Best Road Bike Shoes

Best Road Bike Shoes Reviews

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If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that the best road bike shoes can give you an unforgettable cycling experience.

Often optimized for performance, these shoes give you excellent power transfer for easy pedaling, so you can ride your bike without straining your feet. 

Here’s a list of some of the top road bike footwear that you should consider. 

Top Rated Road Bicycle Shoes Comparison & Rating Chart


Product Name



Closure System


Mavic Cosmic Elite Cycling Shoes - Men's...



Mavic Ergo Dial + Velcro Strap

Scott Road Comp BOA Cycling Shoe - Men's Matte...

nylon fiberglass


Boa L6 dial, hook-and-loop strap

PEARL IZUMI Men's Race Road v5 Cycling Shoe,...



Bi-directional Closure wraps + Boa L6 Dial

Fizik R4 UOMO BOA Road Cycling Shoes, Black/Red,...

Injected Composite Carbon


Boa IP1-A and Micro Straps

Tommaso Pista Women's Road Bike Cycling Spin Shoe...

nylon fiberglass

synthetic leather

Buckle and Straps

Giro Solara II Womens Road Cycling Shoe − 41,...

Zytel nylon


Buckle and Straps

Best Road Bike Shoes Reviews

1. Mavic Cosmic Elite

There’s more to Mavic Cosmic Elite than just the variety of color schemes that provide excellent visibility at night.

There’s also comfort and waterproofing, both of which go a long way to provide an exceptional ride even in winter seasons.

Mavic nicely encloses and fully insulates Elite’s upper, making the pair not just suitable for arctic conditions but also flexible enough to provide a better pedaling experience and better feet support. 

Cosmic Elite features an ergo dial atop the Velcro closure.

 Yet it isn’t as good as the boa option, especially given that you can’t achieve a loose fit with small increment. Still, it gets the job done nonetheless. 

The outsole is made of reinforced carbon, which, while not as good as full carbon, still feels stiff. 


  • High quality cycling shoes that you can use in any weather condition
  • Fits well and delivers efficient pedaling experience
  • Reflective upper lets other road users see you from a distance, especially at night


  • The ergo dial isn’t easy to use – we wish it had the boa option instead

2. Scott Road Comp

Scott Road Comp pairs are comfortable like many high-end bike shoes.

And they fit well enough to ensure transfer of sufficient power to the pedal for the price.

At just 270 grams per shoe, Scott’s Road Comp feels as lightweight as standard running shoes, not to mention less than many competitors. 

As far as road test goes, this is undeniably the kind of pair that you can wear for hard races as well as long, slow rides.

You’ll love how comfortable these are, particularly because the polyurethane upper easily conforms to your feet’s size. 

You will love these shoes because they’re breathable, thanks to the venting that ensures consistent airflow to keep your feet cool and dry. 


  • Has nylon fiberglass outsole for a better pedal grip
  • The insole provides some arch support
  • Includes a metatarsal button, which you will find helpful in relieving fatigue, especially on long lazy rides


  • They don’t provide the best arch support

3. Pearl Izumi Men's Race Road V5

Pearl Izumi’s Race Road V5 is one of the best pairs of road bike shoes that money can buy. Pro and amateur cyclists will find these easy on feet.

They may not be the most comfortable road bike shoes that you’ll ever put on, but you can be sure that they aren’t disappointing either. 

For the price, you get a stiff sole unit that lets you log hours of pedaling without feeling fatigued.

You will love this pair because of the power plate outsole and the low shaft height that provide pedaling efficiency to enhance your cycling speed.

Race Road V5 doesn’t just fit well straight out of the box. 

They’re also breathable enough to keep your feet cool and dry throughout your cycling adventure. 


  • Uses a boa bi-directional closure system, which you should find very easy to use
  • The composite upper is breathable enough to keep your feet cool and dry
  • Has stiff toes but still feel lightweight


  • Not the most comfortable
  • Too narrow, you shouldn’t wear these if you have wide feet

4. Fizik R4 UOMO BOA Road Cycling Shoes

There’s no doubt that Fizik makes some of the best bike accessories for cyclists like you.

And their R4 UOMO Boa road bicycle shoes are among the top footwear that you may want to consider if you’re looking for good cycling shoes. 

While these are made of injected carbon, they still feel like the premiums as they provide a generously reasonable power transfer that you need for cycling.

R4 won’t give you unmatched power stroke, but that doesn’t means the performance would end up floppy. At least they’re better than regular cycling shoes. 

The upper sports a lighter perforated fabric, which can easily stand up to wet conditions and do just fine. The R4 are quite stiff, but you can still wear and ride in them for long hours without worrying about foot fatigue.


  • Made of high-quality materials for strength and durability
  • The sole is stiff 
  • They’re easy to clean after use


  • Not as easy to adjust

5. Tommaso Pista Women's Road Bike Cycling Spin Shoe

Are you into peloton and spin cycling and looking for the right kind of shoes for these exercises? Then it would be best to try Tommaso Pista.

The pair features cleats that easily fit all standard pedals. And for comfort, especially when spinning for too long, Tommaso adds an interior padding that’s thick enough to do its job. 

With no laces to tie, just a Velcro closure that you can adjust to your best fit, these are easy to put on and take off.

The synthetic leather upper isn’t just durable, it’s also breathable enough to allow airflow in and out so your feet remains cool and dry throughout the day. 

The fiberglass construction is one of Tommaso Pista’s best feature. Integrated to help with sufficient power transfer, the technology allows you to ride your bike faster and for longer.


  • These shoes includes cleats
  • Durable, can last for months


  • These aren’t waterproof
  • They don’t offer the best arch support

6. Giro Solara II Women’s Road Cycling Shoes

Cheap doesn’t always mean poor performance.

At least we have the Giro Solara II to show for it. These have a lower price tag. 

But when it comes to performance, you’ll definitely smile every time you put them on and take them off.


  • DuPont Zytel nylon technology graces the outsole, proving both comfort and style for the price point
  • Good fit


  • They only provide medium arch support