Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000

Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000

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Modern mountain bikes are advanced in material, style, and technology. For example, Diamondback and SAVEDECK design the most sophisticated mountaineering bikes today than they did 10 years ago. However, the evolution brings with it a major issue that many riders must cope with: the cost.

The best mountain bikes aren’t cheap these days. That’s why only a few riders can afford to spend over $3,000 on a bike. Fortunately, many brands understand that many riders also like budget bikes. This explains why they have designed the best mountain bikes under $2,000.  The following is a list of the top bikes that fall within this price bracket.

Our Top 3 Picks Of The Best MTN Bicycles Below 2,000 Dollars In Summary

1) BEIOU M600

The BEIOU M600 is available in three unique sizes and it is therefore ideal for riders of different heights. The 30-speed system lets you decide how fast you want to ride the bike.

And the disc brakes come in handy when you need to stop.

The bike does not come with a kickstand, which is one of the reasons why it is lightweight.


For people obsessed with quality and color and are looking for a strong and lightweight bike, the SAVADECK DECK300 might make a good choice.

The bike is easy to assemble, so you can put the parts together on your own, unless you want to take it to a bike shop nearby.

3) Diamondback Comp 29

We recommend the Diamondback Comp 29 Hardtail because of the comfort, control, and flexibility that it gives a rider on different terrains, especially on rough roads. 

From standard shock absorption and wide wheels to high quality braking system and powerful gears, this bike has everything you need to get going.

The Best MTB Under 2000 USD Reviews - We Picked the top bicycles for you

1. BEIOU BO-CB005 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike 

BO-CB005 appeals to riders under budget, thanks to the quality build.  

The frame is made of carbon fiber, which not only makes the bike lightweight but also contributes to its overall strength.

Since the bike weighs just 24 lbs when fully assembled, the flexibility that the bike gives you is up to the standard.

The 30-speed system is suitable for people that love to ride fast and slow. It makes riding on steep region easy and descending fast on smooth roads fun. The integrated fork suspension absorbs most of the shock, especially from rough trails, so you can ride the bike comfortably for long hours.

The disc brakes are up to scratch. They are professionally designed to help you stop the bike whenever the need to do so arises. And if color is something you also account for when choosing a mountain bike, BO-CB005 comes in a variety for you to choose.

It is important to note that this bike does not come with a kickstand. If it did, it would weigh more than it does and inconvenience a rider.


This bike’s frame is made of carbon fiber, so it is both durable and lightweight. With the integrated 30 speeds, you have the liberty to ride the bike at the speed of your choice.

The BO-CB020 27.5 MTB features an easy-to-adjust air suspension fork, which manages impact from unfriendly terrains. In fact, when you think about things like loopholes and bumps, you realize just how important the suspension fork is at helping to absorb the shock from such terrains in the event of an impact.

To adjust the air suspension fork, push the button on the shoulder position of the fork.

The BO-CB020 does not come with a bike stand, but you can buy one if you want to. It is important to choose a stand made of pure carbon fame, because a normal stand can hurt the frame of the bike.

There is no restriction to who can ride this bike. Whether you are an entry-level rider or a professional cyclist, this bike is for you.

The bike comes mostly assembled. All that you have to do is work on fixing the front wheel, the seat post, and the handlebar.

3. SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber MTB

SAVADECK DECK300 competes quite well with the competition.

To starts with, the frame is made of carbon fiber.

So what you get is not just a strong bike; you also get a lightweight unit that you can ride for long without getting tired.

The SR Suntour 100mm suspension fork provide comfort on different trains by minimizing the impact from bumps and loop holes.

The Shimano M6000 DEORE 30 Speed system is a big deal for riders that love to cycle at high speeds, both when climbing slowly and descending fast.

With the speed system, alongside the fact that this bike is lightweight due to the material used to design the frame, riding effectively from start to finish is quite easy.

Then there is the Shimano M315 disc brake system, which is a powerful feature that lets you control the speed of the bike on the go.

You can ride fast on a smooth road and stop with ease, even on the fly. You can also maneuver through rough trails with ease, thanks to the brakes.

4. BEIOU BO-CB024 Hardtail Mtn Bicycle

If you are looking for one of the most lightweight mountain bikes sold for less than $2,000, then you should consider the BEIOU BO-CB024 .

The frame is made of carbon fiber, which also adds to the overall strength and durability of the bike.

The bike is available I red, black, and orange. Of course, color is an important factor to consider if you are a rider that also accounts for color when purchasing a bike.

This bike even has more speed options than many road bikes out there In fact, the 30-speed system lets you ride the BO-CB024 at the pace of your choice on different terrains.

Since this bike features an effective suspension fork, it can easily absorb shock from different trails, especially when you hit on bumps or stumble upon a loopholes when you least expected.

This bike weighs about 24 lbs when fully assembled, so you should have an easy time riding it on different roads. In addition, it can handle a maximum capacity of 300 lbs.

5. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Carbon Comp 29

Diamondback Comp 29 is one of the most durable mountain bikes out there.

This bike is for pro enthusiasts who are up for more challenging terrains.

It features 29-inch wheels, which are wide enough to give a rider the comfort, control, and flexibility they need to ride on smooth as well as rough paths.

With an up to the standard shock absorption system, this bike can easily smooth out whatever trail you ride on and lessen your fatigue.

The idea of bigger wheels is quite interesting. After all, you end up exerting less force when paddling once the bike is moving and the large contact area makes taking corners and climbing easy. However, the wheels are a bit difficult to get going as they add some weight to the bike.

 This bike is a good choice for someone who has experience in biking and is not afraid of some of the most difficult trails. We do not recommend this bike to beginners. And we don’t advise riders who can’t take rougher trails to buy this bike.

6. Mongoose Men's Tyax Pro

Mongoose once claimed that it is in business for two major reasons. As a brand, their initial goal is to get more people to ride bicycles.

And the company meets this goal by designing, marketing, selling, and distributing bikes that are worth the asking price.

Once hooked to riding, Mongoose helps riders enhance their participation in bike riding sports.

The Mongoose Men’s Tyax Pro is one of the low-end bikes in the brand’s collection, a good option for people that need the good riding experience all year round. And the best part is that there is no limit to how a man can ride this bike.

It doesn’t matter if you are an XC racer or a regular commuter. It doesn’t matter if you live in a community with the worst terrains or smooth roads. It doesn’t matter if you are into hard pack single track racing or you just plan to ride for fun. Tyax Pro can do it all.

Because the frame of this bike is made of aluminum, the Tyax Pro is durable and lightweight thus easy to ride. The tapered head tube gives you full control when it comes to steering and it does not add to the weight of the bike.

Tyax Pro is available in 5 different sizes. So there is a reasonable option for you whether you are tall or short.

7. Mongoose Ruddy 

Mongoose has been in business for over 40 years. From the time of founding until today, the company continues to concentrate on designing durable bikes for enthusiastic cyclists.

Mongoose is also fair when it comes to the pricing of its bikes.

By designing the highest quality units at different price ranges, this company ensures that there is a good bike for just about any rider out there.

Take the Mongoose Ruddy, for example. It is a mountain bike designed up to scratch, selling well below 2,000 dollars. Commonly dubbed as a plush bike by some riders, Mongoose Ruddy is as flexible as you can imagine and it rides quite well on different terrains.

And the ride isn’t just smooth; it is quicker that many standard bikes. Given that it is lightweight, you can ride this mountain bike on different terrains without being exhausted too soon or feeling very tired after your ride.

There is no limit to who can ride this bike. Whether you are a pro rider with a passion for biking sport or you are an occasional rider who doesn’t mind biking on a weekend, this bike is definitely a good option to choose.

8. Raleigh Bikes Kodiak 2

It’s a fact. Raleigh is among the most popular brands that design the top mtn bicycles priced  below $2,000. And their Kodiak 2 is just a good example of a bike that’s worth riding.

Built to glide well on different terrains, from smooth road to bouncy and rough paths, you can take Kodiak 2 just about anywhere you can imagine.

With front forks and rare suspensions that give the bike the power to ride on any ground, there is really no limit to where you can take this bike.

Kodiak 2 is available in four different sizes, but the small and the medium size are often the most common ones. The large (19 inches) and the extra-large (21 inches) are good for tall riders whose heights exceed 5.9 inches.

The narrow to wide chain ring integrated on this bike makes it easy for a rider to go down and up hills. The Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes are sturdy and convenient for ultimate stopping, even in the event of an emergency.

9. BEIOU 650B Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

For the price, you get a unit that performs quite well just like high-end models.

The 650B is a very strong bike, so it can stand different terrains, including the most difficult ones to ride on, quite well.

The 650B Dual Suspension Mountain Bike features a frame made of carbon fiber, so it is durable and lightweight.

The Shimano 10 speed system lets you ride the bike at your own pace.

And the hydraulic disc brake lets you stop the bike any time you wish.

10. Lapierre XR529 Full Suspension MTB Bike

If you are a XCO or a Marathon racer looking for a durable mountain bike, you may want to consider the Lapierre XR529 Full Suspension MTB.

The XR529 also doubles as a good trail bike. When it comes to design, this bike has a more modern geometry unlike many mountain bikes out there.

And while some people may have an issue with the weight of the bike, the suspension design makes it quite a good bike to ride.

The plusher suspension kinematic enhances the effectiveness of the bike on different terrains. The wheels are wide enough to provide flexibility and stability that a rider needs to ride at different speeds, especially when descending.


If you have been looking for mountain bikes that cost less than $2,000 but you still struggle to choose one among the many different options, then this list should help you make the right decision.

Now that we’ve put this out there, it should be easy for you to choose one in the shortest time possible.