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Last Updated on June 29, 2021

We’ve spent months testing and reviewing different essential accessories with one very simple goal: to help you equip your bike with the most important equipment from the very beginning. 

Kitted right, your bike can be the most reliable means to get from point A to B without sacrificing style, performance, and safety. And it all starts with putting the right accessories on it. 

So if you haven’t stuffed your bike with the right gears yet, or you’re currently exploring different options front to back, here are some of the top add-ons to include in your top priority list. 

Accessories to Put on a Your Bike Right Now 


1. Keep Other Road Users Safe With a Bike Bell

get a bike bell

The road isn’t yours alone for the taking. And if the safety of others isn’t your priority then you shouldn’t be touring the streets in a bike in the first place. In other words, when it comes to using the trail, you have to remember that there are many road users out there. And what’s a better way to keep them safe than with a bike bell

As insignificant as they may seem to occasional riders, bike bells are the top alert systems, which let other road users that you’re approaching. This makes it very easy for them to make way for you so that you can pass. 

2. Install Bike Lights to Ride Safely at Night

You can ride your bike at night without lights. But just how safe is that going to be? It’s going to be much like cheating death and gambling to live. In the night, other road users can’t see you. And roads can be tremendously difficult to navigate. 

So if you want to be safe and never have to worry about the condition of the road at night, fit your bike with the best cycling lights right now. 

The front ones will make it easy for you to see what’s ahead of you. The rear ones will make it easy for other cyclists, motorists, and driver to see you. 

3. Upgrade Your Saddle for More Comfort

upgrade your bike saddle

If you want to enjoy a long riding without hurting your butts, then you need to make sure you fix the most comfortable saddle on the seat post. A well-cushioned pick should be good to handle long distance cycling. How wide the seat should be depends on your preference. Just make sure the one you choose is cushy enough. 

If you would like to upgrade your road bike’s seat, check out this guide for some recommendations. If you have a mountain bike and you want to replace its seat with a new one, then go for any of these mountain bike seats.  

4. Install a Water Bottle Holder

We can’t stress enough just how important staying hydrated is during a ride. Whether you’re racing to win a trophy or you’re pedaling to meet your day’s fitness goal, bringing a bottle of water with you can help you hydrate and stay on course. 

But you won’t be carrying the water on your hand as you ride your bike, right?  That’s why it’s important to get a water bottle holder, an important accessory that you’ll use to bring water with your wherever you go. And the best part is, they are downright the cheapest accessory that you can buy. 

5. Upgrade Your Bike’s Chains for Long, Smooth Rides

chains for your dear bike

As important as bike chains are, they wear out over time and eventually become useless. Eventually, you’ll need to replace them so that you can get the cycling experience that you need. Thankfully, there are many high quality chains in the market, so you can check this chain buying guide for some reviews. 

Upgrading your bike’s chain is one thing. Making sure it lasts for the longest time possible is another thing altogether. So if you want to keep your bike riding for longer, make sure you clean and lubricate the chain as often as you can. 

6. Enhance Your Cycling Experience with a Bike Computer

Wearing an activity tracker for cycling is great. But if you can add a bike computer to the experience, that’s when you can take your bike training to the next level. With a bike computer, you’re not leaving the most important stats untracked. You get every important detail right in front of you 

From tracking speed to displaying your heart rate, this device gives you the most important information that you use to improve your bike riding experience. 

Again, bike computers aren’t just good for cycling training. You can also include them to your list of the top cycling accessories even if you just use a bike for commuting. 

7.  Get a Bike Lock if You Don’t Have One Yet

lock for bike security

We hate bike theft. But they happen anyway. If you have had someone vanish with your $2000 bike into thin air, then you know how painful it is to leave your bike out there. Fortunately, this is an issue you can prevent from arising by simply using a bike lock

Bike locks are great because they ensure your bike remain in place for as long as possible. In fact, the options that we’ve reviewed are some of the strongest in the market. So strong, in fact, that it would take long before a thief makes away with your bike. 

8. Use a Phone Mount to Answer Calls When Cycling

A phone mount isn’t a must-have. But you may find it useful if you want a distraction-free cycling experience. This device allows you to make and receive important phone calls on the go. And you can do that without needing to take your eyes off the road or getting distracted in the process. With a phone mount, you talk and move at the same time. 

9. Bike Toolkit

If you’re the kind of person who would rather repair their bike using the DIY approach, then it’s best if you get a toolkit for the bike. The kit will make it easy for you to fix your bike quickly, especially if you develop complications far away from the reach of a bike repair shop. 

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