Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001S Review

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Last Updated on March 4, 2021

The Sunny Health SF-B1001/S Stationary Indoor Cycling Bike is an attractive choice to the fitness enthusiasts who are either new to spinning, or those who are in search of a low impact workout solution.

Despite coming with a reasonable admission price tag, the SF-B1001/S is well-made, and more importantly, it’ll satiate your fitness needs.

However, like many entry-level bikes, the SF-B1001/S is a no-frills bike, and it doesn't come with the bells and whistles of the high-end premium bikes. 

That said, in the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001/S review below, we shall look at how the features on this exercise bike stack up in meeting the requirements for getting low impact cardio workouts in your home.


What’s So Awesome About Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001/S

Smooth Riding Motion

SF-B1001/S features a 30-pound flywheel that delivers a smooth ride.

Sure, it’s not the heaviest flywheel we’ve come around, but it’s decent enough, especially for an entry-level bike.

When in use, the weighted flywheel imitates the natural cycling that you get when riding a bike outdoors.

Low-Impact Workout

The pedaling motion on the SF-B1001/S is forgiving, and won’t do much damage on your joints.

The low-impact motion on the SF-B1001/S makes this exercise bike an incredible option for use for those on rehabilitation or those with joint issues.

Simple design

SF-B1001/S lacks the sophistication of the premium bike; instead, the simple design promotes and easy-to-use experience, including assembly. 


Weight: 79 pounds

Weight Capacity: 220 pounds

Flywheel: 30 pounds

What Makes Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001/S Interesting?


SF-B1001/S features solid steel construction for strength and durability. 

This machine can easily stand up to long term use, with some of the users claiming to use the SF-B1001/S for 3 years without encountering any issues.

Of course, you’ve to perform the regular maintenance checkups to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Away from toughness, this machine is equally sturdy and doesn’t rock sideways, regardless of how rigorous the ride is.

The bike will hold you firm and isn't going to feel like tipping off, even when hill climbing or hard sprinting.

Occasionally, however, you might experience a small jiggle on the handlebars, but this often results from failure of tightening them up.

Other than the jiggling, the other design element you should be concerned about is the replacement of the resistance pad since they wear down from applying friction to the flywheel.

Dimensions and Weight Capacity

With a modest dimension of 46 x 19 x 45 inches, SF-B1001/S doesn’t take much of the storage space since it’s relatively compact.

If anything, it can easily fit in a large cupboard when you want it out of the way.

Even better, the bike has a height dimension of 46 inches, and so, even the shorter users will find it easy getting on and off the bike.

While the 79 pounds on this machine is quite hefty, it comes with caster wheels that enhance the overall portability of the machine.

Finally, the 220-pound weight capacity is quite decent, although I find it on the lower side.


I find nothing out of the ordinary with the handlebars on this model; they’re adjustable and can be moved vertically to fit the bike properly for different user heights in your households.

Additionally, the rubberized handlebars come with multi-grips, and this way, it's easier for riders to get comfortable and slip-free workouts with less risk of overuse injuries from getting cramped or overstretching.


The pedals incorporate adjustable shoe straps that offer an excellent grip on the pedals.

The good thing with the pedals is they solid crankshaft construction gives you the confidence of pushing hard on the bike without fear of breaking it down.

Now, if you feel the pedals are not form-fitting as expected, you can always replace them with any standard size bike pedals.


I was disappointed that the seats are hard and pretty uncomfortable.

Now, while I reckon the hard seats help to keep the price down, they're a deal-breaker, especially if you'll be riding for extended periods.

The good news is, you can always replace the seat with a standard outdoor bike set, or even use a gel seat cover to promote comfort.


Despite all the shortcomings in the seat, it’s always good to know that both the seats and the handlebars are highly adjustable to accommodate the various users. 

With this bike, it's easier to move the seat backward, forward, upwards, and downwards.

On the other hand, the handlebars can be moved vertically to fit the different heights of users in your household properly.

The good thing with the adjustment element on this bike is that it can be done pretty easy and straightforward.

Drive Type

SF-B1001/S has a similar chain-type, the one on a typical road bike. 

And, so, it will require similar maintenance and upkeep, including constant lubrication to keep in moving smoothly and reduce the noise level.

For safety purposes, the chain is covered with a chain-guard, and so, your legs, in particular your ankles, are protected. To some extent, the chain guard also helps in minimizing the noise.

What We Liked About Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001/S

  • Budget option: SF-B1001/S is a relatively inexpensive machine that is easy on your pockets. Despite the low admission tag, it’s a functional unit that will let you achieve your fitness needs.
  • Adjustable: The seat might be quite hard, but that is made up of plenty of adjustability settings. You can move both the handlebars and the seat to suit your comfort levels.
  • Quiet noise: The chain drive is not as quiet as the magnetic drive system since there's some friction from the resistance pad. However, it's not that loud, and it's more like a low buzz. It's not distracting either and will let you hold a conversation without interruption.

What We Didn’t Like About Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001/S

  • Console: Unfortunately, SF-B1001/S lacks a console.  What it means is that with the bike, it's impossible to track your workout info such as calories burned, distance traveled, speed, or even time.  I know this might be a deal-breaker for the serious fitness enthusiasts, but if you're looking for a machine that will simply allow you to keep fit, then it's by no means anything to get fussy about. If anything, if you're interested in tracking your fitness, you can always invest in a portable console.

Bottomline & Verdict

SF-B1001/S might have its flaws, especially regarding comfort and lack of a console.

But all in all, it’s quite a decent exercise bike that has plenty to offer.

This bike will let you achieve all your fitness needs with ease, and better yet, it won’t cause much damage to your pockets.

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