Cool Must Have Gadgets and Accessories for your Bike

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Cycling is not only a sport but also an experience. This is because you get to exercise and nourish your mind. 

The scenery provides relaxation and the different terrain helps to strengthen and challenge your mental and physical capabilities.

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of your cycling adventure, you’ll need essential gadgets and accessories for your bike. Some of the accessories keep you comfortable and free from injury while others keep you safe when it comes to navigation and handling other road users.

In this article, we’ll discuss some cool gadgets and accessories you should consider having for a dope cycling experience. 

  1. RockBros Cycling Head and Safety Light

A head and safety light helps to give you direction and visibility with other cyclists and road users especially at night. 

This safety light is from RockBros and it has awesome features that aid in your cycling. It’s lightweight weighing 46 grams with dimensions of 60 by 31 by 19 millimeters. This makes it pretty convenient to carry around. 

The material making the safety light is Aluminum Alloy which is sturdy and can withstand varied conditions. The light features a front and rear light system and each has 3 light modes. The RockBros cycling light produces 100 lumens of light and can be recharged with a USB cable. 

It’s a cycling light that is waterproof with IPX3 classification meaning it has protection from splashing water up to sixty degrees. Installation and use of the light is straightforward, you can install it on your helmet or the handlebar of the bike. 

  1. RockBros Rainproof Rechargeable Bike Headlight

The bike headlight is made from Aluminum alloy material that makes it durable as it’s not impacted by fall. The surface is also crafted to make it resistant to abrasion. This headlight from RockBros also serves as a flashlight.

It produces 200 to 1000 lumens depending on the light mode chosen. It comes with 3-7 light modes depending on design that vary between high, super bright, low, warning and flashing. The light produced ranges at a distance of 150 to 200 meters. 

The headlight features a rechargeable battery with 1800 to 4000mAh. It takes about 3 to 5 hours to fully charge the bike light. When charging is complete, it automatically powers off.

Moreover, it has a waterproof classification of IPX6 which indicates that the headlight is protected from splashes and powerful water jets. However, ensure that it doesn’t soak in water as it’ll get damaged. 

The RockBros rechargeable headlight is anti-slip and pretty easy to install. 

  1. RockBros Stylish Cycling Helmet

A helmet plays a crucial role to protect your head from injury in case of an accident. It also acts to protect against the weather elements keeping you comfortable. 

This cycling helmet from RockBros is integrally molded to provide protection. It also has an insect net lining and is waterproof to keep you comfortable and cool. 

Most noteworthy, it’s fitted with 360-degree lighting. There are front, rear and side lights that throw light on all your views. You’re able to adjust the light modes with the controller located on the front light. Time of use ranges from 3 to 24 hours depending on the mode selected.

Even with all these features the RockBros helmet is lightweight and doesn’t interfere with your cycling experience. It’s a unisex helmet that fits users with a head circumference of 57 to 62 centimeters. Moreover, it has straps for making adjustments to obtain a perfect, comfortable fit. 

  1. Bike Front and Rear Turn Signals Light Set

The signals light set is a stylish and easy to install bike accessory that helps to give direction and enhance safety. The quality of the light set is guaranteed since it has certification from CE and ROHS.

It’s a set that can be used and coordinated with majority of bike types. Whether you have a road, mountain or racing bike, you can hook it using the rubber mount. 

The front and rear turn signals light set is waterproof; therefore, its performance is not affected by rain or water splashes. What’s more, you’re able to control the lights with the smart control feature. Whether you need to turn left, right or engage the emergency and alert guides, all it takes is the flip of a button.

A rechargeable Lithium battery is part of the system to ensure brightness to a large area is provided. The lights are reflective and can continuously flash for 200 minutes. 

  1. GIYO Bicycle Turn Signals Light and Lamp

The rear bike light and lamp from GIYO is lightweight and gives an output of 85 lumens. The light source of the turn signals light is 29 LED’s that’s a collection of ever-light chips.

You’re able to maintain your visibility whether day or night with the bright laser and light. It features a lamp controller battery with a capacity of 2000mAh that is rechargeable with the use of a USB port. It takes approximately 3 to 5 hours to fully charge. 

There are 5 light modes to switch between and this can be easily done using a controller that can be mounted on the handlebar. The main lights on this product are brake, warning and turn signal lights. The turn signal lights are indicated using yellow and red LED. 

This GIYO bicycle turn signals light is waterproof, with an IPX4 classification. It works even on a rainy day no matter the direction. 

  1. ZK30 Portable Chain Cleaner

Often the bike chain gets really dirty due to constant lubrication and might cause wearing out. A bike chain cleaner comes in handy as cleaning the chain using detergents and other conventional ways is not recommended.

The ZK30 chain cleaner is able to not only clean the chain but also the chainrings and freewheel cogs. It works quickly and works with a number of bikes- both single and multi-speed. 

This portable cleaning tool is blue in color and is made using quality resin material. It features a two-step cleaning process that involves filtering and the actual cleaning. The chain cleaner is fitted with bristles and gear to ensure that all of the dirt, even in the gaps is removed. 

This bike chain cleaner comes in a small size making it convenient to carry around and access when the need arises. Moreover, utilizing it is straightforward just open the case holding the cleaning accessory and fit it on the chain. 

  1. ROCKBROS Gel Cycling Gloves

Gloves are able to protect your hands from the friction, vibration and pressure that results from cycling. With this, you’re able to avoid calluses and blisters.

Quality gloves go a step further to protect from harsh weather and provide padding that keeps you comfortable. The RockBros cycling gloves are made from a combination of thickened fiber, Lycra and sponge material. 

Moreover, they have silicone gel that makes them shockproof to withstand vibration and pressure from cycling. The cycling gloves also have breathable fabric to ensure air flow that promotes breathability. 

The gloves are easy to wear and you can have them on for a long period without discomfort. Another great feature is their anti-slip and touch screen compliance. You can easily grip items and manage your phone, no need to take the gloves off.

The RockBros cycling gloves can be utilized in other outdoor activities such as fishing, skiing and hiking. They come in 4 different sizes- small, large, medium, extra and extra-large.  

  1. ROCKBROS Bicycle Bag

A bicycle bag provides storage for accessories and essentials for your cycling adventure. This RockBros cycling bag is one that fits at the rear seat post or frame of the bike. It comes in two different sizes with both having a high capacity. 

The material making the saddle bag is polyester and composite PU. The PU material ensures this cool bicycle accessory is waterproof thus protecting the contents. However, ensure that the bike bag does not soak in water.

The polyester material with an encrypted lining makes the bag sturdy and wear resistant. The best part, it features a compartment setting making it pretty easy to store and retrieve items. 

A reflective strip is fitted on the bag to aid in visibility at night enhancing safety. There’s also a provision to hang a tail light for greater visibility. It’s pretty easy to install the RockBros saddle bike bag with buckle mounting and clips.

  1. ROCKBROS Photochromic Cycling Glasses

The RockBros photochromic cycling glasses are unisex and made from polycarbonate material. They are stylish glasses that offer two levels of protection. 

The glasses are fitted with two types of lenses- photochromic and UV400 lenses. The lens thickness is 1.62 millimeters, which is more than the normal 1.33 with majority of the bike glasses. In addition, the RockBros cycling glasses feature frames for fixing ordinary lenses.

They also have non-slip nose pads to keep the glasses in place no matter the movement. The nose pads are also adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. There are several design and color options for these bike glasses.

The color options are black, white, red, blue and green. Most noteworthy, they can be used in other activities apart from cycling such as running, skiing and other outdoor sports. 

The cycling glasses come in a self-sufficient package that includes a cleaning cloth, bag, an inner frame, a box and case. 

  1. ROCKBROS Bicycle Saddle Seat Cushion Cover

A bicycle seat cover comes in handy to offer additional support and protection against aches associated with cycling. This bike seat cushion cover is designed with Lycra fiber, silicone and sponge material. 

The RockBros bike saddle seat cover is filled with liquid silicone at the two ends of the tail for shock absorption.  A rubber strip design makes the seat cover anti-slip. This keeps you in place minimizing abrasion. 

The thickness of the bike saddle cover is clearly visible. This is meant to offer cushioning and enhance comfort even when cycling for a long time. The groove is made breathable with a hollow design. This section facilitates air circulation to keep you cool and dry. 

It comes in a variety of designs to fit your style. The process of installation is quick and simple since it does not require any tools. The RockBros bicycle saddle cover fits all kinds of bikes. 

  1. RockBros Bicycle Repair Tool Kit

The portable combination tool kit comes in handy to carry out minimal repairs and adjustments that come up when cycling. It’s a convenient tool set with a foldable design. You can easily carry it around as it weighs 205 grams with dimensions of 4.4 by 9 centimeters. 

It’s made from electroplated carbon steel making it versatile and durable. The RockBros bicycle repair tool kit features 16 functions in one to meet daily needs and make repairs manageable. 

Some of the functions of the tool set include; screw drivers (flat tip & plum), wrenches (socket and hex), and a T socket extension rod. The wrenches, both socket and hex, come in different sizes and can therefore handle a variety of bicycle repairs. 

Whether handling the chain, seat, handles or making additions to the bike, the tool has you covered. Moreover, it’s a tool kit suitable for majority of the outdoor sport activities. 

  1. 3 in 1 Wireless Bike Security Lock

Another important bicycle accessory that many cyclists overlook is a bicycle lock. According to Project 529, an entity that tracks stolen bikes, approximately 2 million bikes are stolen every year in the United States.

A security lock therefore will greatly minimize the chances of you losing your bike. This 3 in 1 bicycle security lock features intelligent light and sound anti-theft alarm taillight. It’s set in a fixed position and can be remotely controlled up to a distance of 100 meters. 

The alarm sound is ultra-high producing 120 decibels with a yellow light color. The 3 in 1 bike security lock is designed with an 800mA lithium battery that us rechargeable. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to fully charge. 

Once fully charges, it can operate for up to 20 days when being used and more than 30 days on standby. The remote-controlled alarm lock is waterproof with IPX5 classification thus protected from water jets. 

  1. TRLIFE Rechargeable Bicycle Lamp

The TRLIFE bicycle lamp gears up as a flash and bike light. It’s made with a quality aluminum alloy that protects the light and gives great heat dissipation. It’s powered by a built-in battery that’s rechargeable.

With full-charge, the bike light has a continuous working time of 3 hours when on high mode. The bicycle lamp features a charge and discharge protection that prevents overcharging. It works with a voltage of 3.7 volts and produces white light with a temperature of 7500K. 

A 360-degree rotation bracket comes with the bike lamp. This allows easy rotation to direct the light in the required path. It has an irradiation distance of 500 meters.

There are 3 main light modes that you can switch between. The light modes are high, strobe and middle. This TRLIFE light is waterproof with IPX5 certification that protects from water jets. It’s also CE and CCC certified guaranteeing quality. 

  1. XIAOMI Electric Bicycle Pump

This electric bike pump from XIAOMI is not only capable of inflating your tires but also detection of current tire pressure on a digital monitor. It comes with a 2000mAh battery that offers a high-power supply and endurance. 

It’s a small and portable bike pump that also comes with lighting. No need to worry about inflating your tires in the dark. When inflating, you’re able to preset the required pressure and it automatically shuts off when the pressure is attained. 

A precision alloy cylinder fitted can easily meet the inflation force requirements for most bikes as it can pressurize up to 150 PSI. Not only can you inflate bike tires but also balls, swimming rings, cars and mattresses. Moreover, it’s multi-purpose and can charge your iOS and android phones. 

The XIAOMI electric bicycle pump is powerful and compatible with diverse nozzle types. To use the pump is straightforward as there’s no power button. 

  1. TRUFUL Mini Portable Air Compressor

The TRUFUL mini air compressor is portable and offers quick auto-inflation. It provides 4 switchable pressure units and offers a maximum pressure of 150PSI. When inflating, input your required pressure and it’ll automatically shut-off once its reached.

In addition to inflation, it’s able to measure and determine the initial pressure via the screen once you power it on.  It comes with a high capacity lithium-ion battery with 3000mAh. The battery is also rechargeable with quick USB charging. 

The maximum continuous working time of the portable air compressor is about 30 minutes with a working power of 55 watts and inflation efficiency of 35L per minute. You can utilize this product on bikes, cars, SUVs, RVs, sports equipment, rubber boats and inflatable toys. 

Another great feature of this mini air compressor is the COB lights that come in handy for night use. The floodlights provide 70 lumens which is adequate for operation. 

  1. CELOCE Bike Water Bottle

The Celoce water bottle is a heat preservation device that allows the storage of your drinks to quench your thirst. It’s a water bottle with a 500ml capacity that measures 24 by 6.6 centimeters. 

The bike water bottle features a double stainless-steel material construction. This material is sturdy, corrosion, rust & ice resistant, and enhances thermal insulation. 

A silica gel coating is fitted on the Celoce bike water bottle for safety and sealing. It helps to keep the contents in without any leakages irrespective of movement when cycling.  

It features a pipette for convenience to drink when in motion. Positioning it on your bike is also simple as it comes with a hang design.  The water bottle is configured to be food grade, easy to remove and clean. 

You can utilize this water bottle when travelling, onboard or even at home. There are 4 color options; black, green, silver and pink to choose from.

  1. NEWBOLER Bike Front Tube Bag

The NewBoler bicycle tube bag is a multi-use bag with a large capacity to store a variety of your personal items. There are 5 different sizes to choose from with capacities ranging from 3 to 20 liters. 

The bag is made using high-end PVC material for durability. It features a zippered closure to secure your belongings in the bag. You can quickly access the contents with ease. 

The front tube bag also has two flexible bands at the top for securing a water bottle or reading materials. It’s a bicycle accessory suitable for a mountain, road and track bike. 

The NewBoler tube bag is convenient to have as you can easily carry it around by balancing it on the handlebar. What’s more, it’s waterproof with an IPX7 classification. This indicates that it’s protected in water up to 1 meter. Your belongings will stay dry in heavy rain or water splashes. 

  1. West Biking Bicycle Computer

A bicycle computer gives you endless possibilities when it comes to recording, tracking and sharing your cycling activities. The West Biking computer is a portable gadget that measures 75 by 50 by 13 millimeters.

It features a 2.8-inch large screen that measures your speed and temperature. There’s also a bike odometer for keeping track of the distance travelled. You’re able to easily read the data using an LCD display that has a green backlight. 

The West King Biking computer is powered by a button cell and is IPX6 waterproof. This waterproof classification indicates that the gadget is not affected by water jets and splashes. 

Moreover, the bike computer allows you to choose the mode you prefer with a simple touch. It’s a cool bike accessory that acts as a great companion. 

The bicycle computer has two versions- wired and wireless depending on preference. The installation is quick using mounting accessories. 

  1. West Biking Bicycle Hydration Backpack 

The West Biking bicycle bag is one made from nylon material. It solves the backpack problem while providing a means to store and transport your items. The backpack has an ultra-light design to reduce the weight and make it easy to carry around. 

There are two sizes of the backpack-a 10 and 15-liter capacity. The 10l capacity bag is foldable.  It’s recommended not to fill the bag with heavy items to avoid damage. This will also make it easier for you when riding. 

The front section of the backpack is lined with a waterproof material to protect the contents. Most noteworthy, the back section is not waterproof but instead is breathable to increase the level of comfort when on your back. The breathability is made possible by a mesh design that facilitates air flow. 

The hydration system allows quick drinking system since water outlets are fitted on both sides of the shoulders. 

  1. XLite100 Rear Bike Flashlight 

The XLite100 rear flashlight is modern with a standard grade design. It’s made from full CNC aluminum alloy to make it sturdy. The design of the rear flashlight is compact and light-weight weighing 38 grams.

It’s powered by a Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 400mAh. This battery can be recharged with a USB and an indicator is present to show the charge state. When fully charged, the rear flashlight can run for more than 20 hours. 

The XLIte100 rear bike light is smart and self-adaptive for correct detection of the braking motion. Moreover, it features a smart lighting system that automatically turns on and off depending on the light intensity. 

 The light has 3 flash modes to switch between and has a provision for automatic or manual switching. This rear bicycle flashlight is IPX6 waterproof which protects it from powerful water jets. The flashlight is installed on the seat rails and perfectly integrates with the bike. 

  1. West Biking Front Frame Bicycle Bag

This bag from West Biking is a unique bike top tube bag that is positioned on the front frame of the bike. The frame bag enables the storage of belongings while the phone bag helps to hold your phone in place when cycling. 

The frame bag size is 180 by 120 by 25 millimeters. On the other hand, the phone bag measures 180 by 100 millimeters and fits phones 6.2 inches and below. 

The phone bag has a TPU voltage film, sensitive to the screen touch making it possible to manage your phone. Moreover, the bag is removable for access as needed. 

This bicycle bag has a net weight of about 300 grams and is made using PU material. This PU features a waterproof film that prevents the damage of the bag and its contents with water. The rubberized zipper is also waterproof.

The frame bag is designed to fit all bikes and has 4 color options- blue, green, red and gray. 

  1. West Biking Bike Protector Cover

A bike cover comes in handy when storing your bike. It not only protects your bike but also the storage area especially if it’s indoors. 

The bike cover is like a sock that covers majority of the bike to prevent dust, water and animals from interfering with the bike. Conversely, it’s suitable for indoor storage as it protects the wall and floor interference. It prevents the entry of mud, sand and other materials on the bike in the room. 

This West Biking bike cover is made from polyester and spandex material that enables it to stretch while adequately fitting all bike types.

It comes in two sizes, medium with a fit of 24 to 26 inches and large for bikes with a fit of 27.5 to 29 inches. The bike protector cover is simple to use. Easily cover the bike and remove the cover when needed and store it for later use. 

  1. Bike Light Turning Signal Indicator Vest

This is no ordinary bike vest. It’s one that features LED lights and reflective strips. The signal indicator vest responds to the signal from the remote controller to inform other road users on the direction you’ll take so as to keep a distance. 

The light indicator vest is made from nylon material and is green with reflective parts of grey. It measures 25 by 25 by 1.5 centimeters with a net weight of 290 grams. 

The signal light indicator vest is wirelessly controlled with a wireless frequency of 2.4GHZ. The wireless transmitter can be mounted on the bike to easily manage control when cycling. The control distance is roughly 3 meters. It’s powered by a 650mAh battery.

The vest lights have 5 LED signals: right, left, stop, flash and forward. You can mount this vest on your backpack or back. It’s a great add on for numerous outdoor activities such as climbing and riding. 

  1. West Biking CO2 Bike Pump

The CO2 bicycle pump is a simple, quick and convenient way to inflate when in need. This West Biking bike pump is portable with a weight of 24.5 grams and 9.5 by 3.7 centimeters dimensions. This is pretty easy to carry around. 

It’s a CO2 pump that adopts superior aluminum alloy with CNC processing. The CNC machining ensures that all parts of the pump are accurate and durable. Controlling the bike pump is straightforward while making the use of a volume adjustment knob switch.

The valve for gas control is marked by unlock and lock patterns for ease of use. All that is needed is twisting the thread head to control the volume of air. 

The West Biking CO2 pump is designed with a twin valve and can thus accommodate bikes with both Schrader and Presta valves. The sleeves have EVA foam that protects the hands against freezing when operating.

  1. Smart Front Bicycle Light with Horn

The front bike light is a smart headlight that features double T6 lamp beads and a horn. The material making the covering of the light is ABS plastic. It measures 10.8 by 5.2 by 4.4 centimeters with a bell cable of 40 centimeters.

A 4000mAh USB rechargeable battery is built in to power the system. It can last between 6 to 20 hours depending on the light mode in use.  The light produces 800 lumens of light, sufficient to illuminate your path. The right of the light is a flat floodlight while the left a raised spotlight.

The smart induction feature enables the light to switch on and off depending on your movement and light conditions. When there’s sufficient light outside, the light dims and brightens when it’s low. The horn has an in-built bell with 120 decibels. 

The bike headlight and power switch are IPX6 waterproof enabling them to meet the needs even in not so great weather. 

  1. NEWBOLER Waterproof Front Tube bag

This NewBoler bag is multi-use since it can be used as a front tube, handlebar or shoulder bag. Although it comes in different sizes, whichever bag you choose is large capacity. The sizes are 20-, 15- and 10-liter capacities. 

You’ll have the opportunity to carry a variety of items in the bike bag. This bike accessory is made of high-end PVC which is sturdy thus durable. The material also makes it easy to clean. It features a design that makes it look small but elegant with a large capacity.

It has a zippered closure to secure your contents. Most noteworthy, the front tube bike bag is waterproof with IPX7 classification thus highly suitable for outdoor use. 

It’s fitted with flexible bands that provide additional storage area for your water bottle or newspaper. The NewBoler front tube bag is suitable for mountain, road and track bikes.  The package comes with bag cover. 

  1. NEWBOLER Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

The sunglasses from NewBoler are not only suitable for cycling but also fishing. They have 100% polarized lenses to offer UV protection and transform your vision irrespective of the time of day. The glasses adequately filter and reflect light from the sun and water. 

The cycling sunglasses have brown and gray lenses to provide a lighter color. The brown lenses work best in dark and low light conditions. They also adapt depending on the light conditions. On the other hand, the yellow lenses are less pronounced to increase the clarity of the glasses. 

Most noteworthy, they come with a glass rope that allows you to hang them on your neck. This protects them from falling in case they come out. It also makes it easy to remove and carry when you need a break. 

The NewBoler cycling sunglasses come neatly packaged. It contains the sunglasses, a rope and polarized test card. 

  1. Acacia Bike Saddle Suspension Device

The Acacia saddle suspension device offers suspension for your bike comfort depending on the model. The main body of the device is made with quality alloy spring steel material. The dimensions are 16 by 5 by 8.5 centimeters with a weight of 340 grams. 

It features a simple connecting mechanism, with the upper section attaching to the saddle. The suspension springs on the device play a crucial role for stability and shock absorption. 

Moreover, you’re able to adjust the springs with regard to the varying shock intensities you encounter when cycling. A scale is engraved for guidance when adjusting. When the need arises, disassembly is easy for storage or making adjustments. 

Most bikes can be fitted with this Acacia bike suspension device. This includes bike, road, recreational and MTB bikes. The professional load that the device can handle is 100 kilograms. The suspension device can also be used to carry packages.

  1. Acacia 2 in 1 Electronic Horn Lamp

The Acacia electronic horn lamp is a bike accessory for mountain and road bikes. It measures 7.5 by 5.5 by 2.5 centimeters and weighs 90 grams. It’s made from ABS and silicone material that protects the device from the elements. 

It fits bike handlebars with a diameter of 22 to 31.8 millimeters. It’s a great companion for cycling at night to enhance safety. The horn produces a sound of up to 120 decibels. The LED lighting emanates from 4 bead lights.

The system is powered by a lithium battery that is USB rechargeable. Most noteworthy, the Acacia 2 in 1 horn and light is waterproof. It works perfectly in small rainy days and is not recommended in pools of water. 

You’re able to easily operate the gadget with a key. Both are installed on the handlebar for easy access. This 2 in 1 product comes in 4 color options namely; red, blue, black and white. 

  1. GUB Microfiber Handlebar Tape

A handlebar tape plays a few major roles that we cyclists sometimes don’t admit. It helps to improve grip, enhance comfort and gives the bike a facelift. The fact that handlebar tapes come in different designs and thicknesses gives us plenty of opportunity to experiment. 

The tape from GUB is 2000 by 30 millimeters in size and is made from microfiber sponge. The material is high-density and synthetic to ensure a comfortable feel. The GUB handlebar tape is also breathable, shock-absorbing and non-slip. It fits a bar plug diameter of 18 millimeters. 

There’s a camouflage design of the handlebar tape that is not only stylish but also flexible. This is because it’s made from flexible rubber sponge. This camouflage design is also breathable, non-slip and shock absorbing. In addition, it’s able to absorb sweat keeping you dry and a notch more comfortable. The two designs have several color options to choose from. 

  1. ZEALOT Bicycle Bluetooth Speaker Flashlight

Zealot is a powerful Bluetooth speaker that adds entertainment to your cycling. It’s a Bluetooth version V5.0. The size of the speaker and flashlight is 15.5 by 5 by 5 centimeters. This device has three main functions that include; lighting, FM radio and power bank.

It features an LED light with 3 SOS light modes to switch between. The torch lighting produces an ultra-high beam with 36 hours of continuous lighting. It is suitable for both home and outdoor use. 

The functions are powered by a battery with a capacity of 4000mAhs. This is adequate to handle the three functions without affecting one another. The music play time on the Zealot is between 8 to 10 hours.

The 4000mAh battery is rechargeable and it takes about 5 hours to fully charge. The Zealot Bluetooth bicycle speaker features a micro SD and TF card slot for music alternatives. The gadget is compatible with both android and iPhones.


There is a myriad of choices when it comes to cool gadgets and accessories for your bike. The products you choose highly depend on your needs, biking experience and preference. 

The most crucial gadgets are those that offer safety, security and comfort. Majority of the accessories we’ve discussed offer more than one function and are suitable for other outdoor activities minimizing the need of spending on many products.

With technology and invention, new products do come up and we’ll make sure to update our list to give you more choices to elevate your biking experience.