Cycling for Beginners Training Plan

Cycling for Beginners Training Plan

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You`ve probably thought about it, haven`t you?

You`ve probably watched with envy as the pro cyclists woosh past you on mighty, bending country roads, at terrifying speeds and wishing you could get some of that action.

However, with time, you realize that you dream of becoming pro cyclists may never come true.

See, for the inexperienced cyclists, starting and mastering the cycling skill does not come easy. In any case, it`s a scary prospect that is fraught with plenty of obstacles.

However, like anything else in life, training and practice will make the better of you in any activity. And when it comes to cycling, having a training plan will allow become a better cyclist.

Whether you`re new to the cycling sport or looking to get back to in the saddle, we have carefully curated cycling for a beginner training plan.

Our training plan will carefully guide you through a dedicated training program, that will ultimately lead to the buildup of your knowledge, confidence, and fitness.

The Plan

Week 1

The first week should be all about getting yourself out there on the road.

It should help in building on your confidence and improve your bike handling techniques.

Ideally, during the first week, you should take your bike on a fairly flat and low-traffic route, where you can then use each ride to check your bike`s set-up

When riding it`s essential that you ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed the way your body positioning feels when riding and make adjustments if necessary.

Week 2

The second week should be used for refining and correcting issues that may have occurred in week 1.

Alongside checking on week one issues, the 2nd-week workout should help you gain confidence using your gears to control your pedaling effort. This should go a long way in preparing you to feel comfortable to tackle longer rides.

At this stage, hydration should be integral, and you should always carry a bottle of water with you during the training session. And if you`re yearning for something more energetic, WebMD suggests drinking energy drinks containing electrolytes and carbs.

Week 3

The third week should emphasis on your pedaling technique.

The right way to do this is to push on the pedal with the ball of your foot, with your knees pointing ahead.

During this session, aim to pedal at a cadence of 80 revolutions per minute (RPM), and if you feel your tempo slowing, you can change to an easy gear.

During your mid-week sessions, you can spice up your training by adding a short 20-minutes burst of effort by increasing on your pace.

Week 4

During this period, you should be able to achieve a two-hour weekend ride. Over the distance, ensure that you`re full and properly hydrated.

However, rather have a single meal, the key to your fullness should be achieved by eating little but often. During the two-hour session, attempt to refuel after every 30 minutes using natural, high-carb foods such as bananas, or dried foods.

Week 5

After a session of continuous training, your body should take a break.

During the relaxation period, ensure that you take up light cross-training exercises while mixing them with light cardio workouts that pay special attention to strengthening the core.

Week 6

Week 6 is where the crux of the matter is at.

Here, you should start focusing on taking heavy cycling maneuvers such as attacking hills climbs, while pacing yourself gradually for short periods.

When riding hills, it`s essential that you`re relaxed while keeping a high cadence.

Week 7

Again, like week 7, using the first part of the week to concentrate on hill climbing. This time, however, ensure that you push your pace carefully until you achieve a maximum effort of RPE 8.


By the end of the seventh week, you should be adequately prepared, and if you`ve followed the plan, you should be feeling energized and raring to go.

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