Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

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Last Updated on March 27, 2020

Marcy ME-709 is a basic and frills-free fitness bike that seems to tick all the boxes for the best exercise bikes.

 And although it’s a modest bike, it surpasses the expectation of the users, especially in terms of performance.

In my opinion, though, the Marcy ME-709 offers the perfect mix between functionality and budget among the best recumbent bikes.

I also think that simplicity is also among its major highlights because it makes it easier to operate, and with this bike, there are fewer chances that you're going to go wrong with it.

However, like anything, Marcy ME-709 is not for everyone, and in our ME-709 review below, we shall go through the good and bad of this fitness bike. 

Hopefully, by the end of our review, you’ll decide whether it’s the right bike for your fitness needs.

What Makes Marcy ME-709 So Awesome?

1) 8 Resistance Levels

Marcy comes with multiple resistance levels, totaling to eight.

With such flexibility, this fitness bike will give you the capability you need to change the resistance as you see fit.

For instance, I find the lower resistance levels ideal for those beginners or those rehabbing. The higher resistance levels, on the other hand, are a suitable option for fitness enthusiasts looking for something tougher for developing endurance and building muscles. 

Even so, I’ve to admit the highest level on this bike is still not challenging enough for the serious professionals as it doesn’t give them the intensity they need.

However, for casual riders who only need to keep fit, or burn some calories, it should be more than sufficient.

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2) Metric Display

For motivation purposes, Marcy ME 709 features a conveniently placed display that will measure and display your performance metrics such as speed, distance, and calories burned.

Though it doesn’t measure heart rate, it gives users a decent number of metrics and will keep you updated on your progress.

3) Weighted Pedals

The pedals on the Marcy feel solid and sturdy, and will let you cycle easily even at different speeds.

Better yet, the pedals are counterbalanced, and so your feet will benefit from the extra support they need to keep you in full control of the riding session.

Finally, the pedals are grooved, and this helps to increase the overall traction, meaning you’ll have a strong grip when cycling and less to worry about slipping off.


Weight capacity: 300 pounds

Weight: 61 Pounds

Resistance: 8 levels Magnetic

Product dimension: 55.5"x25"x37.5"

What Makes Marcy ME-709 So Interesting

Design-Build- Frame

Marcy is a well-designed exercise bike, and it boasts of a 2-inch steel tubing that holds everything in place.

The steel frame on the Marcy is durable, and if anything, it’s going to provide you with a lasting service.

Even better, it's coated, and so, you don't have to worry about wearing rust or even the elements.

However, what grabbed my attention on the design-build was the overall sturdiness; Marcy doesn't move around or even wobble, thus enhancing your exercise regimen.

Unfortunately, this bike lacks levers, and so, you need to lay it on a flat floor. Otherwise, it will rock from side to side.  However, if your floor is a little uneven, you can correct it by laying a rubber mat underneath.

Weight Capacity

While still on the frame, it would be important to note that it can support a generous weight of 300 pounds.

Though there are some users who claim the capacity can extend up to 350 pounds with no issues, it's always better to use the bike for what it's designed for.


Marcy is built with comfort in mind, and the eases of use in manifested in several ways.

For starters, this model features a step-thru frame, and so it easier for users, including seniors or those with injuries, to hop on and off the bike.

While we were a bit disappointed that the seat and backrest are not adjustable, we were relieved to find out the frame is highly adjustable.

Here, you can move the frame either backward or forward, depending on your cycling and height needs.

Generally, however, this bike seems like an ideal option of users of heights of 5ft 2 ins and 6 ft, which is a good thing since it’s where most of the average adults and teens lie.

For users with heights of less than 5ft 2 in, they might struggle to reach the handlebars, but you can remedy that by putting a cushion behind them.

If you’re above 7 ft, then you would be better off with another bike because you're more likely to feel cramped, and you'll not enjoy the full range motion as you pedal.


The seat on the Marcy might not be adjustable, but it’s comfortable.

Both the seat and the backrest feature a cc 2” foam cushioning that will supply users with the right amount of comfort.

Drive Type

The belt drive system on the Marcy will help to get rid of the noise from your environment.

The belt drive system is quiet, and with this system, it easier to exercise while watching TV, or even exercise while your kids are taking a nap, without having to worry you’ll wake them up.


Like a majority of the recumbent bike, Marcy has two pairs of handlebars-one at the front and the other pair beside the seat.

Both pairs have been rubberized, and so, it easier to grip them without slipping.

What We Liked About Marcy ME-709

  • Easy Storage: With a dimension of 55.5"x25"x37.5", Marcy will not take much of your household footprint, and I find it even easier to use this bike in apartments and studios.
  • Portability: Weighing at 61 pounds, Marcy is among the lightest bikes in the market.  Sure, while it can be a challenge to drag such weight, the manufacture has fitted this bike with wheels to enhance the overall portability.
  • Ease of Adjustment:  A perfect fix for a variety of users, the Marcy is highly adjustable, and an ideal option for both the short and tall users from 5-6 feet tall.
  • To top it off, both the handlebars and foot straps are also highly adjustable to provide you with the comfort you need during exercises.
  • Sturdy: Featuring 14-gauge steel tubing, Marcy is durable as it can get. It's not a flimsy bike and provides you with a long-lasting service.

What We Didn’t Like About Marcy ME-709

  • Limited resistance: It's a good thing Marcy has eight levels of resistance, but unfortunately, they're sufficient for the serious workout enthusiasts. If anything, some of the models have double the resistance of Marcy, and you can see where I’m coming from.

Bottomline & Verdict

Generally speaking, Marcy ME-709 is an incredible fitness bike.

I like that it comes with a host of incredible features that will help to promote faster weight loss, calorie burn, build endurance, and improve on your overall physique.

Unfortunately, it's not "good" enough for serious athletes.

That said, it's an awesome option for casual and everyday individuals who are simply looking to stay fit.

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