Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Review

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Last Updated on August 12, 2021

The Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle is the result of years of research and development.

The M3 bike was the groundbreaking mode of the Keiser M Series indoor cycle.

Since then, Keiser has added three other models in its lineups such as the M3+, Keiser M3i, and Keiser M3ix.

Now, while the original model was build ten years ago, it's still among the highest-rated and quality cycling bikes in the market.

It embodies the craftsmanship and quality of the Keiser group which makes some of the best spinning bikes in the fitness industry.

Unfortunately, the admission price is a bit intimidating. Still, despite this, Keiser has managed to sell over a quarter-million of these bikes across the globe, and it underlines the reliability and quality of the bike.

Generally, I would say that the Keiser M3 is the ideal option for the bike enthusiasts looking for a machine to push them all the way, without having doubts of maxing out its capabilities.


What Makes Keiser M3 So Awesome?

24 levels of Resistance

M3 offers 24 levels of smooth and quiet magnetic resistance. With such a high number of resistance levels, cyclists in all fitness levels are bound to find a challenging cardiovascular training for the lower body muscle toning and weight loss.

Better yet, the M3 is specifically engineered to provide users with muscle toning as well as low impact aerobic training.


We’ve already gone through spins bikes such as Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001/S and Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901, and one item that distinctly lacks from them is the console option.

With the M3 and the larger Kaiser M3 line, you’re treated to a digital display with a backlit option.

Though the LCD is not a touch-option, it gives you easy access to a view of the various performance metrics such as heart rate, elapsed time, gear, calories burned, workout calculations, and more.


The M3's handlebars, saddle, and stem are easy to adjust. If necessary, it's possible to adjust on the fly.

Now, when comparing M3 adjustability with other models, you’ll notice that the quality is a bit higher.

While some of the users claim the adjustment system is imperfect, I disagree. It’s easy to set up this bike, even when I’m riding while leaned over the bars.


Weight: 85.1 pounds

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Resistance: Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance

Resistance levels: 24

Dimension: 49 x 26 x 45 inches

Unique Features that Make Keiser M3 Interesting


The Keiser M3 comes with a quality build, designed for commercial use.

The M3 is designed for use by multiple people, and by looking at this bike for one minute, you can easily tell that it's a heavy-duty option.

The frame is built with a steel frame for the ultimate strength and can support a generous 300-pound weight capacity.

Another good thing with the frame is the V-shape design that makes it easier for mounting and dismounting action. 

It’s more like what step-through frames offer, and this makes it easier for the shorter users to cross their leg over the frame.

When riding the Keiser M3, you’ll notice how sturdy it is and how it doesn’t feel like it’s going to tip off anytime soon.

However, you should be cautious at the higher resistances because some users claim that going all out on the bike can result in the bike swaying a little bit. 


With a dimension of 49 x 26 x 45 inches, Keiser M3 doesn’t take much space in your home or garage.

And though this 85-pound bike is bulky, it comes with two transport wheels that enhance portability and make it easier to move the bike around your home or gym.

Pedals ad Cranks

The pedal design on the M3 features cycling shoes on one side and an adjustable strap for the athletic shoes.

If you’re using cycling shoes, it’s easier to adjust the SPD for a form-fitting experience.

Either way, whatever side you choose to use, it's engineered to provide a firm foot holding in a variety of workouts.

Better yet, the design is large enough to accommodate even the large feet sizes.


The handlebars are perhaps the biggest flaw in this model.

The seat on only 2-way adjustable, up & down, which makes it hard for riders to take a natural position.

Now, if the M3 had a traditional straight frame as opposed to the V-shape, the 2-way adjustability wouldn’t be much of a deal-breaker.

However, the V-shaped frame results in the frame adjusting in 45 degree angles.

If you move the handlebars down, they get too close to you because they don’t move straight wards, rather than inwards, towards you.

On the other hand, if you move the handlebars up, they get too far from you.

The only good thing with the handlebars is their texture and padding that adds more comfort while providing multi-ergonomic grips.


Generally, the seat is comfortable to use, and if you don’t like the comfort offered, you can as well replace the seat with a traditional bike seat.

Away from comfort, the seat is adjustable, allowing you to find a height setting for optimal comfort.

The problem with the seat is that if you fail to tighten the knob hard, then there’s a likelihood of the seat slipping down.

However, the subsequent versions on the Keiser model, you’ll find multiple safety holes to prevent the seat from going down.

Drive Type

Keiser M3 uses a belt drive that gives this spin bike an ultra-smooth ride.

The belt drive also contributes to a noiseless operation and an almost maintenance-free pedaling motion.

This is despite M3 offering a relatively 8-pound flywheel.

What We Liked About Keiser M3

  • Smooth Pedaling: The eddy current magnetic resistance on the M3 offers an extremely smooth pedaling motion. Even better, it makes the transition between the various resistance levels quite seamless.
  • Noiseless operation: Another benefit of the magnetic resistance is the noise-free operation since there's no contact of elements.
  • Heavy –duty: The M3 is solidly constructed with gym-quality. This model can serve as the ideal option, even in commercial spaces.

What We Didn’t Like About Keiser M3

  • Price:  The main sticking point on the M3 is the price- it’s at the top of the range. However, if you’re serious about getting into spinning, then you might as well dig deeper for a great piece of machinery that offers a smoother and more refined experience.

Bottomline & Conclusion

The M3 is engineered to provide aerobic training and muscle toning for a wide range of resistance levels.

It's an incredible option for those who in search of a bike that will provide gym-quality spin bikes that outlast the competition.

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