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Last Updated on February 4, 2022

Are you looking for the best bike tube for a new bike? Or maybe your current tubes aren’t in good condition anymore and you feel like it’s the right time to replace them? Then this guide is for you. 

While there are many tubes out there that money can buy, only a handful options from reliable brands can actually make the cut. And besides, the best isn’t always the most expensive. A tube just has to be good enough to get the job done. 

Here are a few options to consider, even if you’re under the craziest budget on the planet. 


Top Rated Bike Tubes Comparison & Rating Chart


Product Name


Valve Type

Tire Fit in Width


Continental Race 28' 700x18-25c Bicycle Inner...

14.4 ounces

42mm Presta Valve


Michelin A1 Airstop 700x18-25c Road Bike Tube...

15.4 ounces

52mm Presta Valve


Continental 650c Bicycle Tube, 26 40mm Schrader...

4 ounces

Schrader Valve


Goodyear Bicycle Tube, 12 X 1.5/2.25

3.2 ounces

Schrader Valve

26 - 29c

Schwinn Replacement Bike Inner Tube, Traditional,...

4 ounces

Schrader Valve


Slime Bike Inner Tube with Slime Bicycle Puncture...

4 ounces

Schrader Valve


Mongoose Fat Tire Bike Tube, Schrader Valve,Tube...

4 ounces

Schrader Valve


Best Bicycle Tubes Review - We picked Cheap & Affordable Tubes For Hybrid, Road & Mountain Bikes

1. Continental Conti Race Tube 

Did you know that Continental holds a top position in the cycling tire market? Known for its puncture resistance technologies, from DuraSkin to PolyX Breaker, it’s easy to see why they’ve become popular in the last few years.

The brand also specializes in making high quality bike tubes, and the Conti Race is one of the top picks in their line. 

The first thing that we find quite impressive about this tube is the weight. At only 14.4 ounces, these are some of the most lightweight tubes that we’ve tested at Bikes Haven. And as far as use goes, we strongly believe that these are a good fit, as they don’t too much weight to bike tires. 

Continental uses butyl to give this tire a solid construction. The material makes the tube puncture resistance while enhancing its ability to hold air for an extended period.

Unlike standard tubes, Conti Race is the kind you can ride for miles without experiencing a flat tire. 


  • Made of butyl for puncture resistance, durability, and air retention
  • Comes in a four pack for the price
  • Take only a few minutes to inflate


  • This  tube is not compatible with all pumps

2. Michelin A1 Airstop Road Bike Tube

Michelin Group has been a tire and mobility leader since 1889. They’ve always been about long lasting performance, exceptional riding experience, and value for money.

Built specifically for road bikes, their A1 Airstop is one of the best bike tubes in the market.


Michelin gets the build right from the start. It uses butyl to make this tube and there are two advantages to this. First, the material is strong enough to resist puncture.

Placed inside a high quality tire, Airstop is the kind of tube you can use for a very long time before you itch for an upgrade. Second butyl helps with holding in the air that you pump, and this explains why this one is better than standard tires. 

These are flexible when it comes to fit. At the very least, they align well with tires of width 18-25c. Because the tube can expand when air, it will fit uniformly around the tire. Michelin doesn’t disappoint when it comes to durability, as they’ve built the A1 to last for the longest time possible. 


  • Made of thick butyl for durability and puncture resistance
  • Expands well to fit 700 x 18-25c tires


  • The valve core is not removable

3. Continental 650c Bicycle Tube

Each tube model that Continental releases is often a high quality option. And although their 650c tube is an expensive pick from their product line, it’s also a durable option that you can use for a while before you itch for a change.

You put this tube in a puncture resistant tire and you can be sure that they’ll last for the longest time possible. 

Unlike many tubes in the market, this one actually features a removable vile. You don’t really have to take it off all the time. But in instances where you feel like you want to use an extender or Revo sealant, the flexibility will make a lot of sense. 

When it comes to construction, Continental implements a unique unitube system, which ensures that the tube fits a variety of tires with ease. 

Add to this the vulcanization, which promotes uniform roundness, and what you get is a tube that will fit in your bike’s tire with little effort. 


  • Cheap but quality tube, good for cyclist who are under tight budget
  • Tested for quality, performance, and durability. You simply get the best value for your money
  • Fits most tubes, as long as they fall between 28 and 47c


  • The valve is quite short, works only for rims with 30 mm depth

4. Goodyear Bicycle Tube

Goodyear designs some of the best mountain bike tires for budding cyclists like you. Which means we expect the same kind of quality with its bike tubes. So far, what this brand offers looks promising. And from our hand on testing, this would be a good option to consider if you need a tube with a good sizing option at a steal price. 

The construction of this Schrader valve tube is up to the standard. Like Continental, Goodyear uses a thick butyl rubber for the build. This material has two benefits.

Frist, it helps a great deal to ensure air maximum air retention in the tire. Second, it gives the tire the power to resist punctures, so you can ride your bike for miles without worrying about a flat tire. 

Even with a better construction using such a well-known material, we feel like Goodyear didn’t give the design its very best.

From a quality point of view, this one tends to develop a puncture mostly around the valve. And while this is a problem you can easily fix on your own, bike repair takes time and require some monetary investment. 


  • Cheap tire, good for beginners and cyclists on budget
  • Fit many standard wheels
  • Made of high quality butyl rubber for strength, puncture resistance, and durability


  • Air leaks from the tube on the first use
  • Likely to develop puncture around the valve

5. Schwinn Replacement Bike Tube

If you’re looking for a replacement bike tire that will last, then you should consider this model from Schwinn. It’s one of the best picks that work well most of the time.


One of the best things about this replacement tube is the size. Designed to suit tires in the range of 12 to 26 inches, this is one of the most versatile bike tubes that you will ever come across.

In other words, Schwinn has something for just about any rider. 

Whether you need an option to fit on a kid’s bike or you have a mountain bike whose tube you need to change, this model from Schwinn makes a good choice to consider. 


  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Good for kids as well as adult bikes


  • Bad quality rubber, causes air to leak from the seam line
  • Doesn’t seem to last long, good only for short distance riding

6. Slime Self Sealing Smart Tube

Slime may not be a brand name you’re used to hearing. But their self-sealing smart tube is one of the best bike tubes that money can buy.

This one came around after hundreds of hours of experiment and research.

Having gone through thorough testing, at least in the extreme riding conditions, this tube can take a harsh beating and perform just fine. You get the value for your money, long-term. 

Slime is one of the bike tubes that are easy to inflate, thanks to the inclusion of Schrader valve. This tube’s strongest selling point is the fact that it comes pre-installed with slime sealant. 

This is the most important addition to a tube, because it provides the best puncture protection so you never have to worry about flat tires. 


  • The Fibro Seal technology automatically seals punctures if they occur
  • This tube is easy to clean
  • Offers smooth ride in all conditions
  • It’s corrosion resistant


  • This is an expensive bike tire

7. Mongoose Bicycle Tube for Fat Tire Bikes

Mongoose has been a top market player in the bikes and accessories business for a very long time now. And it’s a brand that knows its thing, always playing by the book to ensure you get the best value for your money. First it was their quality bikes that made it to our list of top road bikes. And now you get to experience their high quality tube.


Made of heavy-duty rubber, about 1 mm in thickness, this tube is strong and long lasting. The rugged design also extends the lifespan of the tube, making it one of the most durable options that your money can buy. 

As far as application goes, this tube is a good fit for fat tires. You can use them for extended period just fine and even ride them on cruel trails for an extended period. Used with the right tire, particularly those with puncture resistant technology, the tube should last for long before you experience a flat tire. 

The thick width doesn’t just enhance the durability of the tube. It also provides balance and stability, allowing you to ride your bike comfortably and even perform a variety of bike tricks that you like. And thanks to the Schrader valve, this tube is very easy to inflate. 


  • The core is removable
  • Made of heavy-duty rubber for durability and longevity
  • It’s easy to install and it’s good for bike racing


  • This tube is too thin

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