Best Supplements for Cycling

Best Supplements for Cycling

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When eating healthy before and after cycling isn’t just enough, the best supplements for cycling can give you the additional energy boots you need to better your performance. Supplements ensure you get full nourishment, fueling you up just well enough so your cycling can be more effective, exactly like you want it. 

Whether you’re cycling for fitness, or you are into it for the fun of it, or you are a pro athlete often involved in bike racing, you may need supplements to up your energy levels, improve your fitness, and boost your endurance.

But which ones are the best to choose? Here are some recommendations to consider. 

Top Rated Supplements For Cyclists Comparison & Rating Chart

Best Cycling Supplements Reviews 

1. Vitamin Code Raw Iron

From improving heart health and enhancing physical energy to supporting iron absorption and healthy digestion, the Vitamin Code Raw Iron has many health benefits than many supplements simply don’t have.

This is an all-natural product whose organic composition is fruits and vegetables with blends of natural food cofactors.  

At least the supplement contains 500 mcg of Vitamin B12, 22 mg of iron, 25 mg of Vitamin C, and 400 mcg of Folate.

What’s more, this energy supplement is gluten-free and vegan, not to mention that it also has binders and fillers free dairy products. 

This is the right product for the people that get stomach upset for taking irons. Because Garden of Life manufactures it using whole food approaches, it makes it easy for a cyclist’s body to easily absorb and utilize iron without any side effects. 


  • This supplement has quality, healthy ingredients
  • It’s easy to swallow and the flavor is tasty
  •  Supports iron  absorbency and utilization


  • The amount you get is rather too small for the price

2. Solaray One Daily High Energy Multivitamin

Cruising the streets with your road bike or riding uphill with a mountain bike can be as fun as you want it to be.

But you’re going to use a lot of energy in some instances and that calls for a supplement that can give you a boost.

One of such health supplements is the Solaray One Daily Energy Multivitamin. 

This supplement is rich in Vitamin B, which gives you the energy you need to keep moving, especially during tough rides.

It also contains Vitamin A, E, and pantothenic acid, which go a long way to enhance your overall cycling performance. 

Solaray adds multivitamin formula, which contains a combination of several acids and special whey protein concentrates in the supplement to improve your cardiovascular health, enhance circulation, and boost muscle and nerve function. 


  • Contains more than 10 essential vitamins
  • Improves muscle and nerve function and gives you the energy you need for better performance
  • A capsule a day is enough


  • Seems to have too much Vitamin A than necessary

3. Motivation Herbal Caffeine Herbal Supplement

When it comes to the best supplements for cycling, you want to make sure you choose the healthiest option possible.

And the Motivation Herbal Caffeine Herbal is a good one to consider.

 For starters, this supplement contains all-natural ingredients, making it one of the healthiest and safest options to consider. 

Unlike many cheap, unhealthy supplements with unethically sourced ingredients, what you get here for the price are high-quality capsules that can energize you and boost your cycling performance on the go.

The caffeine content in this herbal supplement is as low as 200mg. 

Even better, you get just the right amount of Vitamin B complex, which not only boosts your metabolism but also levels up your energy. 


  • The capsules have tasty flavor and they are very easy to swallow
  • Healthy and safe ingredients, and it’s even vegan
  • A true motivation, adds you the energy you need to work on your bike pedals even on long-distance cycling


  • Doesn’t offer so much energy

4. MegaFood Essential Mineral Dietary Supplement

Need more magnesium to boost the health of your nervous system? Or maybe you need to improve your heart’s health and relax your muscles before and after cycling?

Choose MegaFood Essential Dietary Supplement. Also good for vegans and completely non-GMO, this one is safe for your health as it should be.


You’ll mostly love this supplement because of its energy production, which, in this case, is essential to you as a cyclist.  With 50mg of magnesium, this one provides just the right amount of energy, so you’ll never have to worry about mild or chronic fatigue after cycling. 

And there’s more to this supplement than just replenishing your energy. It even goes as far as moving blood sugar into your muscles while repairing your DNA and RNA.

Furthermore, it helps create new protein. And it has the ability to regulate your neurotransmitters while maintaining your mitochondrial health.  


  • Good for preventing gastroparesis
  • Safe product made from organic ingredients like organic spinach and plant cellulose
  • Can even help with anxiety and depression
  • Good for before and after intense cycling workout


  • Low amount of magnesium per pill

5. Life Extension Vitamin

We know how essential Vitamin D is. But if you aren’t getting it naturally from sun, you’re definitely putting yourself at risk.

Maybe you don’t get to ride your bike that much, which probably is to say that you don’t go out nearly as often.

Or maybe you’re a cyclist who lives in a region where the sun doesn’t shine most of the time. Whichever the case, you still need Vitamin D.

And the best way to get that is with the Life Extension Vitamin supplement. 

Like rays from the sun, Life Extension Vitamin D and K supplement provide just the right amount of essential vitamins. 

These go a long way to ease depression and anxiety, while providing the energy you need to pedal your bike, even during the most intense workout. 


  • Can help to reduce emotional instability, so you can channel more of your energy to riding your bike
  • Two vitamins in one for such an affordable price


  • Too much iodine for some people