Must Have Road Bike Accessories

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Last Updated on December 10, 2020

If there's one thing I've learned after about four years of road bike cycling, it's that some cycling accessories are so important that we simply can't cycle without them. Of course, that's not to say that you should be buying every road bike gizmo you come across. Some are necessary. Others are just a bonus, and not quite a must-have.

So in this short guide, I'll highlight some of the most important road bike cycling gadgets that you should be using right now. I've put them in no particular order, because they are all significant.

So without further ado, let's have a look.


The List of the Most Essential and Must Have Road Bike Accessories 

1. Bike Lights

be visible with bike lights

Bike lights are a must-have. You simply cannot ride your bike without these. In fact, (this guide) suggests that you can get a ticket if you ride your bike without lights. And there are good reasons why.

You see, road safety is something we talk a lot about on Bikes Havens. That's because safety comes first. And as far as safety is concerned, it's not just about you. Even other road users become a concern when you ride your bike at night or very early mornings.

I recommend that you get any of these bike lights if you don't have any fixed on your bike yet. Mostly you will need to have the lights fixed on the front. But you can add rear lights if you want to.

2. Bike Helmets

bike helmet as accessory

I'll be honest with you:

Bike helmets are one of the most important cycling gadgets on the planet. As simple as they look, and even given the fact that many cyclists still ignore them, these gadgets have saved so many lives.

According to this study, bike helmets reduce up to 70% of fatal head injuries in the event of an impact, making them the most important and must have cycling gadgets on the planet.

We've taught you how to choose a bike helmet already. Now it is your duty to make sure you are wearing one and keeping yourself safe all the time.

3. Bike Computers

get a bike cmputer

Bike performance trackers may not be your thing for sure. They're not a must-have after all. But if you are the kind of cyclist that likes to track performance, especially if you are cycling for fitness, then this gadget may be ideal. 

Of course, bike computers use the same working concept. But they don't track similar metrics. While some will track nearly everything, from distance covered to cycling speed, some are too basic to do more.

4. Fitness Trackers

fitness watch

Do you know that activity watches for bike riding can also help you track your cycling performance much like a bike computer would? Yes, they do.

So if you would rather wear a fitness band instead of installing a console on your two-wheeler, you should go for a model specifically designed for this kind of exercise.

5. Bike Brakes

centilever brakes

Tired of the factory fitted brakes on your road bike? Or maybe they don't perform nearly as well as you expect them to? Or maybe you just want a completely different set of brakes to replace the already existing ones?

You should check out this guide on brakes for some of the well-built brakes that you can buy and fix on your bike right now.

6. Cycling Glasses

bike sunglasses

Many biking enthusiasts don't wear bike goggles per se. And that's because they are not necessarily a must-have. Still, they play an important role in shielding you against direct sunlight.

So if you ride your bike in the hot season when the sunrays are too much for your eyes to handle, then you should consider getting these ones.

7. Saddle Bags

saddle bag for bike

In my opinion, saddlebags are the best alternative to cycling backpacks. They allow you to carry the most significant accessories, like extra cycling shoes, mobile phones, wallet, and cycling jerseys, without putting unnecessary weight on your back.

8. Cycling Toolkit

toolkit for your bike

I can't remember how many times I've taken my road bike to a bike repair shop. I have had flat tires here and there, a gear system that couldn't shift properly, brakes that failed to work for no good reason whatsoever. And I have spent hundreds of dollars over the last 24 months just to get my bike fixed.

If I had my own road bike toolkit, then I never would have taken my bike to a shop. In fact, ever since I bought my under $100 toolkit, I have been able to repair my bike myself, except for a broken frame tube that needed expert advice and skills.

9. Bike Saddle

bike saddles

The factory fitted road bike saddle may not be good enough for you. And sometimes the only best way to sit comfortably on a hike is to upgrade the current seat. And the only way to do that is to upgrade the current seat.

There's no magic or science to choosing the right saddle for your bike. After all, cyclists have varying opinions on what makes a comfortable bike seat for road. But at least you need to make sure that the model that you choose aligns with the type of cycling that you want to do.

The most important thing to remember is that as long as a seat is comfortable enough to handle long rides, then it's a good deal.

10. Cycling Water Bottle

Cycling experts have told us, time and again, how important it is to stay hydrated. And this is true particularly if you plan to go out on a long ride. After all, your body is going to dehydrate with every mile you cover. If you don't replenish your supply, you'll have a difficult time keeping up to the game.

You can stay hydrated when cycling by using a cycling water bottle. We have reviewed a number of bottles here. Just choose one and you are good to go. It would be best if you have a water bottle holder fixed on your bike's frame. Get it if you don't have yet.

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