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Last Updated on February 8, 2022

Let’s be honest: 

A Peloton bike isn’t an average investment. Like some of the top mountain bikes I’ve tested, this equipment cost close to what average Americans earn every month. It’s $2,250 in retail price, and then there’s a $40 subscription fee paid monthly. 


The price made me scream ‘oh shit’ when I first landed on a review page online. 

But then … 

Peloton bike has been a big hit from the very beginning. And for the folks that prefer in-home workout to running or cycling, this may be the real deal. 

The question is, what really makes this bike worth the asking price? Is the monthly membership even worth it in the first place? Or should you just stick to gym and spin classes instead? 

Let’s find out. 


What We Know About Peloton Bike So Far

Peloton’s promise has been the same from the very beginning: to bring home classes that keep you moving in the comfort of your home.

In fact, they’ve taken away the need to go to the gym every day, and the system easily replaces the need for a fitness instructor. 

Now, we didn’t test the Peloton bike at the time of this writing. But we asked two friends who own the bike if they could share their experience with us after using the machine for the last four months.

 From what we know so far, Peloton bike seems to be worth every penny, and it’s an investment to consider if you want to work under digital coaching supervision. 

Digital Classes Offered by Peloton

According to our testers, Peloton’s digital class is one of the most useful features of the bike. The bike’s 21-inch digital display lets you stream live classes, and you can also access hundreds of on-demand classes with a few clicks.

There are even group classes, which give you the opportunity to connect with other people who can help you reach your fitness goals.

The ability to form tribes, make new friends, and interact in Facebook groups makes these digital classes worth the investment. 

Apparently, there’s no limit to what class you can access.

You can access any class you want, from yoga and meditation to strength training and running, as long as you have an active subscription. 

Cost Comparison: Peloton Bike vs. Gym vs. Spin Classes

peloton bike reviews

Guided coaching has never cost anyone $0. That means you have to pay to exercise and become fit.

And that’s okay because you get guidance from some of the best trainers near you. After all, it’s hard to get free workout classes, unless the coach is your relative or a close friend. 

But how exactly does the cost of owning a Peloton bike compare to gym and spin classes? 

Gym classes will cost you around $40 to $50 per month, although this article suggests that the true cost may be around $800 a year.

The lowest you can pay for a spin class is $15, but this value can go as high as $25 per session depending on where you live. Also, you have to commute to the gym or cycling class every time, and that cost some extra cash. 

A Peloton bike takes away the need to go to the gym, and it make indoor cycling classes unnecessary.

The initial cost of the bike may be high, but you’ll pay a monthly subscription of $39 a month to access as many online fitness classes as possible. 

As you can see, the subscription to this indoor cycling bike program is favorable than the cost of a spinning class. And it’s $1 to $11 less the cost for gym subscription. You can save this money and spend it in a different way. 

Let’s take this even further with an example. 

Say you take 100 spin classes a year, and each class costs you $15. The cumulative total for 12 months will be $1,500. 

Each year, Peloton will charge you $468 for its online classes. That’s very low compared to what you pay if you were to take 100 spinning classes every year.

Presumably, you’re going to save more than $1,000, which is enough to pay for another two-year subscription. 

Does Peloton Bike Need Accessories?

peloton exercise bike accessories

From what we know, you don’t need many accessories to get the most out of this workout machine.

If anything, you should buy only the most important items. In fact, we can only think of three essential items at the very least. 

You will need a mat to place the bike on so that it doesn’t ruin your floor.

 If you like to drink water during exercise, get a water bottle. More importantly, make sure you wear the right pair of bike shoes, because they’ll make it easy for you to exercise on your bike. 

What’s the Alternative to Peloton Bike?

get a spin bike

So you already know why Peloton bike is such a big hit. You wish you could get one today, but you can’t because you’re on a budget. 

What’s the alternative?  

Well, you don’t necessarily have to buy Peloton bike to enjoy their services. You can use their app with any of the best spin bike.

Of course, spin bikes aren’t as expensive, so they make the best option if you’re on a very tight budget, or if you prefer to use a cheaper exercise bike. 

The best thing about the mobile app, which is readily available for iOS and Android users, is that you can try it out for 30 days.

And this doesn’t require any commitment. Use this period to explore the content of the app, and then decide if it’s worth $12.99 a month. 

Wrapping This Up

Peloton bike is truly a game changer for many. If you have the funds to invest in an exercise equipment, we’d definitely recommend trying it out. 

Remember, it’s a one-time investment with a lifetime benefit.  You buy the bike only once, and you can stream and access unlimited on-demand workout classes for as long as Peloton is in business.

Plus, the monthly subscription is low compared to spin classes and gym. 

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