Diamond Edgewood Hybrid Bike Review

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Last Updated on February 15, 2022

The Edgewood 700c 21-speed hybrid bike is an entry-level, and medium-priced hybrid bicycle, part of Edgewood hybrid line of production. The Edgewood hybrid bike is a product of the luxurious and performance-oriented Diamond.  

This bike melds the ergonomic features of a road bike and the performance features of a mountain bike. It`s a desirable all-in-one bike that reliably stands up against everyday trails, roads, and various forms of gravel and dirt.

The Edgewood bicycles treat you to a plethora of performance features such as the 21-speed drive-train, deluxe seat, shock-absorption suspension forks, among many other features, which we shall be reviewing shortly.

Diamond`s Edgewood bike does not just get you to your destination, but it keeps you comfortable along the way too. 

What makes Diamondback Edgewood Bike Awesome

  • Versatility: A hybrid bike is just what it sounds like-a cross between a road and mountain bike. Versatile in nature, the Edgewood Hybrid is popular with commuter and casual cyclist as it is  ideal over a variety of terrain, whether on-road or off-road. In a nutshell, a hybrid bike offers you more options for your weekend adventure or daily commute.
  • Comfort: The Edgewood Hybrid bike pack plenty of comfort-enhancing features such as the Sp​​​​ort Comfort 63mm hybrid suspension fork and ergonomic seat design for optimal comfort level. The long and  flat handlebars are opposed to the curvy handlebars of the dedicated road bikes which force the body into a more rounded position, which results in the unnatural contouring of the body.
  • Lightness. Though the Edgewood is constructed from aluminum and comes with plenty of auxiliary features, it weighs just under 25 pounds. The 25lbs forms the perfect balance between lightness and performance.
Diamond Edgewood Hybrid Bike Review

However, not all hybrid bikes are created equal. There is a lot of variance between the specs and performance between these bikes, even from the same manufacturer.

For cyclists who are looking for a budget-friendly, lightweight, performance-oriented and versatile bicycle that can perform on different terrains, the Diamond Edgewood Hybrid Bike would be an ideal choice.

Here is why you need to consider this bike option.

Any Size, Any Gender

When it comes to versatility, the Edgewood is second to none.

Aside from doubling up like a mountain and road bike, this bike is a unisex bike, meaning that both men and women can use it for their daily chores.

If you think that its versatility ends here, you need to think again. The bike is available in 4 different options, S=5'4"-5'7", M=5'7"-5'10", L=5'10"-6'1", XL=6'1"-6'4". The variation in sizes means that you can always find an Edgewood that suits you and a bike that addresses your needs.

A spoiler alert is that there is currently no color variation for now, and the bike is only available in Light Blue color.

Speed and Smooth Rolling

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you know nothing is more exhilarating and nerve-racking than accelerating your bike across the pavement at neck-breaking speeds. For maximum acceleration, however, you will need the right set of wheels.

Sporting 700cc wheelbase and tire, these Edgewood tires allow for faster acceleration, both on paved roads and for climbing. The tires, which are available in different widths and treads gives room for effortless rolling on all surfaces and uphill traveling.

What`s more? The tires give you total control over the terrains you can cycle over and provides you with the stability and traction of wide tires allowing you to navigate the wet and bumpy terrain with ease.

Built Quality and Design

Frames provide the skeleton on which the rest of your bike is made.

The Edgewood comes with a heat-treated Butted Aluminum Hybrid frame. This frame is a step-up from the cheaper aluminum bike frame and offers plenty of benefits to the users.

For a start, the frame is extremely lightweight, therefore improving the overall efficiency of the bike. Most importantly, the framework is robust, thus optimizing the amount of strength of the bike, and improving the durability aspect, meaning the bike will stay in your possession for a long time to come.

The rust-free frame coupled with a comfy cockpit and a deluxe seat provides the perfect upright riding position for a smooth ride even on long distances.

Ergonomic Design and Optimal Comfort

Does comfort matter to you? If it does, you will be glad to know that the Edgewood has got you covered.

The bike features a Sport Comfort 63mm hybrid suspension fork that smoothes out small bumps, depressions, and obstacles along the way.

The suspension forks on this bike work by taking the shock and absorbing the effects of bumping into the sidewalks or mashing into potholes. The forks ensure that it is the bike that takes the hit rather than your arms.

The suspension fork promotes a smoother ride, allowing you to go for recreational riding even on rough terrains and pothole-covered roads.

Aside from absorbing shock, the forks will keep your hands on the handlebar even when you bash against an obstacle, therefore promoting greater control of the bike.

Another feature that will promote your highest level of comfort on the bike is the ergonomic design of the seat. The seat is well-contoured and comes with generous cushioning, allowing you to experience a pleasurable ride.

Finally, the flat bar handle on the Edgewood, let you sit in a more upright position, thus reducing strain on your hands, wrists and shoulders. Also, they let you sit in a more relaxed position so you can better see the road and potential hazards.

Flawless Gear and Brake Performance

As we have seen earlier, the Edgewood is an extremely versatile bike and is ideal for different terrains.

The 3 gear ranges with 7 speed Shimano drivetrain and Easy Fire Trigger shifters on the bike accommodate the versatility while allowing you to take any terrain or route.

The multiple gears mean that you will not have to get off and push your bike when climbing a hill: the bike will move smoothly over any terrain.

Another performance feature on the bike worth looking at is the linear braking system. See, it does not matter how fast your bike can move or accelerate if you cannot stop quickly and safely.

The linear braking system on the Edgewood provides you with greater control when braking, even in muddy or wet conditions.

Quick and easy assembly

Ready ride Edgewood bike arrives approximately90% assembled. About the only thing that you will assemble is putting the handle on the bar (all cables are already attached to handlebars), the seat and the pedals.

Moreover, the instructions for setting the bike up on the manual are simple to follow.

What we like about the Edgewood Hybrid Bicycle

  • Budget-friendly: The Edgewood Hybrid might not be the least expensive or cheapest in its class, but it comes with a competitive price. This is particularly true when you consider the fact that the bike has some high-end features,  found in state-of-the-art bikes.
  • Comfortable: Though the bike is a commercial grade option for rough terrain, it still offers the comfort of a road bike thanks to the HL Zoom Sport Comfort Suspension.
  • Lightweight: Weighing around 25 pounds, the bike is lightweight, considering it`s constructed from heat-treated Butted Aluminum Hybrid and its array of components.

What we don`t like about the Edgewood Hybrid Bicycle

  • Assembly: Though the bike comes with a manual, it`s evident that most clients have a hard time to set up the bike.

Bottomline on Edgewood Hybrid Bike

The Edgewood is a perfect entry-level bike, ideal for those breaking into the sport.

Additionally, it`s also a superb option for those on a budget. However, don`t get tempted to think that you will sacrifice quality over cost: the bike has plenty of performance-driven features that will guarantee you a worth-while cycling experience.

Being an entry-level option, however, the Edgewood Hybrid is not ideal for the professional riders and is clearly meant for the easy trails or rather Sunday ride about town. The tires, frame, and shifting systems are not suited for the strenuous activities. For the heavy-duty activities, you will need a more robust  and heavy-duty option such as the Schwinn Capital  700c (Network 3.0).

However, if you are a beginner or intermediary cyclist looking for a quality and mid-level hybrid bicycle,  the Edgewood Hybrid Bike is a suitable option. Make your order today and experience a fulfilling cycling experience.

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