How to Put a Bike Rack on a Car

How to Put a Bike Rack on a Car

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Travelling with a bicycle is fraught with challenges. However, if you take the proper safety and carriage measures, then you should no longer be worried about the safety of your two-wheeled machine.

One way to achieve this is to haul your 2-wheeler on your vehicle with a bike rack.

Mounting your bike on a rack allows you to take your outdoor fun with you. When you mount your bike on a rack, you can go for mtn bicycle excursions, hit the trail parks or even go exploring the woods without worrying how to get there.

Whatever you`re planning to do with your bike, and regardless of how many bikes you`re looking to tag along with, there`s a car rack that will address your carriage needs.

And the good thing is, installing a bike rack on your car is quick, simple and easy.

If you`re new to this, journey with us as we explore how to put a bike rack on a car.

Mounting a Bike Rack on a Car

Mounting a bike rack on a car is a tad challenging, and this is because it has limited compatibility features when compared to other types of vehicles such as trucks or caravans.

As such, the types of bike racks that can be mounted on a car are fairly limited.

However, we shall look at the two main types of bike racks that are suitable for cars and other small vehicles

How to Install a Roof Rack on a Car

A roof rack is a popular bike rack position as it allows greater versatility and can be adjusted for specialized bikes.

To install a roof rack, it`s essential that your car has standard crossbars, or you`ll need to install them separately.

A typical roof rack comes with four installation points (two at the front and two and the rear), which also form the base of the crossbar installation.

And because each car has different dimensions, the installation points should be measured from the central pillar towards the front and towards the back of your car.

To mount the rack, install rubber pads on the feet of the crossbars, then mount the rack and then tighten the clamps for a sturdy feel.

However, with the roof rack in place, you`ll need to adhere to some carriage rules. For instance, The Travel Hub recommends not exceeding speeds of 75mph.

How to Install a Trunk-Mounted Bike Rack

The trunk-mounted bike rack is yet another awesome bike rack position on your car.

The downside of this model is that you`ll have limited access to your trunk.

Installing a trunk-mounted bike rack is a straightforward process, provided you have chosen a rack that fits your car.

Begin by placing the base of the rack on the bumper and the upper part on the rear window or trunk-this will depend on your type of car.

A majority of the trunk mounted racks come with six straps, which you can use to secure the bike on the car.

To secure your bike, it`s essential that you install the top straps, and pull them into a tight position. This will make your rack more secure and inhibit wobbling.

The next step is to secure the side straps.

When securing the straps, it`s crucial that every strap is pulled into position when mounting your rack.

Bike racks are an awesome and stress-free way to transport your bike.

However, NSW Gov insists adhering to the safety bike rack precautions is necessary to keep your two-wheeled machine safe from damage.

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