Best Headphones for Cycling

Best Headphones for Cycling

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Whether you ride your bike for fun or cycling has become part of your workout routine, adding music to the exercise can motivate you to keep going. Assuming you have your playlist ready, you only need a good pair of headsets and you’re good to go. 

And with tons of great options out there, it shouldn’t be hard for you to find the best cycling headphones to use. Here are some options that I’d recommend. 

Top Rated Cycling Headphones Comparison & Rating Chart

Best Cycling Headphones Reviews

1. Powerbeats Pro Wireless Headphones

Powerbeats Pro headsets are insanely cool. Built to give you the right sound balance from every song in your workout playlist, Beats really nailed it every step of the design process.

Whether you love hip-hop or you roll just cool with R&, Powerbeats Pro can make every cycling moment feel fresh like the first time. 

In the age where wireless means convenience, especially when it comes to movement, it’s easy to see why Beats completely strips wires out these. And the pair fits really well.

Once you adjust them, you get a secure fit that stays in position no matter how fast you move and how hard you go. 

You get a 9-hour runtime on a single charge, which is long enough from such tiny set of earbuds. And in the age where connection accuracy is as important as music itself, Powerbeats Pro offers an unbeatable connection range with few dropouts.  


  • Better sound quality and decent runtime
  • Not truly noise-cancelling, but they do isolate sound to a good level


  • Don’t use these for sleeping, you won’t find the comfortable especially if you’re a side sleeper
  • Rather expensive and not ideal for cyclist on budget

2. Jaybird X4 Wireless Headphones

Jaybird X4 are a big deal. Rugged, versatile, and 100% waterproof, these can tackle any kind of ride and definitely stay put.

Whether you intend to ride in smooth streets or cruise on rough trails, these will hold up really well for you.  

Once paired with your smartphone or MP3 player, expect this to give you a whooping 8 hours of playtime.

Enjoy your favorite playlist and get the motivation to keep riding even when you feel like stopping.

Plus, the battery charges really first, with a juice up of 10 minutes giving you 60 minutes of play time. 


  • Includes a Sport Cinch for an adjustable, secure fit
  • Good battery life, and even charges faster once battery runs out
  • Waterproof, ride your bike in wet conditions and rainy weather and these will hold up just fine


  • No button to mute mic when on call

3. AfterShokz Aeropex Open Ear Wireless Headphones

When I buy headphones, I want nothing but the best sound quality for the price. And having tried AfterShokz Aeropex for a couple of runs and cycling, I’m convinced they cut it quite well.

These tiny earbuds offer the right sound balance, so you can get the most out of your playlist as you ride your bike.


The bass is deep, the vibration is almost unnoticeable, and the volume is just right. I cycled in these for two hours straight in a not-so-busy street while listening to my workout jams.

And not only did I get the sound quality I expected, the battery too was just as superb. Quite frankly, I don’t wear these for more than 3 hours. But I find the 8-hour runtime quite promising for certain. 

Tough weather conditions are nothing but toast to these headphones. If they can stand heavy rains, you bet they can kick drizzles and sweat in the ass. 


  • Best battery life and I bet you won’t be cycling for 8 hours straight anyway
  • Connects with multiple devices


  • You don’t really get the best bass

4. Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds 

You don’t an introduction to Jabra unless you live under a rock. Because since its debut, it has been one of the best headphones brands in the world.

And their Elite Active 65t earbuds are downright a game changer for serious cyclists who like to add music listening to the cycling binge.


They fit nicely and they stay in position no matter how fast you move.

Sweat, dust, and waterproof, the Elite Active 65t can handle just about any condition, especially wet and rainy weather. 

What’s more, this gizmo features an integrated sensor, which makes a good performance tracker. 


  • It has a 5-hours battery life
  • Stable connection with only a few dropouts here and there
  • Inexpensive, good for you if you’re on a budget


  • Battery life isn’t good enough

5. AUKEY Wireless Headphones

Why use cheap $10 headphones when you can get the best listening experience with AUKEY wireless headphones?

Built for cyclist, like you and me, these headsets deliver the stunning sound you need for whatever kind of music you love to listen to. 

The bass is deep enough and the mids are downright clear.

 Add the fact that they have low latency, and you definitely get the best value for your money. 


  • Good  battery life, 8 hours of  runtime on a single charge
  • Truly waterproof, you can use them even in rainy weather
  • You get exceptional sound quality for the price


  • The noticeable white noise may be a deal-breaker

6. Plantronics Fit 350 Wireless Headphones 

If you’re in the market for cycling headphones that can cancel out noise passively, then you will love the Plantronics Fit 350.

And these ones are quite stable, able to stay in position from the time you put them on to the time you take them off. 

Plus, they’re so lightweight you’ll hardly that you’ll find them good enough to have on for an extended period. 


  • Waterproof - can really hold up really well even in rainy weather
  • Good for multiple workouts, including cycling
  • You get a 6-hour runtime on a single charge


  • I wish the battery life were a little better