Top 5 Benefits of Riding a Bike Instead of Driving a Car

Top 5 Benefits of Riding a Bike Instead of Driving a Car

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Traditionally, bike riding, especially when going to work has always been associated with making our environment green.

But beyond making the world a hospitable place for us, what are some of the other benefits of riding a bike instead of driving a car, whether a MTB or any other bike you have today.

Well, in the article below, we shall explore the top 5 reasons why you should ditch your car today, and use a bicycle as your means of transport.

1. Save Money on Gas

Let`s face it, with the current economic hard times, no motorist loves paying for gas, but we have to do it.

But the gas is just a tip of the iceberg.

Besides gas, riding a bike allows you to save in many different areas including car insurance, parking fees, car wash, replacement, oil changes, and a host of other fees.

While you might argue you`ll still need to maintain a bike, AAA, indicates that the cost of owning a car increased by 2% to $8,946,  against $308, or 30 times less of maintaining a bicycle.

Do your math and see which option is more financially viable.

2. Save on the Environment

I agree with a report by Sciencing, that asserts that cars are among the leading causes of environmental degradation globally.

Car exhaust causes immediate and long-term effects on the environment. The emitted carbon by-products result in global warming, and acid rain. This is not to mention that the gases are bad news to our lungs.

However, with a bicycle, you only need manpower to use it.

Also, a bicycle uses less manufacturing energy compared to cars.

3. Improve your Physical Health

An improvement in your physical health is probably the selling point of using bicycles over cars.

Sure, using a car will allow you to reach your destination more quickly, but you`ll be idling there, in spite of your 50mph.

With the obesity epidemic reaching new levels, exercises are now important than ever.

What a better way of beating obesity than by cycling?

Besides obesity, cycling comes along with a gamut of positive health benefits.

The act of pedaling allows you to burn more calories, strengthen your muscles, improve your general physique, and lower the risk of sedentary diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, and cancer.

So, if your goal is to cut those stubborn pounds and improve your health, then investing in a bicycle should be a necessity.

4. Beat Traffic

If you live in a populous metropolis, you know traffic is a real nightmare.

A testimony to this is a report by Gallup, which indicates that trips can take nearly as long in some of the populous cities like New York and Atlanta.

With half of the American population commuting five miles or less to their workstations, bicycles can be a more convenient option of beating the traffic jam.

5. Riding is Fun, and it`ll Make You Feel Happy

If you`re a cycling aficionado, you probably know how fun it`s to ride a bike.

When cycling, you don`t have to get tensed, while worrying about knocking others, speeding and getting a ticket.

Cycling, like any other activity, can also make you feel happy. According to Mind Health, cycling triggers your body to release natural feel-good hormones that will counter your stress and make you happy.

While driving certainly has its benefits, there`re also quite a few benefits of choosing to ride a bicycle than driving.

So, if you`ve been think of getting yourself a bike, you should do it now.

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