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Last Updated on August 12, 2021

The Cubii Pro is a dedicated under-desk elliptical trainer.

It’s an innovative trainer designed to provide the much-needed convenience and comfort while you multitask by stepping and working.

It’s ideally suited for users who are serious about staying active and improve efficiency, while at the same time improving the desk-work efficiency.

Now, a bit about the Cubii Pro: it’s among the latest models in the Cubii line of under-desk ellipticals.

It’s a step-up from the original Cubii Jr, thanks to the addition of new and improved Bluetooth capability.

However, it’s considered a step-down to Cubii Elite, but fortunately, not in terms of performance, but simply aesthetics.

Enough with the ramble, let’s look at what Cubii Pro has in store for us.


What Makes Cubii Pro - Seated Under-Desk Elliptical So Awesome?

cubii pro review


As we had mentioned earlier, the distinctive feature separating Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr is the integration of Bluetooth capability. 

If anything, Cubii Pro is probably the only Bluetooth-enabled under-the-desk elliptical that will let you sync the trainer with your iPhone or Android through an app to keep track of your workout progress.

With the Bluetooth capability, it becomes easy for you to view your performance metrics on your favorite device conveniently.

More importantly, however, the Bluetooth capability lets you compete with others, which can be a source of inspiration.

For instance, office workers can create a group through the app to challenge each other, and this helps to boost your morale by keeping you focused on your fitness goals.


cubii ergonomics

Cubii Pro is ergonomically designed to accommodate all seating positions while optimizing comfort.

The patented elliptical angles on this trainer are optimized to promote an ergonomic posture that allows a natural stepping and working.

So, regardless of the type or size of the chair, Cubii Pro will allow you to enjoy an easy constant motion while performing your daily tasks.

Quiet Operation

For an office workout machine, the last thing you would want is causing a distraction through the noise.

Fortunately, the Cubii Pro delivers a whisper-quiet operation, and so, it won't be in any way interfering with your tasks, and those around you won't be disturbed.

Better yet,  the trainer is discreet and inconspicuous, and so, it won’t be going to attract or draw attention.


Weight: 27 pounds

Weight Capacity: 250 pounds (legs alone)

Dimensions: 23 inches by 17.5 inches by 10 inches

Resistance Levels: 8

Resistance Type: Magnetic

Unique Features that Make the Cubii Pro - Seated Under-Desk Elliptical So Interesting


A general understanding, even among the critical reviewers, is that Cubii Pro is solidly built.

The material construction on the Cubii Pro has better quality, and so, it can last longer.

Away from construction, the design on this trainer is equally appealing and user-friendly, too.

While the aesthetics cannot in any way match that of its step-up, the Cubii Elite, I would say the trainer is candy to the eye.

The trainer, for instance, comes with different color variants providing the opportunity to choose the right color that fits your office setting.


Cubii Pro has a dimension of 22.8 x 17.2 x 9.8 inches, which is quite modest, and will let you place it under your desk discretely.

cubii dimensions

Unfortunately, it weighs 27 pounds. Sure, nothing is alarming about the weight, but comparing it to under the desk standards, you'll see why we consider it a heavy-duty option.

But the good news is, the hefty design enhances the overall sturdiness of the machine.

Another good thing is the elliptical features a built-in handle that is used to move the unit any time you wish to conveniently.

Weight Capacity

Cubii Po supports up to 250 pounds of maximum weight capacity.

However, take note that this is an under-desk trainer and not a regular trainer, so it doesn't support users standing on it.

Consequently, the weight capacity refers only to the weight of your legs. 


Cubii Pro features a magnetic resistance system, which is known for its smooth and quiet operation.

The resistance system is further integrated with eight levels of resistance that will provide you with the opportunity of choosing your desired level of intensity.

While the intensity levels are pretty limited, I would say they provide fairly challenging workouts.

But what I like about the levels is how easy it is to adjust them using a knob, and how seamlessly they transition from one level to the other.


Cubii Pro, like all other under-desk elliptical trainers, doesn't have consoles.

However, it should be easy for you to monitor your stats through your phone when connected to an app through Bluetooth.


The Cubii Pro doesn’t require any special kind of maintenance.

Of essence, it is to keep the trainer clean by wiping it daily.

You should also consider examining the unit to check for the worn, loose, or broken part and fix accordingly.

What We Liked About Cubii Pro - Seated Under-Desk Elliptical

cubii pro pros and cons
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to view your performance stats conveniently on your phone.
  • Space-Saving:  Cubii Pro has a low profile, and so, it’s possible to use and store it even where space is premium.
  • Comfortable: Cubii Pro is built with comfort in mind. The patented pedals, for instance, are built to support a comfortable experience, regardless of your seating posture.
  • Low Impact Training: Cubii Pro offers a low impact form of exercise, meaning that it gives you the full health benefits without stressing your knees, ankles, and joints. This benefit makes it an ideal option for use, especially for individuals on rehabilitation.
  • Keep Fit While site: Cubii Pro will allow you to keep fit while sitting, and so, it can be used anywhere, including the office, dining table, or when catching our favorite show on Netflix.

What We Didn’t Like About Cubii Pro - Seated Under-Desk Elliptical

  • Tad Expensive:  Cubii Pro has a pretty high admission price tag. However, it's doesn't count, given that it offers exceptional quality and performance.

Bottomline & Verdict

Cubii Pro is one of the uniquely designed under-desk elliptical trainers.

It distinguishes itself from the competition with the integration of unique features, most notably the Bluetooth element.

I consider it an ideal option for those who are simply looking for a form of low-impact exercises, and those who are looking to make their sedentary lifestyle more active.

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