Best Road Bikes Under $1000

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Last Updated on December 27, 2021

If you are in the market for the best road bike sold for less than $1,000, you will find this guide helpful. Sure, road bikes can be quite expensive. But for someone on a budget, this often means the inability to buy a desired bike until later. 

Thanks to many brands that understand consumers’ spending needs as well as financial conditions, it is now easier than ever to find the best road bike under budget.

In this post, we walk you through top-rated road bikes from different brands. These are cheap, but they do not compromise quality or performance in any way whatsoever.


Top Rated Road Bikes Under 1000 Dollars Comparison & Rating Chart


Product Name

Frame Build


Brake Type


Tommaso Monza Sport Bike Performance Aluminum Road...



Shimano brakes

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No products found.



Shimano brakes

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Raleigh Bikes Redux 2 City Bike 15' Frame/Yellow,...



Disc brakes

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No products found.



Clip Brake

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No products found.



alloy caliper brakes

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SAVADECK Carbon Road Bike, Warwinds3.0 700C Carbon...

Carbon Fiber


WINZIP, V brake

Illimitate Sport Performance Aluminum Gravel Bike...



Disc Brakes

Tommaso Imola - Sport Bike Performance Aluminum...



Rim Brakes

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No products found.

4130 chromoly steel


caliper brakes

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6061 Double Butted Aluminum


Disc Brakes

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Our Top 3 Pick of the best road bike below 1000 USD in Summary

Monza from Tommaso is a unique bike for riders on budget.

Featuring an aluminum frame, high quality disc brakes, and 20-speed options, Monza stands out as one of the top road bikes that commuters and sports riders alike can buy.

If you are looking for a bike with a frame built of aluminum and reinforced with steel, the Fenix Alloy 105 from Ridley is a good choice.

The bike is lightweight yet very sturdy, which means it is easy to ride on different trails.

Are you looking for a commuter bike that you can ride in the city streets? Raleigh Redux 2 is a good option.

It features a superior design, which is consistent with the brand’s quality of production. Moreover, the Redux 2 is an all-trail bike, so you can ride it anywhere.

Top Road Bicycles Priced Under $1,000 Dollars Reviews

1. Tommaso Monza Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

Tommaso has been in business for 33 years. In its three decades of operation, the company has grown to become one of the most popular road bike brands in Colorado, United States.

The Tommaso Monza, an endurance bike whose frame is made of pure aluminum, is one of the brand’s entry-level options for riders under budget.

Monza may not compare to mountain bikes in the same price range, but it is definitely a good bike for regular commute.

The 6061 hydroform aluminum frame makes the bike lightweight enough for all types of rides on different terrains. Thanks to the integrated HCT carbon fork, riding on bumpy roads and rough terrains is easy. Monza does not disappoint when it comes to speed.

The 20-speed system by Shimano gives you a wide range of speed options, which allow you to ride slow or fast depending on the nature of the trail.

Monza’s breaks are up to the standard. They are ideal for controlling speed when you are descending fast. And they help a great deal when navigating the bike through rough terrains. 

2. Ridley Fenix Alloy 105 FE701BM

The Fenix 105 is as lightweight as Tommaso Manzo is, because the frame is made of aluminum reinforced with steel and titanium. Since aluminum is sturdy and durable, so it this road bike.

The bike features a top tube and a bottom bracket, which, together, contribute to the stability and rigidity of the bike.

The top tube, which features a curved design and shorter, adds to the responsiveness and stiffness of the bike, making it very easy to ride. The bottom tube is somewhat oversized, which is fine because it enhances the efficiency of power transmission.

When riding a bike on different trails, even at the slowest speed possible, the last thing you want your body to absorb is too much impact.

 Of course, this often makes a bike difficult to ride for long. That’s why Fenix 105 has an integrated carbon fork, which helps to enhance the riding experience of a cyclist. It does this by absorbing shock and vibration from different trails, especially when riding on uneven grounds.

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3. Raleigh Bikes Redux 2 City Bike 

The Redux 2 City Bike is an ideal option for city and rural commuters who prefer cycling to taking a cab from place to place.

The superior design, the sturdy construction, and the high quality components used in design make this bike stand out just like many high-end road bikes out there.

There are no limits to where you can ride the Redux 2 City Bike. In fact, Redux 2 is an all-terrain, all-weather road bike that performs quite well.

The aluminum frame makes it quite lightweight, so it is easy to ride and maneuver even on some of the most unfriendly trails. The integrated fork, which features the Urban Assault geometry, handles the most impact pressure from bumps and loopholes on various terrains, so you can stick to an upright position all the time.

This bike features a 9-speed system designed by Shimano. And since speed is definitely something to go, you will love the flexibility that this one has to offer on different tracks. The hydraulic disc brakes give you the stopping power to control the speed of the bike whenever you want to stop or reduce how fast the bike moves.

4. BEIOU Carbon Comfortable Bicycles 700C Road Bike

BEIOU Carbon Comfortable Bicycles 700C Road BikeWeighing just 18.8 pounds when fully assembled, the BEIOU 700C is a lightweight road bike that glides well on different terrains.

The frame is made of pure carbon fiber, which is known to be as lightweight as aluminum.

Since there are 3 frame sizes to choose, there is definitely a good option for every rider irrespective of their height.

The BEIOU makes a good choice for people that love to cycle at different speeds. Unlike Redux 2, which features just a 9-speed system, BEIOU 700C offers you 20 speeds with a LTWOO Rear Switch that makes gear shifting easy, convenient, and fast.

The Kenda tires are among the best in the market. With these, you can ride this bike for many miles before you itch for a replacement. For riders that really mind about the color of a bike, this one comes in four different colors to choose, from white blue and white red to white orange and white gold.

Perhaps the only major issue with this bike is that it is available only in three frame sizes. But these are often fine for most riders.

No products found.

5. Schwinn Fastback 1 700C

Many road bikes from Schwinn are expensive. But the company still has a few affordable options, and the Fastback 1 700C is one of them.

It costs slightly less than $1,000 USD, still a good option for riders under a very tight budget considering the fact that the best bikes are quite expensive these days.

Even for a price this pocket-friendly, the brand does not compromise the quality and the performance of the bike.

The N Litened Platinum hydroformed aluminum frame is so lightweight that it makes the bike easy to ride on different trails. The frame sizes aren’t bad.  In fact, they range from 44 to 59 cm, so there is definitely a good size for every rider. Since the frame can withstand all-weather conditions, you can ride the bike in any environment without worrying about rust, wear, and tear.

The Innova 25c road tires are good enough for a budget bike. At least they can last a while longer before you can think of changing them or replacing them altogether.

But these wheels won’t really give you more speed. So if you want to ride faster, then you should consider replacing them.

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6. SAVADECK Warwinds 3.0 700C Carbon Fiber Racing Bicycle 

SAVADECK designs some of the best bikes in the market. And although many of these are often so expensive for riders on tight budget, the brand has some affordable road bikes that you can buy for cheap.

The Warwinds3.0 700C carbon fiber racing bicycle is among the brand’s affordable bike with quality build. The Warwinds3.0 700C is a good option for entry-level cyclists as well as experienced riders.

The carbon fiber frame makes the bike lightweight, with a total weight of 21.6 lbs when fully assembled. The carbon suspension fork absorbs most of the shock, especially when you are riding on rugged and bumpy trails.

Made of the same carbon fiber used to design the frame, the seat post is easy to adjust. And when it comes to speed, this one gives you the best option compared to what you get if you choose Redux 2 City Bike.

With the Shimano SORA 18 speed options, with a shifter lever that makes it easy to change from one gear to another, you can ride the bike at your own pace.

7. Tommaso Illimitate Adventure Bike

Tommaso Illimitate Adventure Bike isn’t just affordable and reliable. It’s a durable bike designed to last for the long haul.

To begin with, the brand used a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber to design the frame of this bike. The combined materials make the bike lightweight yet sturdy and flexible for all trails.

You will notice that the frame features a well-though drill, which makes it possible to add different racks and fenders to the bike.

The fun part about riding a bike is how fast you can move on different trails. Thanks to the 20 Shimano Tiagra Groupset, you really have a huge range of speed to ride the bike as fast as you can. With an easy to shift gear system, you can conquer different trails and get the most out of your hiking adventure.

You can ride this bike with ease without worrying about trail discomfort. That’s because you get a compact frame geometry that guarantees maximum comfort and flexibility on different trails. Thanks to the efficiency, you can ride the bike comfortably for shorter distances as well as long hours.

8. Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

A good road bike doesn’t always have to be expensive. At least the Tommaso Imola isn’t. In fact, it is one of the most affordable bikes on this list.

It doesn’t compromise on quality built. And it does not sacrifice performance. The aluminum frame makes this a lightweight bike when fully assembled.

This gives you the flexibility and convenience that you need to ride the bike on different trails with the least paddling effort.

The Imola does not disappoint when it comes to speed. In fact, you can ride this bike as fast as you can without paddling too much thanks to the 24 speeds. If you are late to work and there are no cabs to drive you to the office, this bike should get you commuting efficiently.

If you just want to ride fast on different terrains, especially on smooth, flat roads just choose the most appropriate speed and you are good to go, really.

The new Claris brake system gives you full control of the speed of the bike. With such a powerful braking power, you can ride this bike at top speed with confidence knowing that you will brake easily when it is time to do just that.

9. Pure Cycles Classic Road Bike

You probably won’t buy a expensive road bike if you are on a very tight budget. If you can only spend less than $600 on a bike, then you should consider the Classic Road Bike from Pure Cycles.

Although this bike goes for less than $600, it has the unique features that many high-end road bikes have. 

The frame, made of chromoly steel, is sturdy and lightweight, which means the bike is easy to ride and give you the convenient you need to get through rough terrains.

And there is no limit to who can use this bike. It is ideal for entry-level cyclist the same way it is for professional riders.

The brand also does a good job when it comes to the speed of the bike. With the 16-speed Shimano gear system, you can ride this bike as fast as you can on different trails. The gear system features a Claris STI shifter, which makes it easy for a rider to change from one speed to another without taking their eyes off the road.

The front and the rear brakes, together with the 3-piece crank set, give you full control of the bike’s speed. You can ride on rough trails and descend fast knowing that you are 100% safe.

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10. Vilano FORZA 2.0 Aluminum Carbon Shimano Tiagra Road Bike

The 6061 double-butted aluminum makes the Vilano FORZA 2.0 road bike completely lightweight when fully assembled.

So you can ride this bike on different environments without worrying about flexibility and speed.

Talking of speed, you get 27 speeds, which is more than what you get from the likes of Redux 2 City Bike from Raleigh Bikes.

Thanks to the integrated shifters, switching from one gear to another is easy. So you can ride at the speed of your choice on different trails.

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That’s it for the comprehensive list of our top-rated road bikes under $1,000.  If you are under budget, any of these options are worth choosing.

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