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Last Updated on July 5, 2021

The best cycling shoes serve one very important purpose: allow you ride your bike with ease.

Bike shoes have a mechanism that provides a tight grip between your feet and the pedals, allowing you to cycle for long without worrying about losing touch.

Footwear being a competitive market, you can expect that there are so many cycling shoes that you can choose from.

But which ones should you pick exactly? Check out the following recommendations.


Top Rated Cycling Shoes Comparison & Rating Chart


Product Name





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No products found.

Upper Material: TPU frame bonded to mesh panels



No products found.
R1 Infinito - Purple/Blue Knitted - 40

Upper Material: laser-perforated 1.2mm microtex



Giro Empire SLX Men Clipless Road Cycling Shoess -...




No products found.
No products found.

Upper Material: Microfibra Techpro



No products found.
Lake Cycling MXZ303 Winter Boot, Black, 40...

Upper Material: Pittards WR100 leather 



PEARL IZUMI X-Project PRO Cycling Shoe...

carbon composite sole



Garneau Multi Air Flex Shoe - Women's Cycling...

Nylon/fiberglass composite outsole



Tommaso Strada 100 Indoor Cycling Shoes For Men:...

Durable synthetic leather upper



Louis Garneau Women's Tri X-Speed 3 Triathlon Bike...

 synthetic leather upper 


245 g

Tommaso Pista 100 Women's Spin Class Ready Cycling

Durable synthetic leather upper



Best Bicycle Shoes Reviews - We Picked Cheap & Affordable Bike Shoes

1. Mavic Cosmic SL Ultimate Cycling Shoe

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Mavic Cosmic SL is an improvement of its predecessor, the Cosmic Ultimate. The new version features a more lightweight carbon sole, an asymmetric upper with a single BOA IP1 closure, and a large mesh for proper ventilation especially when cycling in very hot weather.

Mavic has completely revamped the sole unit by introducing a full carbon SLR outsole, which has a stack height as low as 7 millimeters. In addition to saving up to 10 grams of weight over the original Cosmic Ultimate, the new sole unit keeps your legs closer to the pedal and maximizes cycling energy transfer. 

Mavic goes even further to add ventilation slots to the sole, which is something many cycling shoe brands haven’t considered yet. The slots improve airflow from under your feet, thus keeping your feet cool throughout your ride, especially in hot environments.

If you’ve used Cosmic Ultimate, you must have had to do a lot of heel lift. And you know how uncomfortable this can get. Things are different with the new Cosmic SL Ultimate. The toe box is round with a lot of room for the forefoot and sufficient support for the heels.

For some riders, though, the toe box may feel a little too roomy especially if worn with thin socks. This may be a problem because if you tighten the BOA IP1 closure, you end up putting more pressure in the mid foot, hence uneven distribution.


  • The shoe is lightweight
  • Improved, sturdy sole unit
  • The toe box has enough room to fit wide feet


  • Uneven pressure distribution especially around the mid foot

2. Fizik Infinito Cycling Shoe

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that harmoniously combines comfort and style, then you should consider Fizik Infinito. At its best, it’s lightweight and soft with a standard cushioning for comfort during both short and long rides.

At its worst, Fizik Infinito isn’t suitable for wet and cold weather, which means they won’t cut it in winter. Plus, it’s very expensive.

The design is beyond usual. If you look closely, these aren’t typical cycling sneaker really. They feature a knitted construction for comfort and flexibility. And the exoskeleton offer more support to the upper.

The construction makes the shoe lightweight, which, of course, is useful when cycling up steep or hilly trails.

The upper looks sleek. Call it sexy if you like. Beyond the iconic look is the undeniably breathable upper with 8 vents that promote sufficient airflow throughout your cycling binge. And it has a good insulation, which provides your feet the warmth it needs when cycling your bike in autumn.

Fizik Infinito should feel comfortable even on an extended ride. Thanks to the sufficient padding, chances for rubbing against or pinching on the feet are nonexistent. And the size is on the mark, just good enough to fit most riders.


  • These shoes are breathable and they fit really well
  • With Fizik Infinito, you can expect exceptional power transfer on every ride
  • They look sleep and they are easy to adjust


  • These cycling shoes are very expensive

3. Giro Empire SLX Road Cycling Shoes

The Empire SLX shoes are a top contender in the cycling space. They are particularly praiseworthy because of the sleek look, decent weight, and reasonable price range.

And if you’re a cyclist with a taste of color, Giro has these available in 9 different color options so you can pick what suits you best.

For the cyclist who would rather buy shoes with a lacing system, Giro Empire SXL makes the best alternative to Fizik Infinito and Mavic Cosmic SL Ultimate.

The lacing is flexing and practical, because you can adjust them to your liking. With Empire SLX, you do have multiple lacing options for a more snug fit.

You will love these shoes because of their superior breathability. If you look closely, you will notice that they have vents all around. That means sufficient air circulation to keep your feet cool even in very hot environments.

The Empire SXL’s sole unit is superior to the original Empire. At the very least, the Easton EC90 is rigid yet flexible. And at 175g, the sole of this version is lighter than the previous model.


  • Available in different color options, so you can choose a scheme that suits you best
  • You get lots of lacing options for a snug fit
  • It has a good ventilation


  • You can’t adjust the laces as you ride your bike
  • Adjusting the shoe laces also take a lot of time

4. Sidi Shot Vent Carbon Cycling Shoes

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Sidi Shot has the looks, really. It’s the kind of pair to add to your cycling gear if you seriously care about riding in style. Available in over 12 colors schemes, you can pick an option that matches your cycling clothes.

And as for the price, it’s more expensive than Giro Empire SLX, Fizik Infinito, and Mavic Cosmic SL Ultimate.

Sidi seem to take a racer’s comfort seriously. And while they haven’t managed to offer that with Shot Vent 100%, they’ve come somewhat close. They run true to size.

And for a cyclist who in for something stiff yet comfortable for a demanding ride, Sidi Shot can really cut it.

You will love Sidi Shot because they’re breathable. The air vents on the sides as well as on the toe box promotes airflow to keep your feet cool and dry throughout your cycling adventure. Maximum air circulation means no sweaty feet. And with cool/dry feet, hot spots are nothing to worry about because, practically, they’re nonexistent.

But these aren’t your lightweight dream shoes. At 3 pounds, Sidi Shots are heavy. Of course, the screw fore and the aft do contribute to the weight of the shoes. And while they’re an important part of the design, the weight isn’t something a serious cyclist is ready to appreciate sooner.


  • The heel closure is easy to adjust
  • They fit well and they are very comfortable


  • These shoes are heavy
  • They are insanely expensive

5. Lake Cycling MXZ303 Men's Winter Boot

If you live in an artic environment and cycling is one of your favorite sports, then you need to invest in warm cycling gear, including shoes. Lake Cycling MXZ303 are the ideal winter boots to use, partly because they look sleek and mostly because they feature a hefty build with promising insulation.

Designed to provide comfort even in an extremely cold region, these cycling boots guarantee proper blood circulation and balanced blood pressure. Since it features a premium insulation, you never have to worry about your feet getting cold especially when cycling for an extended period.

The sole unit features a vibram construction, a rubber material that provides your feet with the comfort it needs to walk in snow and get through mud. Not only can the sole fit toe spikes with ease, the drilling is also sufficient for a two-hole mountain bike cleat.

Lake Cycling MXZ303’s upper is made of gull-grain pittards leather. This material is not only durable but also provides a good fit for a comfortable ride. Braking these in shouldn’t take long, just a few days and they are good for a snug fit.


  • Has a good insulation system to keep your feet warm in arctic environment
  • They are easy to break in
  • They provide a snug fit


  • These shoes are a bit pricey
  • May  not be suitable for people with narrow feet
  • The cleat can pull out in just a season


Made by a brand that takes comfort and style seriously, the X-Project Pro are the best bike shoes that serious cyclists should consider wearing.

At best, they are as durable and lightweight as Mavic Cosmic SL Ultimate. At worst, they are among the most expensive bike shoes in the market.

This pair’s sole unit is one of a kind.

A combination of carbon and rubber makes the outsole. The materials provide improved traction. Which is to say that it ensures close contact with the bike pedals no matter how long or fast you ride.

Also, the sole have fiberglass, which promotes efficient power transfer during the ride.

X-Project Pro’s upper is made of durable synthetic leather. The mesh lining on this region promotes maximum ventilation to cool and keep your feet dry throughout your cycling binge. To ensure even more comfort, Pearl iZUMi adds EVA padded midsole to the shoes. 

You will love X-Project Pro cycling shoes because they’re easy to put on and take off. In fact, the lacing system is simple to adjust to your liking. And you can easily get a snug fit in just a couple of seconds. With these shoes, you never have to worry about hot weather, because the Anatomic Buckle Closure system will help to eliminate hot spots when cycling.


  • Made of high quality material for comfort, performance, and durability
  • Well ventilated to keep your feet cool and dry
  • Anatomic Buckle Closure system helps to manage hot spots with ease


  • These shoes are expensive

7. Louis Garneau Multi Air Flex Indoor Cycling Shoes for Women

Multi Air Flex by Louis Garneau is among the best indoor cycling shoes in the market. And like Tommaso Strada 100, it’s cheap. As such, it’s a good option for female cyclists who’re in the market for inexpensive bike shoes.

 And as for color, the Multi Air Flex comes in 4 schemes, so you can choose an option that matches your true taste as far as hue goes.

You will love these shoes because they run true to size. After all, who wants indoor cycling shoes that won’t provide utmost grip for secure paddling and/or spinning?

A good fit means a good grip, which means you don’t have to worry about either foot slipping off the pedal.

Again, these shoes are versatile. And as such, you can use them for either SPD or Look Style Pedal.


  • These shoes are easy to put on and take off
  • They run true to size
  • They are affordable


  • May run small for some people

8. Tommaso Strada 100 Cycling Shoe

Tommaso is famous for their bikes, mostly because they invest their time and resources to build units that can give you the best riding experience.

The brand also designs high quality cycling shoes, and the Strada 100 is a good example in the product category. While they’re standard, unlike Giro Empire SLX and Fizik Infinito, they’re still well built and stylish.

Strada 100 cycling shoe doesn’t just look stylish. Tommaso also optimizes it for better performance by using the right material for design.

To begin with, the upper features a synthetic leather upper. And instead of a lacing system, Strada 100 has Velcro straps that make the shoes easy to put on and take off.

As casual as they look, these shoes have a superior padding on the inside, giving your feet the comfort they needs to pedal your bike at different speeds.  They’re breathable, allowing air to circulate in and out consistently, keeping your feet cool even on extremely long rides.

The insoles of these shoes are up to the standard. As such, you can be sure of better comfort. Whether you plan to ride for a short time or you are up for a long race, the insoles ensure that you complete your race without experiencing pinching.


  • Because these shoes are affordable, they’re ideal for cyclist on a budget
  • They offer high level comfort
  • The outsole delivers an excellent traction on the pedals
  • Breathable enough to keep your feel cool and dry


  • The looks can be somewhat boring to some users
  • Size may be an issue for some cyclists

9. Louis Garneau Tri X Speed III Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Color scheme isn’t Louis Garneau Tri X-Speed III biggest selling point. Yet, there’s no denying that with a combination of pink glow and bright yellow, these shoes are colorful and iconic.

Even at such a price point, Tri X-Speed III doesn’t compromise on comfort. Featuring the same ergonomic design as the brand’s high-end shoes, this inexpensive pair gives you the same riding experience yet.

The good look isn’t the only reason to love these shoes. They’re also versatile, able to fit all SPD and road pedals.

The upper is made of synthetic leather, which not only adds to the durability of the shoes but also offers feet protection while preventing toe collapse

Apart from the Power Zone technology that boosts power transfer and provides good arch support, Tri X-Speed Women’s Triathlon Cycling Shoes also feature a HRS-80 retention that keep your heels firm and supported.

When it comes to shoes, breathability is something you don’t want to ignore. And it’s satisfying to know that Louis Garneau addressed this quite well. The nylon/fiberglass outsole isn’t just stiff; they also have a good ventilation that provides sufficient air circulation in and out of the shoes.


  • These shoes are made of synthetic leather, which means they are strong and durable
  • The HRS-80 retention and Power Zone technology are a plus
  • These shoes are affordable, hence suitable for female riders on budget


  • However, the pair doesn’t include cleats on the outsole.  

10. Tommaso Pista Cycling Shoes for Women

Since 1985, Tommaso has dedicated its time and resources to building the best bikes in the world.

So seeing them branching out to shoe design may catch you with a little bit of a surprise. Still, they do a great job on the Pista model, producing a high quality cycling pair for women.

Tommaso has married comfort and style so harmoniously in Pista while keeping the overall weight of the pair to a minimum.

Looking at the price tag, and comparing it to what you’d have to pay for the likes of Fizik Infinito and Giro Empire SLX, it doesn’t take you long to realize just how affordable the Pista Cycling shoes are.


  • Breathable upper with strong nylon mesh to improve air circulation
  • The insoles are removable, hence the flexibility to adjust them as you deem fit
  • The Velcro lacing system makes the shoes easy to put on and take off


  • Size may be an issue for some people
  • Not for hiking, walking, or hiking – just cycling


With these recommendations at your disposal, choosing the right shoes for cycling should not be hard for you. And we’ve really balanced this list by making sure that it has recommendations for both male and female cyclists.

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