How to Hang A Bike on a Wall

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Last Updated on September 18, 2020

You enjoy the cycling experience but there’s one headache- storage.

Most of the time, bike storage problems arise due to inadequate space. You may also not want to store your bike indoors to avoid the effects of the elements and theft.

To avert these problems, you can hang a bike on the wall and say goodbye to storage worries. There are several methods of the bike hanging to adopt.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to hang your bike on the wall- whether you have one or multiple bikes to store. We’ll also recommend products that we’ve tried and tested to eliminate a myriad of choices.


Ways of Hanging a Bike on the Wall

When hanging a bike on the wall, there are three main ways to do this;

  • Rack
  • Hook
  • Shelf

Most noteworthy, there are numerous products available in the market. They come in different sizes, designs, and shapes. However, they all fit into either one of the above categories. 

Bike Rack

wall bike rack

A bike rack is a device designed to attach to the wall and hold onto the bike. It’s sturdy and firm to ensure that the bikes are held in place and are not damaged. 

The shape and design of bike racks mounted on the wall vary depending on the method of mounting. One can opt to hang the bike on the wall horizontally or vertically. 

Aside from choosing the alignment, you can also opt for a portable or fixed version of a wall mount bike rack. You’re able to move a portable rack from one location of the wall to the other while a fixed one stays in the mounted location for good. 

The advantage of using a wall mount bike rack is that it gives you the opportunity to choose the method of mounting depending on the space you have available. Also, you’re able to choose from many designs that easily matches with your home.

In addition, mounts are affordable, easy to mount, and maintain. Once you mount the bike, you’re assured that it’s safe and steady in its position. 

Bike Hook

bike hook

A bike hook is a simpler version of the rack. Just like the rack, there are various designs, shapes, and sizes. 

You’re also able to decide on whether to hang the bike on the wall in a vertical or horizontal position.

Being that they are smaller and simpler, bike hooks take up less space on the wall. They are also easy to mount and set up. All you need is a simple nail, hammer, tape, and marker. This, of course, depends on the type of hook you are using. 

Bike Shelf 

bike shelf

This is designed as the normal shelf, only that it’s specialized for bikes. They generally have a larger area compared to hooks and racks. For the majority of the bike shelves, the bike frame is what fits into the shelf.

The advantage of having a bike shelf is that some can be used to hang more than just bikes. You can utilize it to hang coats, hats, and other clothing. In addition, you can add decorative pieces on the shelf to enhance the beauty of your room.

Like the previous options, you’re able to choose the number of bikes to hang and also the direction of hanging. 

The Best Method of Hanging a Single Bike on the Wall

The best way to hang a bike on the wall if you only have one is to utilize a single holder bike rack, hook, or shelf. 

One such hanging tool featured in the video above is the WHEELY Bike Wall Hook Mounted Storage Rack. It’s a minimalist solution for bicycle storage suitable for all bike types. Whether you have a mountain, kids, or folding bike- it can handle it.

When using this rack, the maximum hanging weight it can withstand is 45 lbs. This is approximately 20 kilograms. The Wall storage rack is a parking type of rack measuring 355 by 90 by 30 millimeters with a gross weight of 421 grams. 

This size is compact and adequate and will not cause any damage or excessive pressure on your walls. It is a vertical wall-mounted storage holder. What’s more, it’s not only great for homes but also for offices and retail shops. 

This product is made using quality ABS plastic material. Moreover, the hooks that support the bike are coated with rubber to prevent any scratches on the bike surface.

For wall protection, there are front and rear wheel pads. These ensure that the bike doesn’t leave any tracks on the wall when hung. 

When mounting your bike, the adjustable hook aids in keeping the bike level. The package comes with the wall rack, a tire tray, and a mounting kit.

The compact design of the bike wall rack enables it to fold and store easily when not needed. It’s designed with 4 color options- blue, orange, yellow, and black white. 

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The Best Method of Hanging Multiple Bikes on The Wall

When you have more than one bike, you need to consider storage options that will withstand their weight.

The CN Black Bicycle Rack is one such device featured in the video above. It’s a bicycle rack made with high carbon steel that can handle the loading of up to 100 kilograms. The carbon steel is versatile with a high elastic, and fatigue limit. It also offers hardness and high strength. 

The size is 3.5 by 7.1 b 3.5 inches with a weight of 4.1 lbs. The rack is very stable, all you need to do is ensure that the wall you install it on is strong to withstand the weights. The process of installation is stress-free, with no assembly required. 

When installed, you place the bike conveniently. The bike sits at a 25-degree angle which allows you to stack others on the same wall.

You’re able to set up at least three bikes on a 2.5-meter standard. The packages come as a 3-piece set, you don’t have to buy them separately. 

You can use this bicycle rack to store all types of bikes. It allows you to save on space regardless of where you need the bikes stored.

It fits on any solid wall in the garage, shed, or apartment. The pedal and tire support are sturdy and ensure that the bikes are covered. 

It comes with screws and hooks made using robust steel. They are also rubber-padded to ensure that no damage befalls the pedals. 

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What Do you Consider when Choosing a Bike Mount?

Before you decide on the method of hanging your bike on the wall, there are a few considerations to make. These will ensure that the process of storing your bike is as smooth as possible. 


Check on what space you have available. This will enable you to determine which style to adopt when hanging the bike.

Remember there are numerous options. You can choose to mount it vertically, horizontally, at an angle, or when it’s lying on the floor. 

If the width of the wall is limited while the depth is in plenty, it’s recommended to adopt a vertical bike rack.

This scenario also allows for the storage of multiple bikes on the same wall. On the other hand, when the depth is limited utilize horizontal wall-mounted racks.  


The product should be able to support the bikes steadily. Moreover, it should be designed in a way to safely secures crucial bike parts such as the wheels and frame.

The goal is to ensure adequate support without causing harm to your wall, home, and bicycle. You wouldn’t want to have the rack fall off from the wall and cause damage. 

Wall Type

Ensure that you have a sturdy wall that can support the weight from the rack and bicycles stored. Hanging a bike on the wall exerts a significant load, and if not careful, it may chip off or collapse. 

Also, check to see that the screws, nails, and other materials used in the installation will fit with ease. This minimizes the hassle of installation. 

Wall Protection

Depending on the condition and number of bikes you intend to hang on the wall- confirm that the mode of hanging will not interfere with the wall.

Employ additional protection if necessary, to maintain the aesthetic conditions of your space. 

Ease of Installation

The mode of mounting you opt for should be easy to install. Go for products that require little to no assembly and have clear instructions on hanging the bikes on the wall. 


It goes without saying, the storage option should accommodate the majority of the bike types. This gives you an opportunity to use the space to store a number of bikes when the need arises. 


There are three main methods to hang your bike on a wall. You can make use of a wall rack, hanger, or shelf. These bike storage options come in different designs, shapes, sizes, and colors.

This gives you the opportunity to choose what closely resonates with your storage space.

There are also wall mounts for single and multiple bike owners. The WHEELY Bike Wall Hook Mounted Storage Rack works great for single bicycle storage while the CN Black Bicycle Rack for multiple bicycles. 

Considerations to make before choosing the best bike wall mount is the space you have available, the compatibility, strength, and ease of installation. 

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  • Great article! When I use to own a full sized bike, I use to have a hard time storing it in my house. It was too big and bulky to carry down the winding stairs into the basement. And parking it in the hallway near the entrance made it too hard to come into the house. Parking it on the rugs in my second living was also a no-no because I didn’t want dirty tires on my rugs. This article is definitely useful for those who are experiencing the same problems.

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