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Last Updated on January 4, 2022

There has never been a better way to introduce a child to cycling than to buy them the best kids’ bike.

With the right bike, your little one can get hooked to the sport faster, train more often, and find themselves riding on two wheels with ease.

If you believe that your child is of the right age to own their first bike, then here are a few recommendations to consider.


Top Rated Kids Bikes Comparison & Rating Charts


Frame Material

Brake Type

Age Limit


RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike 12 14 16 18 20 Inch...

Steel Frame

Coaster & Front Caliper Handbrakes

3 to 9 years

Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids, 12,...

Steel Frame

Coaster & Front Caliper Handbrakes

2 to 4 years

Schwinn Koen & Elm BMX Style Kids Bike in 20-Inch...

Steel Frame

Coaster & Front Caliper Handbrakes

2 to 4 years

No products found.

Steel Frame

Coaster Brakes

4 to 7 years

No products found.
Magna Throttle 20' Children's Bike

Steel Frame

Coaster Brakes

6 to 10 years

No products found.

Steel Frame


20 months to 5 years

No products found.
Strider 12” Pro Bike, Silver - No Pedal Balance...



18 months to 5 years

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike 14 Inch Childrens...


Coaster & Front Caliper Handbrakes

3 to 9 years

Huffy Bicycle Company Spider-Man 16' B Quick...


Coaster & Front Caliper Handbrakes

3 to 5 years

No products found.


Coaster & Front Caliper Handbrakes

2 to 7 years

No products found.

Best Bicycles for Kids Reviews - We Included Affordable & Cheap Balance Bikes For Your Children

1. RoyalBaby Freestyle BMX Kid’s Bike

RoyalBaby Freestyle is a cool kids’ bike that doesn’t break the bank. With a design that keeps parents talking, not to mention the variety of color schemes that boys and girls find fascinating, this bike makes the best gift to consider for birthdays or holidays.

Featuring all the bells and whistles that quite easily optimize a child’s ride, there really can’t be a better model to get your child hitting the road. Available in different wheel sizes, mostly between 12 and 20 inches, RoyalBaby BMX bikes makes a good option for children aged between 3 and 9 years.

RoyalBaby Freestyle bikes with 12 to 18 inches wheels feature a combination of coaster and hand brakes. Coaster brakes help kids new to cycling take full control of their cycling, regardless of the fact that they’re yet too young to master hand coordination.

At 2.4 inches, the tires are quite big and sufficient, which means your boy or girl can take the bike on and off road. This kind of tire prepares your child for big bikes, such as the best mountain bicycles, as they get older. Plus, the quick release seat post makes the saddle easy to adjust, allowing you to help your little one find a perfect sitting height when riding.

2. Schwinn Elm Girl's Bike

If you really want to impress your daughter with a bike, then you need to choose something as colorful as possible. For girls, appearance is worth a consideration. And Schwinn El, a girl’s bike in pink, purple, or teal, does make a good fit. 

Schwinn give this model a solid build by using steel to design the frame, making Elm strong enough to stand some rough treatment. Suitable for 28 to 38 inches tall riders, Elm makes a good fit for girls aged 2 to 4 years.

Your girl won’t be riding this bike at top speed. You can already guess they’ll be riding at the slowest pace of all. But this doesn’t take away the need for a braking system.

 By adding coaster and front caliper brakes, Schwinn simply wants your kid to learn to control speed from day one and smoothly transition to maneuvering breaks of bigger bikes.

Kids also love to explore their bikes by touching different parts. Yet the last thing you want them to touch is the chain. Which is exactly why Schwinn adds a chain guard to offer as much protection as possible.

3. Schwinn Koen Boy's Bike

There’s no Elm for boys yet. But then again, Koen brings the gender balance, making sure that boys, too, have something they can ride.

Coming from a brand whose name speaks volume, Koen is so tough that it can stand up to rough treatment and just the right weight that a small boy can handle.

Schwinn pays close attention to frame design, giving it a more child-like geometry, which is important because makes pedaling and controlling the bike very easy.

Like many kids’ bikes, this model comes in the size range of 12 to 20 inches, with coaster and front caliper brakes to give your little one full control over their apparently slow speed.

With a handle on the saddle, helping your boy get a balance, especially in the first few days, becomes easy. And when the bike’s not in use, you can simply use the handle to hang it freely somewhere in the store or garage.

4. JOYSTAR Kids Bike with Training Wheels

No products found.

JOYSTAR is quite a name, and a good one for a bike. Because, after all, the goal of putting a kid on a bike with training wheels is to introduce them to the cycling world, immerse them in the riding experience, and help them have fun with little or no extra support. And JOYSTAR has managed to give the best.

The steel frame is a superior build, strong enough to stand harsh treatments like unlimited drops.

The removable training wheels are the exact same kind you must have rode on if you ever had the chance. And they are quite handy in helping your child master the cycling curve, particularly pedaling and eventually getting a better balance.

Once they get a balance on two wheels, you can detach the training wheels and store them away for future use.

The seat post is adjustable for a perfect fit of your child’s height. The insanely durable tires can stand even the roughest trails. And the coaster brake gives them full control of their tortoise speed.

No products found.

5. Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

With an attractive aesthetic that makes it a great gift for boys, Dynacraft Magna Throttle is one of the top street/dirt bikes that you can buy for your boy.

Beyond appearance, Magna features a steel frame, which makes it strong enough to stand up to daily rigorous use and regular drops.

Your little superman isn’t getting front caliper brakes with this giant Throttle. But the coaster brakes are sufficient, particularly if they’re starter, because they offer nearly as good control over speed.

Padded for a comfortable hold, the handlebar gives your youngster a tight grip on the frame. And once they’re stead on the soft saddle and ready to pedal, then you know it’s time to let the little man hit the road and have fun.

Strong in design with treaded wheels that inarguably holds really well on different trails, Dynacraft Magna Throttle can easily handle a maximum capacity of 105 pounds. At this capacity, this bike is definitely suitable for all kids.

6. Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike No Pedal Bicycle

No products found.

If you’re looking for the simplest bike ever made for kids, then you may want to consider the Retrospec Cub.

Granted, it has no pedals. But it’s still one of the best balance bikes that your child can use to learn to balance while standing.

This bike doesn’t feature training wheels. And it doesn’t even have brakes either. Its step through and foot-to-foot frame design makes it to stand out from the crowd, though.

Designed for kids 20 months to 5 years, this one makes a good option for transitioning a child from balancing with ease to riding pedal bikes with minimal support.

Lack of pedals and brakes doesn’t make this a low quality product. 

The design standard is up to par, with a steel frame that gives it an unbeatable strength that can stand up to a lot of beating and continue performing for years. Plus, Retrospec keeps the weight to a minimum, making it easy for your child to push the bike forward without applying too much force.

No products found.

7. Strider - 12 Sport Balance Bike

Strider already had a strong reputation in the bikes market. And seeing them take a step further to build bikes that even kids can use means they have something good for everyone.

Their 12 Sport may not be as cheap as some bikes on this list. But it’s one of the well-made kids’ bikes that you can buy for your son or daughter.

Strider takes a completely different approach when it comes to frame design. Instead of using steel, as many bike brands do, they use aluminum, which, while durable like steel and strong like cast iron, is so lightweight that even small kids can move around.

The handlebars are somewhat thin and there can’t be anything better than this. You want your child to have a better bike grip. And this kind of handle solves the trick. 

You don’t have to worry about fat handles that will get your child’s hands slipping or getting hurt.

The tire set is pure foam. And that means you will never have to worry about buying a bike pump if you buy this bike for your kid.

8. RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike

RoyalBaby Freestyle is one of the best kids’ training bikes that money can buy. Built with strength and durability in mind, this is the kind of bike that you can pass on to another child once one outgrows it.

It’s in the same price range as Strider 12 Sport, making it one of the best bikes under 300 dollars.

One of the notable features of this 12-inch wheel set bike is the frame design. The steel material makes it the most durable option, one that’s able to stand regular use and abuse.

You know how those constant falls can be intimidating, but they come from a child who’s learning to ride a bike. And the steel frame should take the punch.

The problem with steel frame always has to do with weight. But as your tot grows, they’ll become strong enough to handle the weight anyway. Plus, the design includes both coaster and front caliper brakes, which enables your child to stop when they have to.

9. Huffy Spiderman Kid’s Bike

With a Spiderman theme that looks sleek and iconic, a durable steel frame, and stability wheels, the Huffy Kid’s bike makes a good choice for boys and girls who want to get into cycling.

 The training wheels offer support during the period when your child needs to find a perfect balance.

And when they can ride comfortably on two wheels, you can and should take the training wheels and let them cycle freely.

The steel frame design is this bikes strongest selling point. The build gives the bike its strength, meaning it can stand up to regular abuse and grow with your little one month after month.

10. JOYSTAR Toddler Bike for Girls

No products found.

If you’re looking for a colorful bike for your little princess, then JOYSTAR Toddler bike for girls is a good option to consider. Its frame is made of strong steel.

It has coaster brakes for quick topping. And it features a chain guard for further protection.

The saddle of this bike is soft like a pillow, comfortable like a crib mattress, and padded to feel like the touch of a seat’s cushion.

Every time your child seat to ride on it simply translates to the best cycling moments.

The handlebars feature some kind of ergonomic design. They give your baby a solid grip from the time they touch the bike to the moment they put it down.

No products found.

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