Body Rider BRF700

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Last Updated on February 14, 2022

The Body Rider BRF700 is the ultimate low-cost dual body workout machine.

While it’s an entry-level and budget option fan bike, it still manages to provide incredible quality and performance.

But is the Body Rider BRF700 fan bike right for you?

We shall see about that shortly in our Body Rider BRF700 review below.


What Makes Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Bike So Awesome?

Body Rider BRF700 review

Fan Wheel

BRF700 has a fan wheel at the front, as opposed to the conventional flywheel we see in the traditional upright bikes.

Now, the benefits of having a fan wheel are that this bike delivers a smooth and fluid pedaling motion while at the same time keeping you cool, therefore allowing you to prolong your workouts.

Full Body Workout

Another distinguishing feature on the BRF700 is inventive handlebars design. A majority of the upright bike offers cardiovascular health benefits by targeting the lower body while not giving attention to the core and upper body.

The BRF700, however, comes with duo rotating arms connected to the pedal system, which allows for an intense workout for the entire body.

Unlike the fixed bars on other machines, BRF700 promises an all-body workout, and it eliminates the need of hopping off your bike to work out your arms and core. 


Most fan bikes lack resistance control, and the amount of tension is dependent on how fast you pedal. The BRF700, however, is an exception since it let you toggle the resistance by the knob on the frame.


Weight: 47.3 pounds

Weight Capacity: 250 pounds

Dimensions: 41.75" x 22" x 46.5"

Unique Features that Make Body Rider BRF700 Interesting


Body Rider BRF700 sports a solid steel frame construction for the ultimate strength and longevity.

The design of this fan bike is sturdy enough to accommodate a user weight of up to 250 pounds, which we feel is a bit on the lower side.

But the good thing with the BRF700 is that you won’t have to get concerned with the sturdiness of the bike. Provided you’re below the 250-pound weight limit, the bike keeps steady and doesn’t rock.

Occasionally, however, users have claimed that BRF700 moves a bit, especially during the intense workouts, but fortunately, it doesn’t wobble or shake enough to affect your training.

However, since the bike lacks levelers under its feet you’ll have to place it on a flat surface to prevent rocking due to the uneven surface.


Unlike a majority of the hefty upright bikes, you don’t have to be worried about space issues with the BRF700.

This model has a relatively compact footprint, which is accompanied by a modest weight.

When fully assembled, it only takes a modest space of 41.75" x 22" x 46.5", which is ideal even in offices, or apartments where space is premium.

The space-saving feature corresponds to a modest weight of 47 pounds. While it's by no means lightweight, it's bulky either and will allow you to move or even assembly it with relative ease.


As we had mentioned previously, this model comes with dual-action handlebars that promise a full-body workout.

Unfortunately, as we had indicated above, this bike is a no-frills model, and this is evident on the handlebars as they lack the hand pulse sensors for tracking your heart rate.

In my opinion, though, I don't find the absence of the hand pulse sensors such a deal-breaker because most of these sensors are inaccurate anyway.

For what’s it worth, however, the handlebars are padded, which helps to improve grip, reduce slippage, even when sweating and enhance the overall comfort levels.


The pedals on the BR700 are typical of what we see in the upright bikes.

There are large enough to accommodate the various feet sizes with ease.

They also feature an adjustable strap that you can use to tighten or lessen to provide a firm fit.

The bottom surface section is also characterized by a non-slip surface that promotes a better grip and firm foot holding, thus preventing your feet from sliding when working out.


The BRF700 seats are an improved version of the older seats, which users claimed were too hard and uncomfortable. 

The new seats on this model are sufficiently cushioned for the ultimate comfort.

And if you feel the seats are still not comfortable, you've the option of replacing them with standard bike seats, make the bike seat more comfortable or even add a layer of gel cover over them.

Height Adjustability

The seat on the BRF700 can be adjusted vertically to accommodate users of the height range from 4’10” to 6’.

Unfortunately, the height of the seat can only be adjusted so much, and so, it isn’t ideal for the taller users, especially those above 6 feet.

Sure, it's possible to get a workout, but you might feel a bit cramped, and the pedaling motion unnatural, especially if you've long legs.


The console on this bike is quite basic, and it lacks many features, including the storage capabilities.

However, it can measure metrics such as time, calories, and distance.

What We Liked About Body Rider BRF700

  • Full-body workout: The dual-action handlebars, alongside the pedals, promote a full-body workout that engages the legs, core, and upper body.
  • Compact: With a dimension of 41.75" x 22" x 46.5", the BR700 enhances space-saving measures.
  • Budget-option: The BRF700 is easy on your pockets, and yet, it provides premium features that we see in the high-end models.

What We Didn’t Like About Body Rider BRF700

  • Height adjustability: Though BRF700 is highly adjustable; it can only be adjusted so much. For users above 6 feet, they normally find it a bit challenging to use this bike optimally.

Bottomline & Verdict

If you’re looking for a true fan bike, then the Assault Air Bike might be a better deal because it's a more heavy-duty option. 

However, if you’re in search of an inexpensive, yet pragmatic fan bike, the BR700 might be a more inspired choice.

While it's not exactly a heavy-duty option, it's fairly robust, and it's capable of delivering a full-body workout. 

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