Best Road Bike Pedals

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Choosing the best road bike pedals is not rocket science. It’s just a matter of knowing your budget, looking up for options from your favorite brand, and choosing a model for your price point.

The only problem is that there are far too many options to compare when buying the best road bicycle pedals. And it could take hours, if not days, to find what you’d consider a perfect fit for your road bike. 

To help you save on time and get the right pedal as fast, check out our recommendations below. 

Top Rated Road Bike Pedals Comparison & Rating Chart

Best Road Bicycle Pedals Reviews 

1. SHIMANO SPD Pedal Clipless Pedals

Shimano SPD clipless road bike pedals are the kinds you can use in all weather conditions. With cleats easily slipping into them on either bottom or top, it takes less time to get ready with SPD so you can spend more time enjoying your ride.

Made of metal, while keeping the weight down as much as possible, these clipless bike pedal will lasts for years to come.


One of the best things about Shimano SPD clipless pedals is the minimalistic profile. This makes it easy to clip in, taking not more than half an hour to do the job. It does have a tight release, but you can easily loosen its tension until you achieve a personalized comfort zone. 

You notice that we’ve recommended the SPD for road bikes. But these one are versatile, which means you can install them on your mountain bike.

 Just make sure you adjust them properly so you can easily achieve the efficiency that you need to log more miles without straining on the trail. 


  • Durable and affordable bike pedals
  • They’re easy to setup and easy to use
  • You can use them on any trail in any weather conditions


  • The default tension is tight and needs readjustment

2. Look Keo 2 Max

Keo 2 Max road bike pedals aren’t exactly cheap compared to Shimano SPD. But Look has ensured they’ve given it the best build so you can get the best value for your money. For the price, expect some level of satisfying performance, if not entirely exceptional. 

Look has update the body of the pedals a bit, somewhat cutting down on the size to lower the weight and give you more sufficient lean angles.


They’ve even gone further to widen the stainless steel plate, giving your feet an excellent stability on the contact surface so you can pedal your bike with the least effort possible. 

They’ve made the Chromoly axle a bit bigger. And to some riders, it may actually appear oversized. There are needle bearing beneath the platform and ball bearings at the crank. 

Look adds a conical spacer between the bearings, which creates a gap between them hence achieving reduction in the level of friction. 

One of the things you will love about this pedal is the super grip. Plus, it quiet, which means that you can use it for long and never have to worry about it making squeaky noises on the trail.  


  • They are easy to use
  • Made to last for long


  • Expensive
  • Not as hard wearing

3. Look Cycle Keo 2 Max Carbon Road Pedals

Cycle Keo 2 Max Carbon is a more lightweight bike pedal with nearly half the weight of the original composite model. The two models look similar, but the brand has tweaked the blade to make the pedal lighter and offer more aero. 

Talking of weight, the composite model is 12.6 ounces and this carbon version is only 8.5 ounces. That’s a difference of 4.1 ounces, which means quite a significant reduction for a more lightweight feel and riding experience.

Plus, the carbon model is cheaper than the original Keo Max is. But they’re both costlier than the Shimano SPD. 

This road bike pedal has a wider mid foot made of stainless steel. And while the addition is as small as just 3 millimeters, it means improved cleat contact area. According to Look, the subtle adjustment should go a long way to enhance your feet’s stability. 

Yet if you have an experience with the original model, you most likely won’t see the difference. But the good thing is that this carbon version is easy to clip and easy to use. 


  • These pedals are more lightweight than the original version
  • You get increased foot area that enhances the stability of your feet
  • The release tension is easy to adjust


  • The cleats aren’t as durable as you’d expect

4. ISSI Bike Pedals

ISSI bike pedals are probably a pair that you’ve never even heard of. But they’re solid, functional, and easily adaptable. These are good for cyclists that prefer tight retention.

You’ll definitely love how flexible this model is, mostly when it comes to feet fit. In other words, these are also ideal for riders that have giant as well as regular feet. 

One of the best things about ISSI is the design of the pedals. The spindle is pure Chromoly with an ED coating. The bearings and bushing are smooth; hence zero squeaky noise when paddling. The spring tension is easy to adjust, so you can obviously achieve a level that best suits you. 

Because they use an SPD retention, these pedals can work really well with Shimano cleats. The foot platform of this bike pedal isn’t as big as that of Shimano pedals.

 But what you get for the price is still good enough to get your feet resting comfortably so you can ride your bike with ease. 


  • Gives good cleat retention so you can ride your bike comfortably, even at top speed
  • Available in different color options, so you can choose what pleases your eyes
  • You even get a variety of options for the spindle length


  • This bike pedal is heavy

5. Time Xpresso 2 Bike Pedals

We can’t sit Time and Shimano on the same level of competition yet. But we’re confident that Xpresso 2 bike pedals are among the best in the market today. Talking of design, the model features a steel build for the axle, which means you get a robust product for the price.

As far as cost goes, it makes a perfect alternative to Look’s model. In short, if you’re in the market for an inexpensive yet durable and functional road bike pedals, go with Xpresso 2. 

You will love Xpresso because it’s easy to install and easy to use. In addition, you can easily adjust it to different foot position, which, of course, depends on your preference.

Time states that these are lightweight. But at about 13.6 ounces, they seem to have quite a bit of weight. There’s not a big difference in weight between this and the likes of Shimano SPD, though. But if weight is something that would bother you that much, look past these pedals. 

You will actually love these because they offer sufficient pedaling platform, which is actually what makes them appeal the most to pro cyclists and amateur riders alike. 


  • Pedals are lightweight for the price
  • They are easy to install and easy to use


  • These pedals may be cheap, but they aren’t durable

6. Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 Pedals

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Shimano is always working around the clock to make sure its bike accessories are the best in the market. And the Ultegra PD R8000 is one of the premiums that they’ve built.

This model has had cyclists logging miles really well – and talking at the same time. To say that it’s the best there is on this list is probably an understatement.

The Ultegra R8000 is the best in the market. So if you’re looking for a more reliable, durable, and robust bike pedals, go with these. 

Like Shimano Dura Ace, the Ultegra features a stainless steel spindle and carbon composite body. The stack height is lower by about 0.7mm. And while this is such a tiny reduction, it still enhances your feet’s power transfer when cycling.

This one also features an increased width, which means your feet get an extra surface for stability and better grip. 

It’s hard not to love the bearings of this set of road bike pedals. First, Shimano builds them into the pedals really well. Second, they’re durable. Third, they’re smooth, good for logging tons of mileages without noticing squeaky noise or demanding frequent serving. 


  • Good design, looks almost the same to Dura Ace
  •  Wider foot platform for maximum stability


  • These one are expensive

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7. Speedplay Zero S/S Pedal

Speedplay Zeros are some of the best road bike for 1500 pedals in the market right now.

Designed to work exactly as expected these are the kind of pedals you can use to ride your bike for many miles every weeks for years to come. 

They’re lightweight, easy to install, and very easy to use. 


  • Offers a large float angle than the likes of Look models
  • Available in different makes, including Chromoly, Stainless Steel, and Titanium 
  • Small surface are yet very dynamic


  • They’re very expensive
  • Requires regular maintenance for effective performance