Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer Review

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Last Updated on August 12, 2021

Nautilus E614 is a mid-level elliptical trainer offered by Nautilus Inc.

This model comes with plenty of features to keep even the most discerning fitness enthusiast happy.

While it’s not exactly a heavy duty option, it’s the closest thing you can get under $1,000 budget.

But is the Nautilus E614 right for you?

Let’s find out in the Nautilus E614 review below.


What Makes Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer So Awesome?

20 Resistance Levels

With the Nautilus E614, you get 20 levels of resistance, which provide a good way to add some challenge to your workout and burn more calories.

Along with the resistance levels, this machine offers 22 built-in workouts that focus on specific goals such as calorie-burning or time tracking.

Sure, I agree there’s nothing unique with the levels of resistance or even the number of programs, but I must say for an entry-level machine, these features are definitely enticing.

6-Position Manual Incline

For added versatility in your fitness workouts, the Nautilus E614 comes with an incline that changes the slope of your running pathway. 

In more than one way, the incline in the stride will bring realism into your workout.

Unfortunately, the incline is manual, as opposed to automatic as we saw on the Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine, meaning you’ll have to get off the machine to change the incline slope.

Nonetheless, save for the operating inconvenience, I think the Nautilus E614 incline will provide more ways to cross-train to your workout.


There're interesting features on the console, but the landmark feature is the dual-display unit.

Like the more premium models, the Nautilus E614 comes with two displays, an added advantage that will make usage easier than ever before. 

The displays here are optimized for showing all the basic performance metrics, and they provide crisp visibility.

Unfortunately, both of the displays are black and white, which might prove an issue for some of the users.


Weight capacity: 300 pounds

Weight: 167 pounds

Resistance: Magnetic

Resistance levels: 20

Programs: 22

Stride length: 20”

Unique Features that Make Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer Interesting


The reliability of the Nautilus E614 falls nothing short of excellence.

Like other Nautilus elliptical machines, it boasts of solid frame construction for the ultimate strength and reliability.

When it comes to stability, Nautilus E614 is pretty stable, and it has little if any, rocking even when using it for the rigorous workouts. 

Generally, the quality of this machine is excellent, and it’s easy to identify it with what we see on the commercial gym equipment. 

This is particularly true when you consider the price point of this model.

Dimensions and Weight Capacity

With a dimension of 50”L x 34”W x 22”H, Nautilus E614 is quite hefty, and will not fit in small spaces.

Before purchasing this model, you need to ensure you’ve sufficient space for placement.

When it comes to weight, Nautilus E614 is equally bulky. But h the good news is the 167 pounds help to add to the overall stability of the model.

When in use, Nautilus E614 is less likely to rock forward or backward.

The weight capacity on the Nautilus E614 is decent, and at 300 pounds, this trainer can support most of the adults. 


Like a majority of the elliptical bikes, Nautilus E614 comes with two pairs of handlebars.

We’ve a static or rather fixed and a moving handlebar.

I find the moving handlebar suitable for promoting the upper body workouts, including your core.

The fixated handlebars, on the other hand, have EKG pulses sensors that measure heart rate. 

While there’s still a debate on the accuracy offered by the hand sensors, what I appreciate is that I get a rough estimate of your HRM. After all, if I needed accurate HRM, I would as well invest in a chest-strap sensor.

What I like with both of the handlebars is they're rubberized to cushion you against impact, promote comfort, and avoid slippage even when you sweat.


The pedals on the Nautilus E614 are equally comfy, and they’ve been cushioned to protect users against impact.

Better yet, the pedals are designed to be sufficiently large, and so, they can accommodate even the large feet with ease.

20-Inch Stride

For a starter machine, it’s unusual to have such a long stride-but it’s definitely a plus here.

 The longer stride will let you achieve a more fully work out, especially to your lower body muscles.

And for those over 6”, the longer leg stride offers a complete leg stretch, thus promoting a more natural feel.


Resistance on the Nautilus E614 is provided by top of the range eddy current magnetic resistance levels.

As we had discussed earlier, this elliptical has 20 levels of resistance, which are easy to control through the console.

The benefit of the Eddy Current resistance is that it’s silent because it doesn’t require direct contact with flywheel.

Speaking of a flywheel, this model is equipped with an 18-pound flywheel for optimum performance. It's not heavy, but Nautilus has weighted the flywheel, which promotes easy starting, high-speed workouts, and smooth running.

What We Liked About Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

  • Affordable: Comparatively, I would say Nautilus E614 is affordable, especially when you look at other elliptical trainers within its class.
  • Feature-Rich: While Nautilus E614 is packed with all the standard features you would want to have in an elliptical machine; it's also equipped with some additional features that you would only find only on the premium trainers. 
  • Ideal for rooms with Low Ceiling: While the machine is bulky, 12 step-up height is quite forgiving, allowing you to use the machine even in rooms at 9 feet.

What We Didn’t Like About Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

  • Manual Inclination: A major downside of the Nautilus E614 is the manual inclination. The 6-position incline doesn’t feature automatic adjustments, meaning you’ll have to come off the machine to make adjustments.

Bottomline & Verdict

It’s hard not to be satisfied with the Nautilus E614.

It delivers everything it promises and does much more, and better yet, at a fraction of the cost of other elliptical machines offer.

It's an incredible option for home-use, especially if you're looking for a machine for high-speed workouts.

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