How to Ride a Bike with no Hands

How to Ride a Bike with no Hands

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Many people associate no-hands cycling with show-offs, but according to Press Play Lab, learning how to ride a bike with no hands is an essential skill that every rider needs to learn.

No hands cycling will not only improve your balance and control of your bike, but it also builds on your confidence.

More importantly, no-hands cycling proves a little bit of core workout by teaching you how to engage your core, rather than slumping your weight in the handlebars.

So, where do you start?

Start by Checking your Bike

Many at times, cyclers often get frustrated when learning this skill, no because it`s difficult or their supposed clumsiness, but because of poor equipment maintenance.

See, no-hands cycling is a sensitive skill that requires your bike to be in optimal condition. It`s hard to cycle with no hands if the headset is binding, the front wheel wobble, or the fork is out of alignment. All these things will make the bike track crookedly.

Pedal and Maintain Speed

It`s hard, if not impossible to balance if you`re not moving. Instead, maintaining momentum is essential to maintaining balance easier.

The faster you cycling momentum, the easier it is to maintain balance.

However, it`s recommended that you should ride no slower than jogging pace and in a straight line. Active, suggests that for the sweet spot for faster learning should be around 15 mph.

Shift your Weight back and Centered 

Remember, even when gripping the bar, steering is usually done with your hips and weight shits.

The same case is now more pronounced when you`re cycling with no hands.

Tilting your core and shifting your weight as far back over the saddle as you can will allow you to gain balance and achieve an optimal upright posture.

Engaging your Core

To engage a strong core, you must face your body and core in the direction that you want your bike to go. Then depending on what direction you want, you can make changes in your position from your hips.

When done correctly, proper engagement of the core will make riding with no hands easy, even invisible.

Look Forward

A must-follow rule is that you should set your eyes forward.

Looking on the ground or sideways will throw you off balance, not to mention that you`ll not be able to see the ditch or bump in front of you.

Gradually Remove Hands from the Bar

If you`ve followed the body tips we`ve provided above, you can begin to remove hands from the bar, but one at a time.

However, it`s crucial that you practice riding with a single hand before lifting both hands completely.

Lift Both Hands

Once you`ve mastered riding single-handedly, you can start to lift both hands off the handlebar simultaneously

However, don`t get them off completely. Instead, hover them slightly just on top of the handlebar.

Building Confidence

Once you`re confident enough, you can now lift your hands completely of the bar.

However, you`ll need to do a lot of practice on this.

And in the meantime, you should limit yourself to simple no-hand maneuvers such as drinking from a bottle or eating a bar of chocolate.

Don`t perform complex stunts such as removing layers, not until you`re comfortable and confident enough.

Using your Hips and Core to Turn

Once you`ve mastered the art, you can now confidently control the movement of your bike by using your hips.

Done confidently, your balance and control should be as good as they are with hands on the bars.

Cycling with no hands is an exciting drill that will get you pumped up and confident.

However, depending on your location, you should pay attention to the traffic laws since you can get fined for driving with no hands in certain states.

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