Sunny Health Fitness SF-E3912

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Last Updated on August 12, 2021

SF-E3912 is Sunny’s top of the line elliptical bike in their entry-level range.

It's still relatively new in the market and having been released in mid-2019, few people know about the machine.

That said, there’s a lot to like about this machine, and it boasts of an array of features.

In particular, it boasts of a super-smooth magnetic resistance system.

Better yet, the resistance is motorized, a complete take off from SF-E3804, its main competitor.

This machine also has greater weight capacity and a more overall solid construction.


What Makes Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912 so Awesome?

Sunny SFE3912

Weight Capacity

SF-E3912 is a rear-elliptical trainer, with the pedals attached to a set of heavy-duty steel bars. 

The solid construction allows this trainer to deliver a generous weight capacity of 330 pounds.

I agree the weight capacity is not the highest we’ve come across, but considering this trainer is an entry-level machine and built for home-use, you can see I’m gaga about it.

Smooth Pedaling Motion

With a lightweight flywheel (13.2 pounds), we expected the SF-E3912 to be wobbly and less sturdy.

To our surprise, however, the SF-E3912 is as sturdy a sit can be.

This is because the flywheel features a perimeter-weighted structure that improves inertia and overall stability.

When in use, the flywheel will deliver a smooth pedaling motion and will promote a sure-foot sensation, with an almost inexistent impact on your joints

Low Maintenance

A majority of the machines that feature a magnetic resistance system come with a belt drivetrain, and the SF-E3912 is no different. 

This trainer integrated a heavy-duty belt for providing traction.

Since it’s a belt-drive, it’s low maintenance and doesn’t require lubrication.

Away from maintenance, it offers a quiet and vibration-free pedaling.


  • Weight: 104.8 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 330 pounds
  • Stride: 14”
  • Incline: No
  • Resistance levels: 16, Motorized-magnetic

Unique Features that Make Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912 Interesting


SF-E3912 might be an entry-level machine and a relatively inexpensive option, but it's not to mean it's cheaply built. 

Instead, it sports a heavy-duty steel frame, with the base frame completely covered with ABS guards.

All the steel parts are covered with a corrosion-resistant and chip-resistant paint finish, and so, you can expect this machine to serve you for a long time to come.


SF-E3912 isn’t the most compact elliptical trainer, but when you compare it with other machines within its class, you’ll see that it has a relatively smaller footprint.

When fully assembled, this trainer has a modest dimension of 55 x 23.5 x 64.5 inches.

It's, however, recommended that you leave at least two feet of clearance on each side to allow for unhindered usage.

When it comes to weight, I’ve to admit that it’s pretty hefty.

At 105 pounds, it’s not light, especially for a budget-priced and entry-level bike.

But the good news is, the bulkiness of the machine contributes to the stability of the machine. When in use, the SF-E3912 won’t wobble.

Even better, the rear base comes with adjustable and rubberized stabilizers to enhance the overall stability of the machine.

Despite the bulkiness, however, this trainer is fitted with transport wheels that enhance the portability.


SF 3912 handlebar

Like a majority of the elliptical machines, SF-E3912 has equipped with two sets o handlebars; a fixed and a moving handlebar. 

The moving handlebars come with a multi-position grip and will continue to move as long as the pedals are moving.

I find the moving handlebars quite handy for engaging my core and allowing me to perform a variety of fitness workouts.

On the other hand, we've the static handlebars; these pairs of handlebars are fixated, and they don't move.

Their major highlight, however, is that they integrate a set of pulses sensors, and by holding onto them, your console unit can easily monitor your pulse rate.

You’ll be pleased to learn that both pairs of handlebars come with rubberized grips for optimal comfort ad hand adherence.


The pedal trays on the SF-E3912 are designed from high-quality ABS material for long-lasting performance. 

Their selling point, however, is their largeness that makes them ideal for accommodating athletic shoes of different sizes.

Better yet, their borders are lined with a textured surface, for extra foot stability.

Unfortunately, the pedals lack the extra cushioning, and they cannot be adjusted.


The stride length on the SF-E3912 measures 14’.

While the length isn't as low compared to its counterparts within its class, 14' is still considered low, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone over 6 feet.

Sure, while it’s possible for those above 6’ to work out, they will not enjoy the benefit of the full cycle or rotation.

The good news is, the SF-E3912 is still an incredible option for most of you; for the shorter, medium, and average individuals, the SF-E3912 is still an incredible workouts machine.


SF-E3912 is powered by a motorized magnetic resistance system.

To provide resistance, it means that this trainer needs an external power source.

The good thing with the resistance adjustment is that it’s automatic, and so, depending on your selected program, you can easily auto-adjust the pedal resistance.


SF-E3912 has 16 tension levels, which deliver consistent and considerable resistance. 

At the highest setting, however, they might not deliver the resistance required for professional athletes, but it’s ideal for anyone looking for a consistent training regimen.

What We Liked About Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912

Sunny SFE3912 likes and cons
  • Stable: A bulky unit, the SF-E3912, is quite sturdy and won't wobble even when you go hard on it.
  • Noiseless: Like all the magnetic-resistance based system, SF-E3912 offers a noiseless operation
  • Smooth: When in use, this trainer delivers smooth and seamless operation, even when adjusting one tension to the other. 
  • Versatile: With resistance levels reaching up to 16, it’s easy to tailor tension resistance, based on your fitness needs.

What We Didn’t Like About Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912

  • Limited Stride length: We can all agree that the 14" stride length is pretty limited, and if you're tall, it'll not allow you to achieve the full-length motion.

Bottomline & Verdict

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912 might have a share of limitations, but we can agree it’s a decent model.

It's priced well and has numerous features that will appeal to both the beginners and intermediary users.

It also offers decent resistance and is well constructed.

Generally, as we had indicated earlier, there’s a lot to love about this model.

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