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The Top Unbiased Editorial Reviews and Ratings for Bikes, Cycling Gear and Equipment.

Never buy junk again for your bicycle!

What Makes Us Different from Others?


Our reviews are different from the crap you find online, because they are based on real life testing and zero guesswork. Since we test each product before recommending them to you, you can trust our data enough to use it to make informed purchase decisions.


We love talking to bike experts with experience in cycling. In fact, talking to professional bikers and bicycle engineers also help us a great deal to provide you with the most comprehensive reviews that can help you choose and buy the best bike online.

Data Analysis

We believe in precision. And while it’s hard to guarantee accuracy all the time, we do the best possible to provide you with up to date information on cycling. Our team searches, collects, and analyzes data from different sources to present accurate information to our audience.

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