Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes : Buyer’s Guide

Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

In this time and age, recumbent bikes are quite popular among fitness aficionados. In fact, they make a perfect addition to an existing home gym; plus, they are goo standalone fitness equipment that you can use in a small workout area.

The best recumbent exercise bike is good for people who want to warm up for their workout routine. They also allow for solid workout. More importantly, these bikes are suitable for people that have lower back pain.

The goal of this guide is to help recommend to you some of the best recumbent exercise bikes on the market. We let you in on features that make these bikes stand out, as well as what to look for before buying one.

Our Top 3 Picks of the best Recumbent Exercise Cycles In Summary 

1) Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 is a unique fitness system with all the bells and whistles that make up a good exercise bike. Its seat is comfortable, and it has a magnetic resistance levels that you can easily adjust with a knob to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout.

2) If you are limited on space and still want to own an exercise bike, we recommend that you try Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike. This bike is also a good option for you if you are on a budget. It has multiple resistance level, making it a great option for both

3) Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Folding Recumbent Bike Exercise Bike is a good choice for many reasons. First, it supports a user weight of up to 220 lbs. It is affordable, yet features a good LCD display for activity tracking. Lastly, it has 8 resistance levels.

The Top Rated Recumbent Exercise Bikes Reviews

1. Marcy ME-709

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709
  • STEP-THROUGH DESIGN - Featuring heavy-duty construction 14-gauge steel tubing with a powder coated finish, the step-through design allows maximum mobility during training for quick mounting and dismounting that is created easier for the knees and back.
  • EIGHT RESISTANCE LEVELS - This stationary bike uses a magnetic resistance mechanism with 8 levels of resistance. The tension knobs control the difficulty to simulate riding on different terrains and customize your workout according to fitness level!
  • EASY-TO-READ COMPUTER SCREEN - The ultra-functional LCD computer screen acts as a odometer and has a sharp panel display that shows time, speed, distance, and calories burned in extra-large numbers for great readability.
  • COMFORTABLE PADDED SEAT - The equipment has an ergonomically designed saddle furnished with comfortable high-density foam. It features contoured foam-covered handles for extra support of the back and arms to help maintain proper form when exercising.
  • COUNTERBALANCED PEDALS - Weighted pedals designed to provide maximal foot support while offering ultimate control. This bike is equipped with adjustable foot straps to create the perfect fit for your feet.

Marcy ME-709 is among the top bikes in the limelight. It has become popular because of its unique features as well as the price of the bike itself. In fact, it’s deemed the perfect alternative to a commercial gym, the perfect fitness equipment that brings the gym-like experience under your home’s canopy.

Present Magnetic Resistance

Marcy ME-709 features 8 preset magnetic resistance levels. The levels are easy to adjust; there is a simple twist-knob that you use to choose your resistance. The pedals of this bike have foot strap that keep your feet in position so you can pedal the bike easily.

Comfortable Seat

Marcy ME-709 is quite comfortable workout bike because the seat is well cushioned. Moreover, the seat is adjustable to accommodate users of different heights. Because this bike is quiet, you can set it up in the living room, and then use it for workout even your family member are watching TV or listening to music.

Computer Screen

It feels great to see your fitness stats on screen. You get the feeling that your workout is paying off. The most important thing about the LCD screen is that you get your fitness data on the spot, and then you can quantify this data in the best way possible to meet your fitness goals. The workout data displayed include distance, speed, calories burned, and time.

2. Exerpeutic 400XL

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike, Without Equipment Mat
  • Foldable recumbent exercise bike with quiet V-belt double-drive transmission system
  • Precision-balanced flywheel; 8-level adjustable magnetic tension control system
  • Easy-to-read LCD display tracks your distance, calories, time, speed, and heart rate
  • Can be used as desk bike with height adjustable desks. Semi-recumbent design for easy entry and exit; large seat cushion and backrest
  • Supports up to 300 pounds; Product setup dimensions: 33"L x 19"W x 46"H

Exerpeutic 400XL makes a perfect option for men and women who are limited on space in their own homes. When it comes to pricing, this exercise bike is fairly priced, making it one of the best budget recumbent bikes on the market. Because of its adjustable resistance, this exercise bike can accommodate both new trainees and advanced fitness maniacs.

The LCD Screen

A computer screen is a common feature in almost all Exerpeutic exercise bikes. The one for 400 XL measure 3 inches by 1.6 inches, and it displays some cool workout stats, including calories burned, your pulse, distance cycled, total time taken, and an estimate of the cycling speed.

Pulse Rate Monitor

The pulse rate monitor is a very important feature, because it enables you to monitor your workout and get the most out of your session. The monitor is located on one of the handlebars. The details of the pulse rate are displayed on the screen alongside other workout data.


Because the pedals are placed in front of the user, there won’t be pressure on knees. If you somewhat have knee issues, this is the best bike to try. The pedals are made of sturdy plastic, and they even have straps that hold your feet in place to ensure your feet don’t slip when cycling.

3. Sunny SF-RB1117

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Folding Recumbent Bike Exercise Bike, 220lb...
  • FOLDING CAPABILITIES: Easily fold your recumbent bike to create more space in your room. This compact machine folds and can be rolled away easily!
  • LARGE SEAT AND BACKREST: The comfortable seat will support your bottom while the backrest provides additional support during longer and challenging exercise session.
  • PERFORMANCE MONITOR: Watch your calories burn on the easy to read performance monitor. The digital monitor displays time, distance, calories burned and scan.
  • STYLISH PINK COLOR: The cute pink coating stylishly covers the bike. This is great for anyone who wants to get healthy on a great looking machine.
  • SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE: The safety handle bars and adjustable pedals are added for safety. The feet stabilizers maintain balance while you ride. Adjustable seat moves in height to better fit your body.

Sunny Health & Fitness is known for designing the best fitness equipment. And their Magnetic Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike is a true definition of quality, budget friendly exercise bike. This bike features 8 resistance levels, supports a user weight of 220 lbs, and feature an LCD display for fitness analysis.


Weighing about 36.8 pounds, this exercise bike is lightweight as it can get. Because it is lightweight, you can move it from one point of an exercise room to another without soliciting for a helping hand from anyone. Although it is lightweight, the machine is sturdy, so it should stay in position throughout workout.

A Comfortable Bike

Comfort is always the number one thing to look for when buying an exercise bike. To give you the comfort and user experience that you need, Sunny Health & Fitness have made the seat adjustable to accommodate people of different heights. Also, the pedals have straps, which keep your feet in position throughout workout. 

What you’ll like

This bike is quite simple to use. Beside the sturdy frame and quite operation, the bike can be folded away in minutes for easy storage. What’s more, the 8 levels of magnetic resistance mean you can increase or decrease the intensity of exercise according to your preferences.

4. Exerpeutic 900XL

Exerpeutic 1111 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse
  • Recumbent stationary bike offers challenging cardiovascular workout while minimizing stress on your joints and back. Adjustable height
  • Eight-level Magnetic Tension Control System allows you to customize your ride and challenge yourself over time
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, and heart rate information
  • Measures 22 by 34 by 54 inches (W x H x D) with 63-pound weight and 300-pound maximum user weight
  • Includes limited one-year manufacturer's warranty

One of the best things about Exerpeutic 900XL is that it is quite budget friendly.  Although it doesn’t have a lot of features, it works just fine even in its basic form. At least it has a heart rate monitor in the hand grips that lets you keep your health in check.


This exercise bike has 8 magnetic resistance levels, which means it is a good bike for both experienced riders and beginners. The most important thing to remember is that the resistance levels let you improve your training endurance, and this helps you to keep fit. To switch from one level of resistance to another, turn the knob on the bike.


You really wouldn’t expect a bike this cheap to have a computer console. But it does have one. Although the console is simple, it still allows you to track important workout metrics such as calories burned, time, speed, and heart rate information. The heart rate monitor helps you to stay within your heart rate zone.


Once you assemble this bike, it is highly unlikely that you will move it around. But just in case the need to do so arises, you can move the bike from one point to another with ease. That’s because the bike has built-in transportation wheels that lets you move the back from one spot to another.

5. Schwinn 270 (MY17)

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike
  • Bluetooth connectivity, syncs with the Schwinn Trainer App and other apps for fitness tracking
  • Sync with free downloadable RideSocial App and see the world as you virtually ride alongside friends in real time
  • 29 programs: 12 profile, 9 heart rate control, 4 custom, 2 fitness test, 1 quick start; Plugs into any standard electrical wall outlet on a 110 Volt 120 Volt circuit; 120 Volt 60 Hertz AC input; 1.5 Ampere output; 90 240 Volt, 50 60 Hertz adapter included
  • 25 levels of resistance for a wide range of workout intensity options
  • High speed, high inertia drive system with a perimeter weighted flywheel for easy start up and smooth, consistent workouts

Although Schwinn 270 is cheap, it is quite feature-packed. It features four user profile, 29 preset workout programs, a 17 lbs flywheel, and quite a compact model that doesn’t take up a lot of space in a home gym. Unlike bikes that have 90 days of warranty, Schwinn gives you two years of protection on electronic and mechanical parts of this bike.

Comfortable Seat

 Schwinn 270  has the most comfortable seat, making it a good option for people in need of lower back support. In fact, you can sit on the chair and comfortably ride the bike with minimal strains. The seat is well padded, and it even has a contoured leg area to give a user maximum comfort when riding the bike.

A Computer Console

One of the key features of the display is that it is quite over-sized. Therefore, it makes viewing and analyzing your fitness data quite easier. The console displays 12 course profiles, up to 4 users setting, more than 20 built-in workout programs, and more workout data. The stats not only challenge you but also help you to stay motivated.

Heart Rate Monitor

The handles of this bike are located on each side of the seat, and each handle has a heart rate monitor that tracks a user’s pulse rate during workout.

6. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4602

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike Exercise Bike, 350lbs High...
  • Designed with a seat adjustment handle to allow the user to easily adjust the seat in the most convenient way
  • Extended weight capacity of 350lbs
  • Quiet belt drive transmission System
  • Hand Pulse sensors for accurate heart rate readings
  • 8-Level Adjustable magnetic tension System

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4602 Magnetic Bike is one of the most affordable recumbent exercise bikes on the market today. What’s more, it features 8 different resistance levels, which can be adjusted by a magnetic tension system. This exercise bike supports a user weight of up to 350 lbs.

Different Levels of Resistance

SF-RB4602 features 8 different levels of magnetic resistance, which can easily be adjusted depending on your preferred workout level.  The resistance is easy to adjust. All you have to do is to use the simple turn dual knob.

Adjustable Seat

This bike doesn’t just have a large, cushioned seat. It also features a comfortable backrest support. A user can adjust the height of the seat according to their height. In addition, the pedals have straps that keep your feet in position. The slip resistant feature ensures your feet don’t slip when riding the bike.

An LCD Monitor

This bike wouldn’t be complete without the LCD monitor.  This computer displays shows important workout data, which help you to determine whether you are working out enough. The stats include the distance covered, the speed of riding, total time spent, pulse rate monitor, and the total number of calories burned.

7. Schwinn 230 (2016)

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike
  • Goal Track capability enables user to set individual exercise goals; 2 user profiles for multiple user set-up.
  • MP3 input to listen to your favorite playlist through in console speakers; Maximum User Weight 136 Kilogram
  • High speed, high inertia drive system for easy start up and smooth, quiet workouts
  • DualTrack 2 LCD screen displays offer increased visibility to programs and goal tracking
  • 22 preset workout programs: 9 profile, 8 heart rate control, 2 fitness test, 1 quick start

Besides being one of the most affordable recumbent bikes on the market right now, Schwinn 230 is also one of the most feature-rich exercise bicycle on our list. It features speakers, a heart rate monitor, 22 preset workout programs, and a good flywheel. This exercise bike also has two user profiles.

A Dual CLD Monitor

The LCD monitor lets you view data that is relevant to your workout. The stats include user indicator, the intensity of your workout, your pulse rate, and the distance covered. Additional data include speed, resistance level, calories burned, workout intensity, and workout goals.

Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is an important feature that has been included on this exercise bike. The monitor is integrated into the handlebar, and its primary goal is to track your heart rate so that you can always train in your heart rate zone. The heart rate monitor is able to tell if you are not in your target zone, making it easier for you to adjust if necessary.

Internet and Audio

What makes this exercise bike unique is that it can connect to the internet, and it even supports audio training during workout. This bike also lets you connect to popular fitness apps like Google Fit, Apple Health, and My Fitness Pal.

8. Nautilus R614

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike
  • Goal Track capability enables users to set individual exercise goals
  • 22 programs: 9 profile, 8 heart rate control, 2 custom, 2 fitness test and 1 quick start
  • 20 levels of resistance for a wide range of workout intensity options
  • High speed, high inertia drive system with perimeter weighted flywheel for easy start up and smooth, consistent workouts
  • DualTrack LCD displays

Nautilus R614 is the older version of the new Nautilus R616. Although it is less expensive, it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles like the Nautilus R616. While it is limited in terms of features, Nautilus R614 is still good enough for low impact cardio exercises. So, it makes a good addition to a home gym.

Workout Programs

Nautilus R614 bike has some of the best preinstalled workout programs that competition can only dream off. With more than 22 preset programs, including fitness tests, distance tests, and heart rate controlled programs, you get the chances to interact with more workout option than you would with some exercise bikes on the market.

A Stable Product

Nautilus R614 is one of the most stable Recumbent Bikes out there. Some leveling feet have been attached under the crossbeam and stabilizers, which are generally helpful for positioning the bike on uneven flooring. The stabilizer is what creates a stable base that lets you perform your workout without worrying about the bike wobbling.

A Computer Display

Another cool feature of Nautilus R614 is the computer display. The console has 8 workout programs controlled by heart rate, 3 mountain ride profiles, 3 challenges, and 3 fun rides. The Bluetooth and USB connectivity lets you connect to My Fitness Pal and Nautilus Connect. Also, there are two test programs designed to measure the improvement of your physical fitness.

9. Exerpeutic 1000


Exerpeutic 1000 High Capacity is a solid piece of equipment that provides challenging workout experience to get your body in shape. This bike is quite basic; this explains why it is also cheaply priced. And even though it doesn’t hit the jackpot as far as tons of features goes, you still get what’s more than enough for workout.

Good Warranty

If you buy a bike with a 90-day warranty, there is always going to be that feeling of lack of protection. What makes the Exerpeutic 1000 High Capacity Magnetic Bike good in terms of warranty is that it comes with 3-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. That’s quite a long time compared to brands that offer short-term warranty.


It doesn’t make sense to buy a recumbent bike only to have a difficult time putting parts together. So to make assembling this product easy, Exerpeutic provides clear, step-by-step instructions for you to follow. Even if you have never assembled anything before in your life, these instructions can help you assemble this bike in less than 2 hours.

The LCD Display

Up until this point, it seems that the LCD display is a common feature of recumbent exercise bikes. And we believe this bike would be incomplete without it. The display lets you in on heart rate, calories burned, distanced cycled, total time spent on workout, and the speed.

10. Exerpeutic WorkFit 1000 Fully Adjustable Desk Folding Exercise Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Fully Adjustable Desk Folding Exercise Bike with...
  • Sliding Desktop: large fully adjustable desktop with tilt, forward, back, up and down adjustability for sitting or standing positions. 3 angle adjustments (0, 16 and 33 degrees), 5 height adjustments 41" up to 45". Storage Drawer. Arm rest. LCD Computer
  • Patented XBike Desk and Exercise Semi-Recumbent Bicycle. 2.5" Thick large AirSoft seat with extra comfort. Adjustable to fit 5’1” to 6’3” user height
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs. Semi-recumbent design for comfortable, effective workouts
  • Folds up for storage. The bike can still fold up when fully assembled, with a foot print of 21.3" L x 25.5" W
  • An 8 level Magnetic Tension control system allows the user to adjust the tension level for an easier or more difficult workout. The actual work surface is 24 inches (W) x 16 inches (H) and it can hold objects up to 44 pounds

Exerpeutic goes to the next level with the WorkFit 1000.  This bike is unlike the others on our list because it includes a workstation, giving you the chance to concentrate on your work while you exercise at the same time. It is a good option for men and women who work from home.

Lightweight and Steady

This bike weighs 64.7 lbs. That means it is quite lightweight. If you are concerned of tipping over because the bike isn’t heavy, remember the bike has steel frames and stabilizer bars that make it steady. So it should stay in position throughout your workout.

​Buyer’s Guide

Before you buy a recumbent exercise bike for home use, consider the following:

The feature of the bike

Remember, recumbent bikes for workout at home aren’t designed equal. Some systems are more advanced than others. Some features are necessary, some are not. It all depends on who the user is. Consider a bike that has the features that you believe should be there.


Every product has a different warranty period. Consider buying an exercise bike with a long-term warranty. Longer warranties are often better because they offer long-term protection.


One of the most interesting things about the best recumbent exercise bikes is that they are highly recommended by doctors, not personal trainers or fitness instructors at the gym. This is because these bikes are not just good for lower back pain, but also they help with chronic pain, arthritis, as well as other joint ailments.