Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

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Last Updated on February 14, 2022

The Schwinn 270, also known as the MY17, is a home-use recumbent bike.

Though it was released in the second part of 2013, it's still one of the most inclusive and advanced exercise bikes at the moment.

It's an improved version, or rather a bigger brother of the Schwinn 230, only that this model comes with the latest features, additional comfort elements, and added functionality that makes it one of the best recumbent exercise bikes.

While it’s still impossible to find much difference between these two models just by looking at the two bikes as they both appear exactly similar, there’re some key major and minor technical differences between them, which makes the Schwinn 270 bike overall better.


What Makes Schwinn 270 Awesome!

Here are some of the qualities of the key performance features that make the Schwinn to be among the top rated exercise bikes for home:

  • 29 Workout Programs and Fitness Tests

    A highly versatile unit, the Schwinn 270 gives users plenty of options regarding their preferred exercises.

    For whatever health status, you can easily choose your favorite exercise from the 29 in-built workout sessions that will provide you with a holistic exercise regime.

    In addition to the workout programs, this exercise bike features fitness test programs that provide an accurate measure of improvement in your fitness levels. These programs normally compare the machine’s power output in Watts against your heart rate during the workout.
  • 25 Levels of Eddy Current Resistance

    Sporting a capable Eddy Current Brake Resistance, Schwinn 270 offers up to 25 levels of resistance, meaning it’s easier for both the beginners and pro users to optimize their performance by modifying the intensity of their workout sessions with precision.  

                                                                                                                            What you’ll probably love about the resistance feature is the seamless transition of the levels, and here, you forget the common jarring that is often experienced with other workout bikes.

  • Impressive Console

    The Schwinn 270 provides a lot of value for the money, especially when it comes to the console and its functions.

                                                                                                                                    If anything, it’s one of the most sophisticated consoles we’ve come across at this price range.

                                                                                                                                  It incorporates an extensive range of functions, including 29 workout programs, connectivity with fitness apps, heart rate functions, and more.


  • Dimension- 13" L x 67" W x 27" H
  • Wight capacity-300 pounds
  • Flywheel-17 pounds
  • Seta type-adjustable
  • Backrest-Not adjustable
  • Resistance-25 levels
  • Programs-29
  • Resistance Type – Magnetic

Unique Features That Makes This Product Interesting


The overall design of the Schwinn 270 is similar to other Schwinn's recumbent bikes models, such as the A20 and 230, with the design resembling a rowing machine with a tilted backrest.

 The steel frame construction on this model is quite sturdy and has a generous weight capacity of approximately 300 pounds.

For stability purposes, this recumbent bike is supported by two sturdy bases positioned at the front and the back. The back base is further bolstered by adjustable stabilizers that add stability, even on the uneven flooring.

Moving on, the “step-thru “or rather walk-through design on the Schwinn makes it easy for users to hop on the bike and get off. The handlebar grips are positioned lower down, next to the seat, and unlike the A20 models, the handlebars are less likely to get into anyone mounting onto the bike.


Comfort is of the essence when purchasing an exercise bike, and if anything, this workout equipment should relieve you of the back pain.

That said, Schwinn has gone to great lengths to ensure the 270 is comfortable as possible, and the brand has incorporated numerous comfort-enhancing features to support your back and spare your back from any strain.

For instance, the seats on this model are ventilated to help you keep cool while the bottom, and unlike that of the 230, the seats of the Schwinn 270 cushioned for optimal comfort. 

Further, it's easy to adjust the seat's distance from the pedals for various postures, and this is quite helpful, especially if your entire family is going to use this bike.

Unfortunately, the backrest is not adjustable, and so, users with back problems or injuries should be extra careful when using this model.

Magnetic Resistance

As with a majority of the high-end cardio machines, Schwinn 270 uses Eddy Current Brake magnetic resistance. 

A major benefit of using magnetic resistance is the relatively easy and smoother transition. Unlike the mechanical transition, users can benefit from a seamless transition and digital controls for modifying the resistance levels.

Further, magnetic resistance is rather quiet, and so, the Schwinn 270 makes an incredible option for user lacking a dedicated training room. It’s a suitable option for users who don’t want to disturb other family member or neighbors.

However, with the use of magnetic resistance comes with concerns with interference with other electrical devices, and so, users should always keep this in mind when using this bike.


The monitor on the Schwinn 270 is choke-full of several exercise features, and combined; they provide you with a full workout regime.

Some of the functions displayed on the search console include:

  • Program Display - This feature shows the course profile of your workout.
  • Heart Rate Zone Display - It gives you a clear picture of the zone your heart rate falls under (aerobic, anaerobic, or fat burning zone)
  • Goal display - Indicates the goal selected, percentage completed and remaining value needed to reach the goal
  • Achievement display - Shows when a goal is achieved
  • Speed - Displays speed, either in miles per hour or kilometers per hour
  • Calories - Shows the total number of calories burned
  • Pulse/Heart rate -  Indicates the user’s heart rate in beat per minute

Heart Rate Monitor

The Contact Heart Rate Sensors on handlebar grips on the Schwinn 270 are responsible for measuring the heart rate.

For initial heart rate reading, grip the handlebar firmly for a few seconds, and a few more seconds longer for a confirmation of the initial reading.

While taking the readings, ensure your hands are clean, as lotion, sweat, or gels can interfere with the reading.

Similarly, understand that certain activities such as heavy muscle contractions or intense workouts can generate small electrical signals that could interfere with the heart rate reading.


The Schwinn 270 is a highly flexible model, and it comes with an array of innovative technological adaptations and features for supporting connectivity.

Besides the USB port, this model comes with a headphone jack allowing you to hook the bike to play music from other devices or even charge.

Further, it supports Bluetooth, and so, it's now easier to stream your favorite track from your Bluetooth-enabled device.

Regarding the app, this bike is compatible with some of the popular fitness apps, including MyFitnessPal. Other apps that are supported by this bike include RideSocial and the proprietary Schwinn Trainer.

What We Like About Schwinn 270

  • Easy to Use - Sporting a walk-through design, the Schwinn 270 is easy to use, even for the seniors, as there’s no handlebar impeding your access to the chair.
  • Sturdy - Constructed from steel, this 88-pound bike is as sturdy as it can get, is durable, and doesn't skimp on performance. 
  • Fours user profiles - This feature makes the Schwinn 270 one of the few bikes that will allow different family members to save their workout information, data, and even the custom programs. 
  • Noiseless operation - Contrary to the air resistance recumbent bikes, Schwinn 270 magnetic resistance, provides a noiseless operation and will even allow you to enjoy your music or catch your favorite TV show without any distraction. 
  • More extras - This model has plenty of extra convenience features such as a bottle holder, a three-speed fan, a USB charging port, and an accessory tray.

What We Didn’t Like About Schwinn 270

  • Light flywheel - The flywheel on this model weighs a mere 17 pounds, and some of the pro athletes would have preferred something with higher resistance.

Bottom Line & Verdict

Generally, the Schwinn 270 is a versatile use at home exercise bike that offers multiple user profiles, meaning that it's ideal for use by many families.

It's relatively safe, and the low-impact design makes it a suitable option for the amateurs and semi-professionals who are not looking for anything fancy, but a simple, frill-free model.

However, despite being a home exercise recumbent bike, it doesn’t mean it’s not fitness-oriented; in reality, it will provide just about anyone with efficient cardio workouts and a great way for toning your lower body.

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