Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine Review

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Last Updated on June 5, 2020

The Schwinn 470 is a sturdily designed elliptical trainer.

It’s a successor to the Schwinn 430, and it was released at the end of 2013.

It seems to tick all the boxes in all integral components for the best elliptical trainers.

Notably, though, it offers a motorized inline system, a feature that a majority of the elliptical machines in its class lack.

Incline aside, this model is feature-packed, enough to keep the discerning fitness enthusiasts satiated.

But is this elliptical machine right for you?

In this Schwinn 470 review, we shall explore everything you need to know about this elliptical machine, and hopefully, by the end of the text, you’ll have a decision on whether it’s the right option for your needs.


What Makes Schwinn 470 Awesome!

  • Updated Console

    A large and updated display screen allows you to track your goals alongside all the necessary information.

    Notably, the console features an aggressive DualTrack LCD that will allow you to observe at most 13 various feedbacks.

    Another major highlight on the console is the SchwinnConnect that will allow you to goal track and keep you aware of your fitness development.
  • 29 Workout Programs                                                                                       

    Offering a one-stop destination for all your fitness needs, the Schwinn 470 comes with 29 pre-set workout programs. With such a huge variety of programs, it means the Schwinn can easily meet all the fitness needs of your household members.                                                                              

    However, what captured my attention is that it offers 4 user profiles, as opposed to the 2 we normally see with many fitness machines. What it means is that it can accommodate up to 4 users, making it an ideal option for small-sized families.

  • 25 Levels of Magnetic Resistance                                                                 

    Sporting 25 levels of magnetic resistance, the Schwinn 470 makes it easy to adjust the resistance levels depending on your fitness needs.       

    With the varying resistance levels, it’s easy for the beginners as well as professional athletes to adjust the resistance based on their fitness needs. I like how the machine makes a seamless and smooth transition between the levels.


  • Weight capacity- 300 pounds
  • Weight: 186 pounds
  • Dimension: 70.1 x 28.2 x 63.2 inches
  • Resistance levels: 25
  • Workout programs: 29

Unique Features that Make the Schwinn 470 Interesting


Overall, the Schwinn 470 looks and feels durable.

The solid steel construction makes it long-lasting and able to withstand the daily bangs and wears.

When it comes to size, the Schwinn 470 is moderately hefty, but still, the item dimensions (70.1 x 28.2 x 63.2 inches) are within the acceptable levels.

However, I've to admit the 186-pounds weight on this model is quite heavy, but the good thing is portability is not a big problem here. The set of transport wheels at the front of the machine will make it easier to move the machine if needed.

Two Handlebars

The two pair of handlebars consists of static handlebars, with heart rate sensors, and a movable pair that is ideal for use in exercising the upper body muscles.

Both of the pairs are ergonomically designed and will help to promote a more comfortable use.

300-Lbs Weight Capacity

Featuring a 300-pound weight capacity, the Schwinn 470 is a step further than a majority of the common fitness machine that offers a weight load of 250 pounds. 

Generally, with such a weight load capacity, the Schwinn can comfortably meet the fitness demands of a regular adult, including those that are overweight.

20-Inches Stride Length

The foot pedals offer a generous stride length of 20”, which I find more than what other similar models provide.

Generally speaking, the stride length can easily mimic various real-time motions, including walking, jogging, and even running, without cutting on your space.

When in use, I’ve to admit that the experience is slightly different than what similar models have to offer.

Even better, it's more demanding and has a greater effect on engaging your muscles and burning fat, meaning it allows users to achieve their fitness goals much faster.

Incline System with 6 Positions

All the premium elliptical machines need to come with an incline feature, and with the Schwinn 470, we're looking at six different positions.

The 10 amp electric motor is responsible for making the inclines, and so, it gets easy to adjust without a hassle.

The only gripe I had with the incline system is it only moves to a maximum of 10 degrees, which I found quite limiting, especially considering there’re models within its class that can move up to 20 degrees.

Drive System

The drive system on the Schwinn 470 leverages a 17-pound flywheel, which is weighty enough to give you the resistance you need for a smooth workout.

And like a majority of the elliptical machines, the amount of resistance applied on the Schwinn 470 is based on Eddy Current Brake System.

This brake system is not only effective at providing the much-needed resistance but unlike the conventional braking system, it preserves the structural integrity of the machine by preventing wear and tear.

Secondly, it offers a noiseless operation, and it's easier to work out with this machine even when your kids are sleeping.

What We Liked About the Schwinn 470

  • Portable: The presence of two wheels at the front end makes it easier to move this machine from one location to the other.
  • Noiseless: The eddy current magnetic system is not only efficient at providing the much-needed resistance, but it also allows for noiseless operation.
  • Comprehensive workout: Featuring 29 pre-set programs alongside 25 resistance levels, the Schwinn 470 provides everything that you would need for a comprehensive workout.
  • Easy to Assemble: Schwinn 470 is easy to use, and you don’t need any prior experience to operate this device.

What We Didn’t Like About the Schwinn 470

  • No Chest strap: While Schwinn 470 comes with the heart rate pulse sensors, we would have loved to see the incorporation of the heart rate straps.

Bottomline & Verdict

Generally, the Schwinn 470 is a feature-rich elliptical trainer that will enhance your fitness training.

With plenty of adjustments to make on this model, it makes a great choice for both the beginners as well as the advanced trainers.

Even better, it comes at an incredibly budget-friendly price tag.

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