Best Mountain Bike Forks

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The evolution in suspension fork design has been nothing but amazing so far. From rigid frames that made mountain bikes difficult to ride to the launching of more flexible forks that makes cycling just as fun as you expect it, the trajectory has clearly been worth it. 

Today’s suspension forks for mountain bikes aren’t like the ones cyclists had in the early 1990s. Manufacturers have improved the designs and tried as much as possible to fine-tune their models for performance and durability. 

Now, when it comes to choosing a fork for your mountain bike, we recommend that you pick something that’ll easily matchup the bike. At the end of the day, you need a piece of fork that can absorb impact and smooth out the bumpy terrains so you can have the best cycling experience out there. 

Check out the following mountain bike forks for 2020. 

Mountain Bike Forks Reviews

1. RockShox RL A2 Suspension Fork 

The RL A2 by RockShox hasn’t gained popularity nearly as much. But it’s one of the well-built options that you can buy for your mountain bike. You expect a strong suspension fork for the price. And that seems to be exactly what RockShox offers. 

To begin with, this model sports an external adjustment. So when the fork itself comes to rest, the interior won’t struggle to accommodate the changes nearly as much. Further, the model uses air technology to manage weight and impact by providing sufficient suspension to your mountain bike. 

We like that the fork is very easy to fit. You get an instruction manual that can help you fix it on your own. So you don’t necessarily have to take it to a bike shop. 


  • A versatile fork that can fit many mountain bikes 
  • Sturdy and well built 


  • This suspension for is expensive

2. RST Capa-T Suspension Fork

The RST Capa-T suspension fork looks great from a glance. It’s the kind that will make your friends admiring the sleek look of your mountain bike. But the colorful configuration isn’t the only thing that makes it stand out. The solid build does, too. Which is to say that, while it’s an inexpensive model, going for under $100, it’s one of the well-built models on this list.  

Capa-T has a lower travel figure, which makes it one of the best option to buy. Ideally, the lower the travel number, the easier it is to manage the fork. You get better control and have to worry less about accidents. And the fork is downright lightweight, so much that the weight you add to your bike is hardly noticeable. 

When it comes to use, it turns out that this fork is only applicable for light traveling. In other words, it’s a decent choice for your mountain bike, as you won’t be using it to carry goods anyway. 


  • Works with both disc and V brakes 
  • Cheap suspension fork, good to consider if you’re on a tight budget  
  • Good enough for old mountain bikes 


  •  Doesn’t include a crown race seat

3. ZTZ Mountain Bike Front Fork

There are two things about ZTZ mountain bike forks that straight up stand out. First, a model like this, specifically designed for the front fork, is such a well-built unit. Second, it’s somewhat inexpensive, and that make it a good choice to consider if you’re on a tight budget. 

Since it’s made of aluminum, this is one of the most lightweight models around. And it comes in three unique sizes, so you can choose an option that best suits you. And if you care so much about style, you will find the color options quite appealing to say the least. 

The fork’s double air chamber not only balances pressure but also absorbs as much shock as possible. 


  • Lightweight suspension fork built for performance and durability 
  • Strong and stylish, comes in a variety of colors and sizes 


  • Not as cheap as RST Capa T

4. SR Suntour Mountain Bike Disc Fork

If you’re on a tight budget, and you’re looking for an affordable alternative to RockShox RL A2 and ZTZ mountain bike forks, go with the SR Suntour Disc Fork. Weighing around 3kgs, SR Suntour isn’t a lightweight fork. And while this undoubtedly adds weight to your bike, it doesn’t necessarily chock performance. 

This model features two unique travels; there’s one with 100mm and another with 80mm. Both have a 9mm axle, a lockout damping system, and coil springs. Together, these techs absorb shock from bumpy terrains, smoothens up your ride, allow you to ride your bike comfortably. 

One of the things we love about this fork is its compatibility with the 180mm rotor. Plus, it seems to fit mountain bikes with 26-inch wheels really well. 


  • A well-built, durable model that can handle even the roughest roads out there 
  • Includes a mechanical locking system that help with impact resistance 
  • Best for use with 26-inch wheel mountain bikes 


  • While the build is generally good, the quality could be better
  • This one is very heavy, it weights around 3kgs 

5. ZTZ Kashima Mountain Bike Front Fork

The ZTZ shock absorber front fork is a well-built model that comes at a fair price. With a travel figure of 100mm, this will offer you exceptional performance, which equals to comfortable and smooth riding experience. 

ZTZ does a good job with the design, making sure you get the value for your money long-term. Essentially, this fork is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy. The added Kashima lubricant is an anti-scratch coating, which ensures this mountain bike fork lasts long. 

With an upper tube of 28.6 mm, an inner tube length of 32 mm, and inner width of 100mm, ZTZ shock absorption fork can easily fit mountain bikes with 26-inch wheels. Plus, it’s quite inexpensive. So if you can’t afford to buy the RockShox RL A2, the ZTZ will definitely make a good alternative. 


  • Lightweight design with an anti-scratch coating 
  • Has a 100mm stroke and even supports shoulder control 


  • Sometimes the lockout fails to work properly