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Last Updated on August 12, 2021

 There’s nothing worse than a bike with a chain that won’t move.

Except for one thing:

They give you the worst riding experience, turning the whole cycling adventure into a total nightmare.

But did you know that with the best bike chain lube you can get all the turning points moving smoothly? This goes a long way to show just how lubricants for bikes are important.

And in this guide, we’ve listed the best options that you can buy today. Check them out below.


Top Rated Bike Chain Lubes Comparison and Rating Chart

Best Bicycle Chain Lubes Reviews - We Picked The Best Oils For Your Bike

1. Finish Line DRY Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube

Finish Line Dry Teflon is a bike chain lube that stays put once applied. It’s a gallon in capacity, a reasonably relevant pick to consider if you’re looking for a bicycle lube that will last you for months to come.

Given the volume, the price is definitely a bargain.

The best thing about this lube is that it’s easy to apply.

Once you sprinkle it on your bikes chain, it will only take a few minutes to penetrate into pins while leaving a minimal mess behind. 

And not only does it makes the chain soft and easy to pull, it also stays on the chain for long. 

You will love this product because it can improve the performance of your bikes chain. Generally, the lube eliminates squeaky noise and lowers friction on the chain and other parts of the bike, so you can ride with a lot less force.

2. Pro Gold Pro Link Chain Lubricant

Pro Gold Pro Link is one of the best bike chain lubes that money can buy. In fact given its quality, you really won’t want to use anything else once you lay your hands on it.

It’s one of the model you’ll more than likely find in your local bike shop. And it’s such a popular lube because it helps to improve the performance of any bike.

This lube completely gets rid of squeaky, annoying noise and makes components smooth, and your bike very easy to ride. You will love this lube because it has a higher viscosity.

 Moreover, you only need to apply very little oil to shed dirt and sand. And the effect is highly likely to last long.

The problem with this product is that it’s a bit expensive. But given the fact that it improves performance of a bike by eliminating squeaky noises and minimizing chain friction, we strongly believe that it’s worth the price.

3. Finish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube

Your bike’s chain is making a squeaky noise. The pedal is difficult to push and pull. And you’re kind of having a hard time to get it to move smoothly.

What do you do? Maybe you’re already thinking of replacing the entire chain, but that’ll probably cost you a lot.

The best thing to do is to buy a chain lube, and the Finish Line Wet is a good option to consider.

The term “wet” isn’t just part of the name of the product. It denotes what the lube actually is.  To put this into perspective, Finish Line Wet is the chain lube that goes on wet and remains wet.

The result is improved performance parts, which makes your bike easy to ride in all conditions. 

One of the best things about this bike chain lubricant is that it’s water-resistant. So if you’re interested in a lube that can perform well in wet conditions, this Finish Line model is the best option to consider.

4. Squirt Long Lasting Dry Lube 4oz

Squirt Long Lasting Dry Lube is one of the best pick in the brand’s product line.

And it’s a good option for cyclists who ride a lot in hot, dry weather. 

Designed to keep moving parts of a bike smooth and functional, this 4-ounce lube easily eliminates squeaky noises while enhancing the performance of your bike.

Note that there isn’t a big difference between this one and the 17-ounce bottle.

In fact, the only distinction between the two is the packing and, of course, the price, with the 4oz option making a good option for two or three rounds of use. 

The price for the 4oz is also relatively low. And it’s therefore an alternative to the 17oz bottle. Or, just a good option for someone who wants to give Squirt lubes a test drive. Overall, it’s a good product that biodegrades easily, one that you can apply on extremely dry bike chains.

5. Rock N Roll 135816 Gold Chain Lubricant

Rock N Roll Chain Lubricant does exactly what its name suggests.

 It gets you riding smoothly for long hours by making the moving parts of your bike as easy to maneuver as possible.

It’s a versatile product, one that you can apply on road, mountain, and even BMX bikes.

You will love this lube because not only is it easy to apply, it’s also easy to apply.

You can actually ride for a few hundred miles before you need to reapply it again. 

The problem with the lube is that you need to apply a little bit more to get the most out of it, which is something you won’t normally do with other lubricants.

6. White Lightning Clean Ride

White Lightning Clean Ride is a fairly decent chain lube with a few drawbacks.

It promises to keep the chain clean and it does that really well.

 It penetrates the pins really fast, making the chain smooth and eliminating the squeaky noises to enhance performance.

Thin in nature, its thin white film takes less than 10 minutes to dry.

Unfortunately, it’s not the “lubricate once and forget” kind of lube.

Give its thin nature, it doesn’t really last long on the chain. 

This means you’ll need to apply it repeatedly to get the most out of it.

7. Motion Pro Lubricant 05098 for All Control Cables

If you have installed Motion Pro clutch cable without lubrication, then you know how hard it can be hard to pull.

But you don’t have to deal with kind of a problem anymore, because you can use the Motion Pro lubricant to give the chain of your bike a better treat. 

The purpose of this lube is fairly simple: to ensure that the chain of your bike is not only smooth but also very easy to pull.

This one isn’t just for MTB riders or road bicycles enthusiasts.

You can also get the most out of it if you own a motorcycle.

You don’t want to have a lot of mess to deal with when applying this lube. So it’s important to use a high quality attachment when applying it. This will ensure you have minimal or no mess to deal with.

8. Dumonde Tech Lite Bicycle Chain Lubrication

Dumonde Tech Lite is the kind of bike lube you’ll hardly miss in a bike shop.

It has been around for a while and it’s one of the most popular and effective options yet.

It works really well in all temperatures, so you can apply it any time of the day, irrespective of the weather outside.

This is a 4 ounces package, which should last for a number of application before you really have to order another bottle.

Dumonde Tech recommends it for cleaning your bike’s drivetrain and keeping its chain lubricated. But you can also use it on pivots, seals, and other parts of your bike.

This lube has a high viscosity, so your bike’s chain will absorb it really well. Plus, it’s environmental friendly and it has the lowest friction effect than many lubes out there.

9. Motul C2 on Road Chain Lube

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Granted, Motul makes some of the best product that money can buy. And if you’re looking for a chain lube made by the brand, the C2 on Road is an option to consider.

To be clear, this lube won’t do so well on motocross bikes as it doesn’t leave a thick later on its chains. But if you own a road bike that you cycle in the streets most of the time, this one makes a good fit.

You will love this bike chain lube for two reasons. First, sticks on the chain really well, without dripping or splattering all over, keeping it properly lubed for an extended period.

Second, it doesn’t leave a lot of residue on the chain, which means you won’t have a difficult time keeping the chain clean.

What’s more?

This chain lube dries really fast. And that means you can even start riding your bike immediately after application.

No products found.

10. Squirt Lube

Are you tired of low quality chain lubes that simply don’t make the cut? Or, maybe you’re new to cycling and need something you can use to maintain your bike? Check out Squirt Lube.

It’s a low temperature solution, easily biodegradable, and good for extremely dry, squeaky chains.

You can get this in dry or wet, and either option is just as long lasting, with low viscosity that easily penetrates into pins with the least effort possible.

Plus, it’s the best alternative to solvent lubes that money can buy.

Squirt’s goal is to make sure you give your bike a good treat. And they’ve definitely achieved that goal by giving you something you can rely on.

 As far as it make really goes, it combined 4 waxes into one, which equal to 34% wax, hence lasting longer than many options in the market.

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