Best Hybrid bikes under $300

Best Hybrid bikes under $300

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I am a very notorious cyclist. Not a week goes by without me riding my Schwinn Capital 700C. It’s one of the cheapest hybrid bikes in my garage. And I can tell you from my own experience that this one is a powerhouse.

My Capital 700C hybrid bike is quite cheap, going for cheap from the time it came to the market up until this very day.  To be honest, this unit has stood the test of time, so I love it to a tee.

So if you have ever wondered if the best hybrid bikes under $300 are worth buying, the answer is yes. Check out this list of the top 10 best options in this price range.


Product Name

Frame Material

Brake Type

Number of Gears


700c Royce Union RMY Mens 21-Speed Hybrid Comfort...


Alloy linear pull brakes

21-speed Shimano Revoshift

Critical Cycles Parker City Bike with Coaster...


KT coaster brake hubs


Pedal Chic 700C Allure Fitness (Size 18), Medium

Steel, alloy, aluminum, plastic, rubber


21 speed

Pedal Chic 700C Allure Fitness (Size 18), Medium

Steel, alloy, aluminum, plastic, rubber


21 speed

Schwinn Capital 700c Hybrid Bicycle for Men, Grey


rear alloy V brakes

Shimano 21 speed EZ-Fire shifters

Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike, GTX 2, 18-Inch...


Disc Brakes Available


Schwinn Capital 700c Hybrid Bicycle for Women,...

aluminum step-through hybrid frame

Alloy Linear Pull brakes

21 Speed

best hybrid bikes under $300

Royce Union RMY

Royce Union RMY is a comfortable bike with an integrated ZOOM suspension that absorbs impact from rough roads. The handlebar gives the rider an upright position for a long hour riding experience. The 21-speed system makes this a good bike to ride on different trails.

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cheap city bikes

Retrospec Critical Cycles Parker City Bike

If you prefer riding a bike to taking a cab or a bus to school or work, then you should try the Retrospec Critical Cycles Parker City Bike. This is a good commuter bike with an easy to adjust seat post and handlebars. It’s one of the cheapest options on this list.

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Allure Fitness

Allure Fitness is a decent option for women who want to take to cycling for fitness. Since it is an all-trail bike, you can ride it comfortably on different roads. This bike is available in small and medium sizes.

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Top Hybrid Bikes Under $300 Reviews - We Picked Cheap & Affordable Bikes For You

​ 1. Royce Union RMY Comfort Bike

If looks and attraction are anything to go by, Royce Union RMY’s metallic red paint with a gloss overcoat       definitely looks good to the eyes. The heat-treated aluminum frame makes the bike lightweight, weighing not more than 25 lbs when fully assembled.

The integrate ZOOM suspension is a unique addition, which helps to absorb the most shock when riding on bumps, potholes, and dips. The handlebar is in the right angle, so it gives you an upright position for a comfortable and flexible ride.

The serrated plane on the bike’s pedals grips cycling shoes quite well. So you can pedal faster without worrying about either of your foot sliding out especially when cycling uphill. The saddle, padded with high –grade material and featuring dual springs, provides you with the comfort you need to ride the bike for long distances. The seat post is easy to adjust, so feel free to play around with it until you get the most comfortable height for the saddle.

The 21-speed system gives you the speeding power that you need to get to your destination fast,  especially when riding on smooth, leveled tarmac. 

2. Retrospec Critical Cycles Parker City Bike

Retrospec Critical Cycles Parker City Bike features high quality components that work together to give you the best riding experience. This is a city bike, so it is good for commuting in urban region where the trails aren’t so much unfriendly.

You cannot bring this bike to the mountains or ride it on steep trails for two reasons. First, it is not a mountain bike. Second, it doesn’t even feature a speed system that could at least propel it even on less steep terrains.

Retrospec Critical Cycles Parker features a lightweight frame, so the overall weight of the bike after full assembly is still sensible. Therefore, you can ride the bike a bit fast with the least paddling effort.

The well-padded leather saddle gives you the comfort you need to commute for long hours. It is a bit narrow if you ask me, but it is still good enough to get you through the day. The handlebar is slightly below the saddle, but you can lower the seat post to lower the height of the saddle if you want to align the seat and the handlebar.

​3. Pedal Chic Women's 700c Allure Fitness Bicycle

Pedal Chic makes the best first impression with this bike. First, the color combination appeals to female riders who have a taste for good-looking hybrid bikes. Apparently, Allure Fitness is an all-purpose, all-trail bike that you can ride almost anywhere. And while it is primarily suitable for fitness racing, it makes a good option for regular commuting.

The Allure Fitness bicycle comes only in two sizes: small and medium. As such, it doesn’t appeal to tall women nearly as much. The handlebars are somewhat flat. They are comfortable to hold since they have properly padded grips.

The saddle that sits on the adjustable seat post is quite well. This is a good thing because it enhances the comfort of a female rider, especially when riding for a long distance. Of course, the seat post and handlebar are easy to adjust.

Allure Fitness road and mountain bike features a 21-speed drive train, which gives a female rider the option to ride the bike at her own pace. Thanks to the twist shifters, changing from one gear to another, without taking your eyes off the road, is easy and fast.

4. Phoenix Bicycle PF Folding Bike

If you are looking for a folding bike that you can bring with you wherever you want to go, then you should consider Phoenix Bicycle PF Folding bike. Although it is a low-end bike, it features so many premium components common with many high-end hybrid bikes. So, what exactly makes this bike stand out?

To begin with, the frame is pure aluminum, a light and agile material that makes the bike lightweight and easy to ride on different trails. Known for their perfect combination of agility and control, the 26-inch wheels gives a rider the flexibility they need to ride fast and smoothly on different road.

Phoenix PF folding bike features a shaped chain stays and front suspension, which absorb shock from different roads. It’s easy to ride on bumpy roads and pass through potholes without losing control of the bike.

The gear system gives you the options that you need to ride the bike at different speeds. And the disc brakes give you the stopping power that you need to control the speed of the bike on different trails.

​5. Schwinn Capital 700c Men's Hybrid Bicycle

Schwinn Capital feels like a combination of all bikes put into one. And it is, really. In fact, the brand utilizes premium components to make the Capital 700C effective for light touring, mountaineering, commuting, and regular cycling.

Whether you live in the urban areas where the roads are flat and smooth or you come from a hilly region, this bike is a good fit for you.

Capital features an aluminum frame, a material that’s now the standard even on hybrid bikes. Since the aluminum is lightweight, it doesn’t add unnecessary weight to the bike. Despite being lightweight, the frame is so sturdy and flexible that it can handle the weight of the rider quite well.

Then there is the Schwinn fork. This one gives you the assurance that you won’t lose your control on the trail when you run into bumps, potholes, and rugged trails.

The Shimano gear system gives you the option you need to ride the bike at different speeds. The back derailleur and the EZ-Fire shifters let you change gears with ease without taking your eyes off the road.

​6. Schwinn GTX 2.0 700c Men's Dual 18 Sport Bike

The GTX 700C is an ideal option for men that want to get into cycling for fitness. As a good alternative to walking and running, cycling on the GTX 2.0 Sport Bike can help you burn calories and lose weight along the way.

Cycling moves so many parts of your body at the same time, which makes it a good exercise for people that would like to cut down and keep in shape.

But, what exactly makes the GTX 700C from Schwinn a good sports bike? First, it is important to note that although this bike is cheap, it is sturdy, flexible, durable, easy to assemble, and suitable for any kind of riding.

The front and rear suspension forks enhance the comfort of a rider by absorbing the most shock that would otherwise affect the body. Since the dual forks handle the most impact, you can ride the bike for long without worrying about losing control on the trail.

Because the seat post of this bike is easy to adjust, you can push the saddle up or down until you get the right position for you. Remember, the level to which you adjust the seat post highly depends on your height as a rider.

​7.  Gama Bikes Men's City Road Bike for Men 

This won’t be the last time you hear someone say that cheap hybrid bikes like Gama Bikes City Road Bike for men can’t last long.

The truth is the brand engineered this unit quite well to bring to the market a bike that deserves more than the asking price. So, what makes this one stand out anyway?

The first feature that definitely grabs attention is the frame.  The frame is made of lightweight steel. And it is very durable just like frames made of lightweight aluminum. The frame assumes a relaxed upright position. So you can ride this bike for long hours without worrying about possible fatigue.

This urban city bike features just 6 speeds. This isn’t bad for a commuting bike. But then again, the Gama Bike isn’t quite an ideal choice for people that love to ride at a very high speed. Thanks to the Shimano Tourney 6 Shifters, switching from one speed to another is, as you can imagine, very easy.

 The 26-inch wheels glide on different terrains. And the brake system gives you the stopping power that you need to control the speed of the bike.

8. Schwinn Capitol Women's Hybrid Bicycle

Taking a cab, traveling by a bus, or driving your own car to your destination isn’t a bad idea. But if you want to feel the zephyr and see the world around you, the Schwinn Capitol is more than likely ideal.

Designed for women that commute several times a day, this bike has the bells and whistles that a female cyclist needs to get the best riding experience in the urban and rural trails.

The Capitol may be a budget hybrid bike, but it features the same aluminum used to design the frame of the brand’s high-end bikes. The aluminum frame makes the bike lightweight, weighing not more than 50 lbs total when fully assembled. The 32 suspension forks enhance your riding experience, especially when cruising on bumpy roads.

The saddle (seat) is quite comfortable. Not only does the seat feature a very soft spring, but also it’s well padded to provide the comfort that women need especially when riding for long distance. The gear system gives you different speed options, so you can ride the bike at your own pace. The rime style brakes give you the stopping power to control the speed of the bike.

​9. Murtisol Suspension Mountain Bike

One of the things that make Murtisol a descent mountain bike is its overall weight. This bike is so lightweight that you can glide on steep trails for long hours without peddling hard. The reason why this bike is lightweight is that the frame is made of pure aluminum. Aluminum is a very light yet sturdy and durable material, which has become a standard resource used in the design of road, mountain, electric, and hybrid bicycles.

The seat is one of the most comfortable parts of this bike. Thanks to the proper padding, you can sit on the saddle for long hours and ride comfortably even on the most unfriendly trails in your region. The height of the seat is also adjustable. Depending on your height, you can move the seat post up or down up to a level that perfectly fits.

You get 21 speed options, so you can ride the bike at different speeds depending on the nature of the road. The Micro Shift Index Shifter allows you to switch easily from one gear to another when riding. And the disc brake system gives you the stopping power to control the speed of the bike any time.

​10. Schwinn Volare 1200 Men's Road Bike

The Volare 1200 is one of the best hybrid bikes under $300 that packs a punch just like its high-end brothers. I am not always attracted to color. But I am more than willing to admit that this high-performance bike pleases the eyes for sure. This powerhouse is a good option for daily commute, an option you can use to ride to work, take a ride to the beach, ride around the city or go to school every single day.

The aluminum not only makes the frame of this bike lightweight but also strong. So you can ride effortlessly on different trails and get the most out of your riding experience. The fork absorbs most of the impact from the road, so you should handle bumps and potholes with ease.


If you have ever wondered if there are cheap hybrid bikes that can give you the best performance on different trails, then these top 10 options should clear your doubts.