Proform Cardio HIIT Review

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Last Updated on August 12, 2021

ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer, launched late in 2016, is among the newest releases by ProForm.

It's the lighter model of the ProForm Cardio Pro, but still, it has commercial elliptical machine specs, including high user capacity, automatic resistance, and heavy-duty performance.

It’s a hybrid fitness machine, a cross between cross-trainer and stair-climbers.

Like the Bowflex Max, it combines the horizontal motion of an cardio hiit elliptical trainer and vertical motion of a stepper. 


What Makes ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer So Awesome?

Proform Cardio HIIT

Effective for Weight Loss

ProForm Cardio HIIT, like its name suggests, offers high impact training capable of promoting faster calorie burn.

Now, as you would imagine, high impact exercises can be jarring to your body.

Fortunately, ProForm is low-impact, yet delivering high impact performance training.

So, yes, it's easier for you to burn more calories and tone your body without having to worry about injuries.


Like the Bowflex Max, this trainer combines both the climbing motion of a stepper and upper body training of the elliptical arms.

The ProForm Cardio is neither a climber nor an elliptical, but rather a vertical elliptical.

With this trainer, you get 10 inches of vertical and 5 inches of the horizontal path.

When in use, you’ll feel as if you’re climbing a vertical elliptical path.

Compact Size

Elliptical trainers are generally bulky.

One of the benefits of the ProForm, over other ellipticals within its class such as SOLE E55 or Nordic Track, is that it takes nearly half a much lesser space.

When fully assembled, it only consumes a modest dimension of 66″ L x 29.25″ W x 39″ H, making it an incredible trainer for users with small spaces such as apartments or offices.


Weight Capacity: 325 pounds

Resistance Levels: 24

Resistance Type: Magnetic Resistance

Flywheel Weight: 28 pounds

Dimension: 66″ L x 29.25″ W x 39″ H

Unique Features that Make ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer Interesting


A heavy-duty option, ProForm Cardio is designed from an all-steel frame, which bolsters the overall sturdiness and longevity of the machines.

A clear testimony to the overall strength of this elliptical is the generous weight capacity of 325 pounds.

Moving on, another notable design element is the small footprint.

Now you might think with the small footprint; the machine is going to be less sturdy. We also thought so, but to our surprise, this trainer is rather heavy and weighing approximately 180 pounds, it means it's quite sturdy and won't wobble even when working it hard. 

Incline and Stride

The pedals on the ProForm are fixed at a 10-degree inclination vertically and fixed 5 inches horizontally.

The orientation of the machine makes this model a two-in-one model, offering a challenging workout for both the newbie and professional athletes.

Similar to a traditional elliptical, ProForm will provide you with zero-impact workouts to prevent joint pains and back stress, while at the same time building on your strength.

Unfortunately, the adjustable pedals lack suspension or articulation. Instead, they've gel cushioning to alleviate the impact on your joints and deliver superior adherence.

Another good thing with the pedals is they’re large enough, and can easily accommodate all the shoe sizes.


ProForm has 24 resistance levels, two less than the ProForm Cardio Pro.

Nonetheless, I find the resistance levels sufficient enough for a challenging workout. With the machine, it’s easier to vary your resistance and tailor the levels to meet your fitness needs.

Drive System

The resistance on this machine is provided by an Eddy Current Magnetic resistance, which delivers smooth operation, and requires less maintenance since the moving parts don't come into contact with each other.

The resistance system has incorporated a new technology known as SMR or rather the Silent Magnetic Resistance.

The SMR is a revolutionary technology that delivers quiet and smooth operation, contrary to the pretty loud operation on the Bowflex machine.


The HIIT Trainer features a 30-pound flywheel that can be pedaled both forward and reverse to engage the different muscle groups.

The good thing with the flywheel is that it’s heavy enough to offer sufficient resistance even to the professional athletes.


As we had mentioned above, the belt feature belt mechanism, meaning it rarely needs maintenance and is easy to adjust if need.

Additionally, the entire running of the machine is smooth, and the transition between the individual resistance levels is seamless.


Proform Cardio HIIT console

The console on the ProForm features a large 7” Smart HD touch-screen that incorporates a built-in Web Browser.

The console on this model is encompassing, and will even allow you to connect to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Additionally, it's compatible with MP3, iPod devices, and Ifit App.

On the console, you’ll also find up to 34 preset-workout programs sufficient to keep you busy throughout the workout period.

What We Liked About ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer

  • Space–Saving: ProForm elliptical comes with a modest design, sufficient enough to fit even where space is premium. According to the manufacturer, this model takes as much half-space lesser than the typical machines.
  • Hybrid:  A 2-in-1 option, the ProForm machine will let you enjoy both the benefits of an elliptical and stepper machine.
  • Comprehensive Workouts: Being a hybrid machine, the ProForm will let you enjoy an all-inclusive or rather total body workout.
  • Here, it’s possible to work on your glutes, tone your body, work on your arms, burn calories, and much more. 
  • Heavy-duty: ProForm might not exactly be a commercial-type machine, but if you’re looking anything close to that, then this is the best you can get. It has impressive features, including 24 resistance, a heavy flywheel, and impressive weight capacity, all properties that commercial elliptical trainers should have.

What We Didn’t Like About ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer

  • Assembly: Admittedly, ProForm is quite a heavy machine, and to be honest, it can be a challenge to assembly it, especially if you’re alone.

Bottomline & Verdict

As we had mentioned earlier, the ProForm Cardio machine is the closest you can get to a heavy-duty option.

It's an ideal option for users who are beyond light-duty and moderate training, but still not prepared enough to undertake the heavy-duty tasks.

But the good news is, it’s highly adjustable, more particularly on the resistance levels, so, yes, it can also be a great option for a beginner who is looking to "grow" with the machine.

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