Sunny Health Fitness SF-RB4602

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Last Updated on August 12, 2021

If you’re in search of a budget bike with a decent construction, the Sunny Health & Fitness - SF-RB4602 might be the ideal option for you.

This bike has a similar resemblance to the SF-RB4601, but the SF-RB4602 is considered a step up because it features a greater weight capacity, alongside a better fitness meter.

Sure, it might not have the whistles and bells that we see on other premium bikes, but it has a lot to be said about it.

And in the SF-RB4602 review section below, we shall look at everything you need to know about this bike.


What Makes Sunny Health & Fitness - SF-RB4602 So Awesome?

SF-RB4602 awesome

350-Pound Weight Capacity

The first benefit of having SF-RB4602 Recumbent exercise is the higher weight capacity.

Unlike other entry levels bikes that have their weight capacity at 300 pounds or less, this machine provides users with up to 350 pounds of weight capacity.

It means that you’re less likely to max on the weight capacity of the bike.

Fitness Meter

Though the console feature supplied with the SF-RB4602 is by no means advanced, I would say that it provides more than what a basic unit would offer.

To begin with, it sports an impressive 9-inch panel LCD that will display all your workout information, including time, calories, distance traveled, speed, and more.

And true to form, the console is simple and fairly easy to operate.

Step-thru Design

Like the Exerpeutic 900xl we had reviewed earlier, this model comes with a step-thru design.

With the design, it’s easier for riders to mount on and off the bike with ease.

In particular, it’s a handy option for seniors or those who are straight from rehabilitation.

They can now use the bike safely without worrying about exacerbating their injuries.


Weight: 60 pounds

Weight Capacity: 350 pounds

Resistance: Magnetic

Resistance levels: 8 levels of resistance

Unique Features that make Sunny Health & Fitness - SF-RB4602 Interesting


The design construction of this model is quite sturdy and durable, too.

To begin with, the frame construction is made from a heavy-duty frame, which offers incredible sturdiness.

Unfortunately, the rest of the parts are designed from PVC parts.

The good news, the parts don’t have a huge impact on the bike’s overall sturdiness, and again, it was expected for such a budget bike.

The other thing is that with the care of these parts, they can provide you with a lasting service.


We’ve already mentioned that this bike has an impressive weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Now, you would assume that the exercise bike is equally heavy.

Surprisingly, however, it only weighs 60 pounds. While it’s not light either, it unboxing and relocation of the bike should be pretty easy.

Better yet, the bikes feature rollers on the front end cap, so it should be easier to move the bike.


The seats on the SF-RB4602 excel on the comfort factor.

To begin with, the seats are large enough to accommodate the various sizes of users, including large users.

Secondly, the seats feature a backrest function that will keep you supported throughout your workout.

Another good thing with the seat is that both the base and backrest are padded with foam, alongside durable vinyl cushioning to enhance the overall comfort of the seat.

The major selling point of the seat assembly, however, is that it comes with an adjustment system.

By pulling the levers, it’s easier for you to move the seat either closer or further away from the pedals.

Unfortunately, the backrest can't be adjusted independently from the seat, but you can adjust its height or angle.

The adjustment, however, doesn't support a large height span like the one we saw on the Exerpeutic 900XL, but at the very least, it can support users of between height 4'10" and 6'5".


The SF-RB4602 features a single set of handlebars, the one attached to the seat assembly. 

The good thing with the handlebars is they sport heart rate sensors, a feature ideal for those who would be interested in monitoring their heart rate.

The handlebars also feature rubberized foam grips that enhance ease of use and comfort, especially when your hands get too sweaty.


SF-RB4602 review

The pedals on the SF-RB4602 are part of the 3-piece crank system.

The pedals are large enough to accommodate the various feet sizes.

They also come with a block grid on the base to provide excellent adherence to your workout shoes, so you don't have to worry about slipping off them.

Finally, for extra stability and safety purposes, the pedals also feature adjustable straps that promote extra footing and stability.


The SF-RB4602 resistance is based on a manual magnetic tension system. 

It means that you don't necessarily have to connect the resistance to the power circuit for resistance.

The resistance system has 8 levels of resistance, and so, it’s easier to find a resistance that is challenging enough for your needs.

Sure, while the 8 levels of resistance are still not sufficient enough for the professional athletes, they offer a great way to keep fit for both the beginners and intermediary trainers.

Like a majority of the magnetic resistance, the SF-RB4602 resistance is quiet and smooth.

The transition between the resistance levels is seamless, and this makes this model ideal for users in apartments.

Also, it doesn't interfere with your other projects, and so, it's easy to catch your favorite show or listen to music while still working out.

What We Liked About Sunny Health & Fitness - SF-RB4602

  • Easy to use: The step-thru design makes this model ideal for use even for seniors and those on rehabilitation.
  • Noiseless: The magnetic resistance offers a noiseless and smooth operation, making this model ideal for use around other people without causing a distraction
  • Durable: The steel frame construction is durable and won’t break down easily
  • Adjustable: The seat is adjustable, allowing you to find a position that is comfortable for you

What We Didn’t Like About Sunny Health & Fitness - SF-RB4602

  • Resistance: We feel the resistance levels, even at the highest levels, are not challenging enough to provide professional athletes with enough challenges.

Bottomline & Verdict

Honestly speaking, the SF-RB4602 is not ideal for the professional fitness enthusiasts since the resistance levels are not challenging enough.

However, it makes a perfect option for both the beginners and intermediary users, or rather the casual users who are simply looking for a machine that will keep the fit. 

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  • I have been trying to locate a store that has this bike in stock and cant find one.. not even on Sunny’s website! Any leads would be highly appreciated

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