How to Make a Bicycle Seat More Comfortable

How to Make a Bicycle Seat More Comfortable

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We, cyclists, are always looking on ways to make our bikes aero, faster and lighter. However, with the hype surrounding performance, it`s easy for cyclers to lose sight of the fact that a bicycle should be comfortable.

Far too many cyclists or would-be cyclists complain they are not comfortable on their bikes.

Some believe that saddle discomfort is inevitable.

In this article, however, we explore the top 5 ways to make your bicycle seat more comfortable. 

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1. Get the Right Saddle

The first and most crucial aspect of a comfortable ride it to get the right saddle itself.

With a plethora of options to pick from, it can be quite challenging to pick your right one.

In general, however, you should go for a saddle that is designed for your cycling need.

Here, you can choose a road bike saddle, mountain biking, leisure, etc. depending on your cycling requirements.

Choosing a saddle depending on cycling requirements takes into account the different positions you sit when riding on those different types of bikes and this allows for a comfortable riding experience.

2. Adjust your Saddle

Once you`ve your saddle sorted, you`ll need to adjust your seat.

The main elements when adjusting your seat are height, tilt and the fore/aft position.

A bike seat that is too high or low will cause you to tilt your hips on either side when pedaling. The bigger motion comes alongside a bigger potential for rubbing and chaffing, which will result in a less comfortable ride.

Ideally, you should achieve your seat position by standing next to your bike, with your hands on your hip bones and setting your seat to that height.

3. Take Up the Whole Seat

Regardless of the seat you choose, it`s crucial that you take up the whole seat.

Often, many cyclers sit too far forward on the bike saddle, leaving their butt to rest on the skinnier part of the seat.

But according to Harvard Health Publishing, sitting on the nose of the saddle exerts pressure on the perineum, compresses the crucial nerves, restricts the blood flow by 66% and can result to feelings of uneasiness and pain.

Therefore, when saddling, think about taking up the whole seat, and this should help reduce discomfort and pain.

4. Avoid Wide Seats

In general, a wider seat is less comfortable than a narrow seat.

Sure, sleek saddles don`t look comfortable, but wider seats will create more friction and chaffing when pedaling, resulting in discomfort.

However, the width or largeness of a saddle in rather relative.

See, the saddle width is determined by the width of your seat bones.

According to SQ Labs, the bony ends of your pelvis will bear most of your weight and can withstand your pressure.

As such the width of the seat is determined by the positioning on your seat bones, and don`t have to do with how wide your bum is.

That said, many dealers have simple devices of measuring your seat bones width. That will provide you with a measurement you can use to select the right sized saddle.

5. Use Thin Padding

While thick padding seems like the ideal way to avoid the bum sores, Life Hacker, insists that excessively, soft, thick padding can increase more pressure on the sit bones, making your cycling experience a discomfort.

Instead, go for thinner padding that will add more sturdiness, and add more plushness to your overall cycling experience.

Hopefully, the above tips and tricks will make your bike seat more comfortable and allow you to have more joyous riding experience.

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