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Last Updated on February 16, 2022

Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer, also known as Marcy NS-40501E, is among the budget option elliptical machines in the market.

Evidently, it’s not a commercial model elliptical machine, but it has everything you would need for your home fitness regime.

This elliptical machine is sufficiently designed to cater or the light and low-impact cardio design.

In more than one way, Marcy Elliptical bike resembles the Efitment 006, which we had reviewed earlier.

That said is this bike right for you? Does it have what it takes to take your home fitness to the next level?

Well, we shall shortly find out in our Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Review below.


What Makes Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer So Awesome?

All In One Workout Station

Marcy Magnetic is the only fitness machine that you'll need at home to stay in shape, lose your weight, and tone your overall body.

With this trainer, it's easy to work on both your upper and lower body simultaneously, while at the same time working on the different muscle groups.

This bike will simulate your walking, running, or even climbing stairs, which in effect, boost the overall health of your knees, back, and other joints.

Along with this, the up-tempo exercise on this bike is ideal for your cardiovascular health.

Generally, using this machine will help with the growth of your overall body fitness and toning.


Marcy Elliptical trainer is ergonomically engineered with over-sized pedals, foam handles, and an overall solid feel on the construction.

When in use, this elliptical feels sturdy and will secure your entire body as you work through the strides.

As such, the elliptical will make your training regime more safe and comfortable, too.

8 Resistance Levels

An innovative machine, Marcy Magnetic, simulates several activities, including walking, running, and climbing stairs.

It features a tension knob that will let you change the overall resistance, either up or down to tailor your training depending on your fitness needs.


  • Weight- 77 pounds
  • Weight capacity- 300 pounds
  • Stride length- 14”
  • Dimensions- 49”L x 24”W x 64.2”H
  • Levels of resistance:  8 levels of magnetic resistance

Unique Features that Make Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Interesting

Mercy NS-40501E Compact Pro Trainer


The design on the Marcy NS-40501E is pretty basic, with a more traditional approach. If anything, it resembles what a majority of the elliptical bikes have.

At the core of the bike, you'll find a sturdy steel frame that is pretty durable and sturdy.

If anything, the steel frame is capable of supporting a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Sure, while nothing is exciting about the weight capacity, we've to admit that it's pretty decent; especially considering this elliptical is an entry-level machine. 

Alongside the steel frame construction, Marcy Elliptical has several parts, including the pedals and covers of the flywheel constructed from ABS material.

Dimension & Weight

Compared to other ellipticals within its class, I would say, the Marcy Elliptical is fairly compact.

When completely set up, this machine has a modest dimension of 49”L x 24”W x 64.2”H.

With such measurements, it should be easy to fit the elliptical machine even in smaller spaces.

Ideally, however, we recommend leaving at least two feet of clearance all around the elliptical machine to allow for safe and comfortable access and operation.

The only concern we had with the machine was on the weight. At 77 pounds, this machine is not lightweight.

The good news is, the bulkiness of this machine contributes to its sturdiness, and when in use, it’s less likely that you’ll find the machine wobbling.


Like any typical elliptical bike, Marcy trainer has two sets of handlebars, with one stationary and another one mobile.

Unfortunately, the fixed handlebars on the Marcy elliptical the lack heart pulse sensor, meaning if you’re to check on your HRM, you need to use a separate device.

The mobile handlebars, on the other hand, are fairly long and will let you effectively work out your upper body.

The good thing with both pairs is they’re rubberized on the grips to promote optimal cushioning and prevent your hands from slipping.


The pedals on the Marcy are designed from durable ABS plastic material.

The pedals are pretty large and capable of accommodating the rather large athletic shoes.

Their surface is ribbed to promote superior foot stability and prevent slippage.

Unfortunately, they lack any articulation or extra shock absorption for comfort.

But still, they deliver a low impact ride, and they’re adjustable too.


The stride length on the Marcy isn’t long.

At 12’, this machine isn’t particularly suited for the tall individuals, especially those taller than 6’0”.

Either way, it’s still possible to achieve a workout, depending on how fast you pedal, though tall users might not benefit from a complete leg stretch.

Though the machine’s Q-Factor is not specified, there’s not so much spacing between the pedals, and so, Marcy doesn’t generate any extra lateral stress on your knees or ankles.

Resistance and Drive System

The resistance system on the Marcy is based on a manual magnetic system, which uses a belt drive.

The result of this system is that it’s easy to achieve a smooth pedaling experience, and more importantly, a noiseless experience.

The magnetic system also requires less maintenance since few of the parts come into direct contact.

The eight distinct resistance levels let you tailor your resistance based on your fitness levels.

Though the highest resistance cannot be compared to a commercial-grade elliptical, it still offers the possibility of burning more calories and improved cardio.

What We Liked About Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

  • Smooth pedaling: Though the flywheel is lightweight, it’s perimeter-weighted, meaning it delivers a consistent momentum and steady motion.
  • Bi-directional: The pedaling motion is bi-directional, meaning you can also pedal in reverse if you want, and this helps to engage more of your muscles.
  • Noiseless: The magnetic resistance provided by the Marcy offers silent operation, free from any disturbance.

What We Don’t Like About Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

  • No handheld sensors: It’s unfortunate, the Marcy does not integrate pulse sensors for measuring heart rate on the handlebars, meaning you’ve to use a separate device.

Bottomline & Verdict

Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is an entry-level trainer with plenty of numerous benefits.

Sure, the performance features come nowhere what a commercial-grade elliptical trainer offers, but it’s sufficient for those looking for the light to moderate fitness.

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