, your upper body will stay in a more upright position  for easier steering. This also helps to keep your back in check, so you won’t have to worry about back strains and back pain.

The Allston Pavement  bike offers 11 speeds, which means it is going to be easy for you to ride across different terrains at the speed of your choice.  The braking system is also great. It lets you control the speed of the bike with ease.

You will love this bike because of its high quality conveyor belt, which contributes in the overall ride on different kinds of terrains. Because the bike is easy to maintain, you won’t make frequent visits to the bike shops for repairs. There are two major problems with this bike, though. First, it appears bulky when folded, but it is still easy to move around with nonetheless. Second, the handlebars, the stem, and the seat are not adjustable.

6. Columba 26-Inch

Montague, Strida, and Swagtron all have one thing in common: they build the best but the most expensive folding bikes. So for someone on a very tight budget, products from these three companies have the least appeal.

 If you are one of the people that simply cannot manage to pay the earth for a folding bike, then you should consider getting yourself a Columba 26-inch  bike. Sure, many cheap bikes compromise a lot on quality. But having been in the market since 2011, 7 years is really a long time in business to not design and build a folding bike that the market will love.

Even for cheap, this bike is still a multipurpose unit. If you want to go for a casual ride in the urban, this will take you there. If you want to ride on mountainous terrains, this can handle the pressure. And if you live upcountry where the roads aren’t so friendly, Columba 26-Inch bike will hold up quite well.

Putting together the parts of this bike is easy and straightforward. Because it comes almost fully assembled, you won’t really need professional service offered at bike shops. In fact, the only thing you need to install, really, is the front wheel and then you are good to go.

Like high-end bikes, which many people are often reluctant to purchase, this bike features an 18-speed systems. This gives you a lot of riding options, so you can ride the bike on different terrains with ease. In other words, you can ride fast on flat roads and go uphill with less hassle.

Although this budget-friendly folding bike is more flexible and comfortable for long rides unlike the SwagCycle, it’s quite large when folded away. It is also quite heavy.

7. EuroMini ZiZZO Campo 

No products found.

Like Columba 26-inch, the EuroMini ZiZZO Campo is a budget-friendly folding bike that you can buy if you are under a budget. Based on the design, the EuroMini ZiZZO is more of a commuting bike, nothing extra. Even with the 7-speed gear system, I do not really think this bike is comfortable enough to ride up hill.

With a weight of just 28lbs, the EuroMini ZiZZO Campo is the most lightweight bike on this list. So carrying the bike from place to place, commuting between one point and another, and cruising around the urban is as easy and fun as you can imagine.

You will love this bike because it is ideal for commuting on a daily basis for very long hours. It is easy to fold away for storage its stem is easy to adjust, and the brakes are reliable. 

The only problem is that it doesn’t come fully assembled, so there is work to be done before you can get this up and running.

No products found.

8. EuroMini ZiZZO VIA 20"

EuroMini isn’t a popular bike company yet. But they are up to something great, particularly for the people that love bikes under budget.

The VIA 20" bike is another model from the company’s bike series and it falls in the same price range. For the price, you get a lightweight folding bike whose frame is made of durable aluminum.

The 7-speed gear system built by Shimano gives you a variety of speed options, so that you can easily ride VIA on different terrains.

Whether you want to cruise fast on flat roads or you want to pedal uphill with minimal resistance, the speed system will make it easy for you to do that.

 And with reliable brakes, stopping when you need, regardless of the cycling speed, should not be a problem.

9. Camp Adult Bike for Men and Women

For our aged friends who love to commute on folding bikes, our fellow folks who prefer cycling from one place to another instead of taking a cab, the Camp Adult is, by all means, the best folding bike for men and women.

Even if you are a school going teen who doesn’t love going to school by bus, Camp Adult does quite appeal.

The frame of this bike is made of aluminum, so it is quite lightweight and it can support an overall weight of 230 pounds.

The durable and flexible bearing hub makes every ride smooth.  The folding mechanism makes the bike easy to fold down for storage. 

And the 16-speed system lets you change gears easily for an easy and convenient ride on different terrains.

10. Schwinn Loop  Bicycle

Schwinn has been in the market for a very long time. And it has built a great brand and a good name for itself in that time.

Known to design both high-end and affordable bikes, this company has just the right bike for persons under budget. The Loop  Bike features 20-inch wheels, so you can ride easily even on the most unfriendly roads in your area.

This bike has a 7-speed system from Shimano, and it is good for commuting on a daily basis.

Now that we have provided a list of recommendation of the top folding bikes that you can buy, it should be easy for you to choose one based on features and critics. However, besides paying attention to cost as well as the features of the bike, you need to consider your needs.

Ask yourself one very important question: what will I be using the bike to do? It could be you need a folding bike for commuting, or for mountaineering, or for leisure, or just road biking. Whatever your reasons, priorities, or needs for a bike are, make sure those needs come first. And then you can go ahead and judge the quality of a bike depending on their built-ins.

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