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Last Updated on June 29, 2021

Are you looking for the best wheels for your new road bike? Or maybe your bike’s current wheels are outdated and you need a better replacement? 

We’ve put together a list of the best road bike wheels that you can buy now and use for months to come. We want you to settle for the best and that’s what we’ve included in this list. 

Check them out below: 

Top Rated Road Bike Wheels Comparison & Rating


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SUPERTEAM Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels 700C...





Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels 50mm...





SunRise Bike Carbon Road Wheels 700C 50mm Clincher...





Aeromax Alloy Wheelset Road Bike Comp 700c Wheels





ICAN 50mm Carbon Road Bike Wheels 700C Clincher...





Mavic Ksyrium UST WTS Wheel Black, Rear,...





ICAN 38mm Carbon Road Bike Wheelset 700C Rim Brake...





Best Road Bike Wheels Reviews - Carbon Wheelsets & More

1. Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

Cyclists describe Superteam Carbon Fiber road bike wheels as great and powerful.

And after analyzing dozens of reviews on the same, we’re more than convinced that you can get great value from these.

Designed to last, optimized to perform, and weighing just a couple of grams per pair, these are the wheels you need to hit the trail at whatever speed you prefer. 

From a design standpoint, Superteam does a good job with the carbon fiber, giving the wheels a lightweight yet sturdy feel.

They’ve added a 3K matte finish to the rim to ensure it stand up to environmental elements, so you don’t have to worry about the rim chipping and rusting altogether. 

There are, in fact, 6-layers of carbon on the body and 12 on the brake track. This improves braking performance, so you can control the speed of your bike on the go. In addition, the set sports a 50 mm depth and 23 mm width, with 20 holes for the front wheel and 24 for the rear. 


  • Easy to install, you can do it yourself or have them fixed at your local bike shop
  • They’re lightweight


  • Can make some noise especially in wet conditions, but you can get around this by oiling the bearings

2. Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

There’s no denying that, as a cyclist, you need nothing but the best riding experience from your road bike.

And it starts with a good set of wheels, like the Queen. These don’t actually stand out because of their price point. Rather, they make the cut because of their durable build and optimal performance. 

Queen is quite similar to the Superteam bike wheels in almost all aspects. Which makes us conclude that they have the same level of performance and durability, with the major difference between the two being the price.

In both, the rim width is 23 millimeters and the depth is 50 millimeters. It also features a 3K matte finish for element resistance, 24 holes on the rear wheel, and 20 spokes on the front. 

You only need a few minutes to pump the wheel set. You can use the best bike pump to do this. Queen recommends a 125-PSI pressure. We advise that you keep it to this same level. Also, the wheel set can handle a rider’s weight of not more than 120kgs. 


  • Queen promises faster speed for the price
  • The wheel set is strong and durable


  • Queen wheels’ brake pads are just okayish
  • The valve extenders feel cheap and ordinary

3. Sunrise Bike Carbon Road Wheels

Sunrise wheel set let you enjoy the adventure outdoor like it’s your first time on the road. Affordable yet well built, these will always feel like new months after the first use.

 Not only is the set made of carbon fiber, it also sports a 3K matte finish that contributes to the overall performance in your cycling binge. 

The thing that strikes you first about this set is the vibrant appearance. This isn’t the strongest selling point, of course.

But if looks pleases you, then you’ll be happy to know that you can actually these in as tone that suit you best.

 Whether you take part in cycling competition or simply commuting, you’ll love these. 

Sunrise has 12 layers of carbon fiber on the brake track. Add to this the 3K matte rim finish and what you get is an excellent braking power. And with the right brakes installed on to your bike, you get total controls of your bikes speeds, even in dire situations when you need to make emergency stops. 


  • Lightweight bike wheels, only 1520 grams per pair
  • Inexpensive yet durable and they can tackle just about any trail
  • Sturdy and they even offer you goo aerodynamics on different trails


  • Sometimes the braking performance is so-so

4. Aeromax Alloy Road Bike Wheel Set

Assuming you’re on a very tight budget and you’re looking for wheels that can perform just like high-end models, then we’d definitely advice that you consider the Aeromax Alloy wheel set.

These are available at almost half the price of the likes of Sunrise and Superteam. And they preform exceptionally well. 

One of the things that you will love about this set is their versatility. Built primarily for road bikes, these are the kind of wheels that you can use for community, casual outings, and training. The rear wheel is a bit bigger than the front wheel, so we aren’t sure if they can hold up for a cycling competition. 

Aeromax set a completely different design standard with this set. Instead of using carbon fiber, they use alloy with a satin finish. 

In the mix are stainless steel spokes with the brand’s patented pattern. The steel adds more weight to the tire, making the pair a bit bulkier than the competition. 

We like that Aeromax test these wheels for performance before eventual release. That means making sure the ball bearings work properly, the tension on the spokes is right, and the tires can stand tough trails. 


  • These wheels are strong and sturdy, good enough to use on rough trails and icy conditions
  • Works well with 7,8,9, and 10-speed cassettes


  • They’re heavy and this negatively impacts your speed
  • The rear hub is insanely tight

5. ICAN 50mm Carbon Road Bike Wheels

ICAN 50mm wheel set is actually one of its own kind. The set has attracted a big audience since it first came to the market, with many cyclists loving the pair and a few others disliking the performance. 

At best, these ICAN bike wheels promise better climbing ability and trail tackling power. In practice, they’re very good at that. And they’re light, have a good depth, and are incredibly fast. 

ICAN claims that these offer an aerodynamic advantage and a decent crosswind stability on different trails. But this comes down to personal experiences to be frank.

Again, ICAN makes the pair tubeless ready, but the package doesn’t include a tape or a value – so you’ll have to buy them separately. 

Setting up this wheel set is easy and pumping takes just a few minutes. 

Now, while these wheels ride well, tackling different roads, including the roughest trails you’ll ever take a bike to, their breaking power isn’t at all powerful, not to mention not being consistent enough. There are only a couple of grabby spots on the rim, and this leaves us wondering why not entirely all around. 


  • Good price for the pair and they’re so far the most lightweight on this list
  • Good aerodynamic, you’ll feel the difference
  • The wheel set spins really fast


  • The braking is not consistent and it’s not immediate either
  • You don’t get accessories for tubeless tires

6. Mavic Ksyrium UST WTS Wheel

Mavic Ksyrium wheels are some of the cheapest options in the market today. And while they don’t necessarily have a bigger audience like Queen and Superteam yet, they can perform just as most high-end models do.

We like that Mavic makes this pair stiff yet lightweight. Even better is the tubeless compatibility for those who love a simple and straightforward wheel set. 

One of the best things about this wheel set is the aluminum build. Aluminum, as we know it, is a durable and lightweight material. Its inclusion here means that you get a well-built, durable bike wheels that you can ride as fast as you can with the least pedaling force.

The design also includes sealed cartridge bearings, which are not only dirt-resistant but also turn fast and smoothly. 

The 20 rear and 18 front steel spokes are double-butted for strength. And thanks to the fore drilling, the spoke to rim connection is reliably stable. Not only is the internal with reasonably standardized, but also the rim itself has an aerodynamic design.  


  • At just 1520 grams per pair, what you get for the price are lightweight wheels
  • The package includes tires already mounted
  • Tubeless compatible, so you can take out the tubes if you don’t need them


  • Not the best option for street racing

7. ICAN 38mm Carbon Road Bike Wheels

There really isn’t a big difference between these ones and the 50mm wheel set. 

They’re from the same brand, build with the same materials, and the pair has its pros and cons.

This model features four sealed bearings in the rear wheel and two in the front. 

In terms of weight, the rear weighs about 1060 grams and the front one weighs 880 grams.

Combined, you get a very small weight per pair, which is better than many options out there.

In short, if you need very light wheels that you can use on your road bikes, these would definitely make a good fit. 


  • Compatible with SRAM and Shimano cassettes
  • Features 69 layers of folded carbon fiber for strength and durability


  • Weight limit is a bit lower compared to the competition

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