Best Road Bikes Under $500

Best Road Bikes Under $500

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You’ve probably heard that high-end road bikes are the cream of the crop. Some cyclists may have even made you to believe that high end bikes are the ones worth buying since they can stand the test of time and unfriendly trails for the long haul.

However, if you think about a bike’s design process, from the technology to the materials used, you realize that price isn’t directly proportional to quality. Don’t be surprised.

Cheap road bikes under $500 also pack the punch just like their high-end brothers.

Our Top 3 Picks Of The Best Road Bicycles Below 500 USD in summary

1) Schwinn Phocus features a lightweight aluminum frame with a suspension fork that absorbs as much shock as possible. It is a unique, durable bike for riders on a very tight budget.

2) If you are in the market for a lightweight road bike, then you should consider Tommaso Fascino. This bike is 5 lbs lighter than Merax Finiss, and it is available in five different seizes.

3) The EURXC550 road bike is a lightweight bike for commuting. Its gear system gives you 21 unique speed options. And the brakes give you the full stopping power especially when descending hard. 

Top Road Bikes Priced Under $500 Dollars Reviews - We picked the best bicycles for the money 

1. Schwinn Phocus 1500 Flat Bar Road Bike

Schwinn is a very big name in the bikes market. As a brand, Schwinn’s goal is to design the best bikes and get people to enjoy their riding experience.

This brand has both high-end and affordable road bikes. And the Phocus 1500 is one of the most affordable options in their road bikes series.

The Frame and Fork

The frame of this bike is pure aluminum, a lightweight and sturdy material that makes the bike easy to ride on different trails.

The sport suspension fork absorbs shock from the trails, so you can ride the bike easily without worrying about bumps, potholes, and the likes.

The Speed System 

Phocus has a 21-speed system, a gearing option that gives you the power to ride the bike at different speeds. With the help of the EZ-Fire trigger shifters, you can easily change from one speed to another without taking your eyes off the trail.

The Brake System

The fact that this bike gives you so many speed options also means that you need the best stopping power. And that’s exactly what the mechanical disc brakes with Shimano levers give you. 

​2. Tommaso Fascino 

Tommaso is a big name in the bikes market. The brand understands its audience. And its design standards are definitely up to scratch.

Their bike model, the Fascino, is one of the best budget road bikes on this list, going for not more than $500.

The Frame

Tommaso Fascino features a sport aluminum frame, which makes the bike sturdy and quite lightweight. If you compare Fascino with Merax Finiss, you will realize that the former weighs 5 lbs less. That’s because it doesn’t feature a steel fork, which would otherwise add unnecessary weight to the bike.

With an overall weight of just 23.6 lbs when fully assembled, this bike can ride quite well on different roads without requiring a lot of paddling effort.

The Size Options 

One of the things I love about Fascino is that it is available in five different sizes.  You won’t struggle to find a perfect fit as the brand has something for every rider, regardless of his or her overall height.

The Wheels

The 700c x 25mm wheels are perfect for different trails. So you can ride the bike effortlessly without losing your stability on different roads.

3. EUROBIKE EURXC550 Road Bike

Many bike enthusiasts seem to buy the myth that cheap road bikes are a waste of time and money. But that’s far from the truth.

Brands like EUROBIKE invest a lot of time and money to design the best road bikes under $500that their target market will love. And the EURXC550 is a perfect example.

The Frame and Fork

The bike features a lightweight aluminum frame. As you’ve already guessed, aluminum is one of the most lightweight and durable material out there.

For cyclists, this means that the EURXC550 can ride smoothly on different trails with the least paddling effort possible – even on steep roads.

The Speed System 

Like many high-end models out there, this bike also features a 21-speed system that lets you ride at different speeds. Of course, how fast you ride will different on the nature of the road.

But the concept here is that you have as many speed options as possible to ride the bike at your very own pace.

The Disc Brakes

 A powerful braking system is mandatory for a bike that rides at top speed. That is why the EURXC550 features powerful disc brakes. These give you full stopping power when the need arises.

4. Windsor Wellington 2.0 Road Bike

Windsor Wellington may be a cheap road bike, but its build feels more superior and its performance is outstanding. In fact, I am more than willing to admit that this is a premium grade unit, and for good reasons.

From the frame all the way down to the braking system, you get a durable performance bike well worth the asking price.

The Frame and Fork

Windsor Wellington road bike features an aluminum frame, which makes it quite lightweight. In addition to the reasonable weight is the sturdiness and strength of the frame, which gives you the convenient and flexibility you need to ride comfortably on different road.

Then there is the CroMoly fork, a unique addition that makes the bike fun to ride on the most unfriendly trails in your region. Since the fork absorbs shock from different terrains, you can ride the bike comfortably without worrying about road features like potholes and bumps.

The Bike’s Speed and Brake System

If you think about, riding at different speeds is part of what makes cycling fun. This, for the most part, explains why Windsor Wellington is a good option. With the 21 speed options, what you get is a high quality bike that you can ride at different speeds depending on the nature of the trail.

The aluminum brakes give you full stropping power, which you will need to controls the speed of the bike – especially when descending fast.

5. Vilano Shadow 2.0 Road Bike

Vilano has been in the bike business for 10 years now. During the time, the brand worked so hard to build a good reputation in the market and gain consumers’ trust.

The Shadow 2.0 is a perfect example of what the brand can create. The quality is up to the standard, so Vilano doesn’t sacrifice its design standards despite the low-end price.

Different Size Options

Nothing beats the idea of bikes being available for riders of different sizes. Vilano considers this aspect and builds three unique versions of Shadows 2.0. Now in 3 different frame sizes (49, 53, and 57 cm), this bike is suitable for riders with a height between 5 and 6.5 feet.

The Frame and Fork 

Thanks to the double-butted aluminum steel frame, this bike is quite lightweight when fully assembled. This gives you the convenience and the flexibility you need to ride on different trails with the least effort possible. The steel fork does add some weight to the bike, but this is not a problem for most riders.

6. Cycles Mercier Galaxy SC1 Commuter Bike 

My first time searching for a road bike under a budget was probably the worst experience ever.  Everyone I knew and every review I read suggested that high-end bikes packed the punch more than cheap stuff.

But it is only until you lay your hands on a bike like Galaxy SC1 by Mercier that you realize cheap bikes have the bells and whistles that make a durable road bike.

The Frame

Although Mercier sells the bike for cheap, the brand doesn’t compromise the weight or the quality of the frame. Made of pure aluminum, the frame is lightweight yet very stable and sturdy. Thanks to the frame, a rider gets a semi-compact geometry for a more friendly riding position.

The Sizes 

This bike is available in 5 different sizes. This means there is a good option for every rider.  So whether you are an entry-level cyclist or you are just looking for an upright bike, you might want to try this model for sure. 

Overall, you will love this bike because it is lightweight and durable.

7. Merax Finiss 

Although Merax Finiss doesn’t feature state of the art components, the performance isn’t disappointing. Of course, the set up is quite basic, which is something quite common with many low-end bikes. So, what exactly do you get for the price?

The Frame

Merax Finiss features an aluminum frame, which is a common standard for a larger percentage of under $500 road bikes.

The overall weight of the bike is 28 lbs when fully assembled. The weight isn’t that of an issue, but it doesn’t fall into a good spot either. That’s because the 700C steel fork does add some unnecessary weight to the frame.


Unlike TRITON by Poseidon Bike, which only has 8 speed options, the Merax Finiss has a 21-speed system that lets you ride at different paces depending on the trail.

 And although many riders consider the Shimano SA050 shifters to be on the entry-level side, they still make changing from one gear to another quite easy.

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns about this bike is that it has many plastic parts. As such, it is not quite suitable for every day racing, especially on very rough terrains.

8. Goplus Commuter Road Bike

Goplus isn’t really a new name in the cycling space. A quick first glance at its Commuter Road Bike is enough to tell you that this brand knows how to play by the book.

And when it comes to pricing, this bike definitely appeals to an audience budget. In fact, if you have an under $300 budget, you can bring this bike home with you.

The Frame

The sturdy aluminum frame makes the bike quite lightweight. In fact, that’s exactly the first thing you realize after road test.

Since it is lightweight, you get almost double riding efficiency. Even maneuvering through rough trails, with peddling hard, is easy. The handlebar and the seat post are easy to adjust, so feel free to fine-tune them to get a better position based on your height.

The Speed 

If you are like me, you would never waste your money on a road bike that doesn’t give you speed options. Instead, you’d want to consider choosing Goplus because it integrates a 21-speed system on the bike. Add the powerful braking system to the mix, and what you get is a fast-riding bike whose speed you can control with ease.

9. Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike

While The Giordano Libero isn’t a bike you would ride to the mountain, it’s an ideal option for commuters, recreational riders, and fitness cyclists.

Having observed the key aspects that makes a bike sturdy and durable, Giordano brings to the market a road bike that doesn’t look or feel cheap.

The Frame

One of the most important parts of this bike is the frame. Made of pure aluminum, it makes the bike quite lightweight, weighing only about 25 lbs when fully assembled.

Since the frame feels sturdy, you get a smooth and stable feel on different trails even if riding fast and/or for long hours.

The Wheels 

Strengthened with 32 sturdy spokes, the Vitesse alloy rims adds quite a lot to the stability of the wheels of this bike. Thanks to the support, you don’t have to worry about the wheels being because of a rider’s weight and trail’s impact.

You get Kenda 700c x 25c tires. Of course, these are a bit wide. So you might notice a slow start, but once they pick their speed, you are good to go.

10. Poseidon 'TRITON' Road Bike

As much as Poseidon Bike is not a popular brand like Diamondback, it designs sturdy and durable bikes for a lower price.

To begin with, the TRITON Road Bike features a 6061, Poseidon smooth weld aluminum frame. The frame makes the bike so lightweight that it rides well on different terrains.

The Carbon Fiber Fork

Bumps, thumps, and potholes can make riding a bike difficult. Even if the bike has well-padded saddle, you might not withstand the unfriendly trails for long, especially when riding fast and for long hours.

TRITON road bike uses a Poseidon carbon fiber fork to counter this problem. The fork absorbs a lot of the impact pressure from the unfriendly terrains, so you won’t have to worry about shock.

Speed System 

Riding fast sometimes make cycling fun. With this knowledge, this bike has an integrated Shimano Claris 8 Speed system, so you have a number of speed option Thanks to the STI shifters, you can change from one gear to another without taking your eyes off the road.

Braking Power

Thanks to the dual pivot brake calipers, you have the full control of this bike’s speed.