Best Cycling Socks

Best Cycling Socks

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The best cycling socks are as important as every single bike accessory that we’ve ever discussed on Bikes Haven.  

And they’re a good addition that can and will easily complement your cycling shoes. 

While there are many reasons why these socks are important, you mainly want to buy them because they add a layer of comfort in your footwear mix, thus giving you the comfort you need to pedal faster while using less energy. 

Don’t have some socks for cycling yet? Here are some cool options for you. 

Top Rated Bike Socks For Any Cycling Ride Comparison


Product Name



Major Benefit


CHARMKING Compression Socks (3 Pairs) 15-20 mmHg...


enhance oxygen delivery and blood flow for better performance

Swiftwick- PERFORMANCE SEVEN Cycling Socks for Men...

Olefin fiber

highly breathable, keeps your feet cool, dry, and blister free

DeFeet Aireator Team Double Cuff Socks, Neon...


easily wick moisture to keep yoiur feet cool and dry

Swiftwick- PERFORMANCE ONE Golf & Running Socks...

nylon,Olefin fiber, spandex

abrasion resistant, offers the comfort you need to ride for long hours

Giro HRC Team Socks Black/Dark Shadow Small


offer decent arch support when riding your bike

CHARMKING Compression Socks for Women & Men 15-20...


enhance oxygen delivery and blood flow for better performance

Copper Compression Running Socks For Men &...

copper fiber

copper fiber enhance blood circulation for better performance

RANDY SUN Flag Luminous St. Patrick's Day Socks,...

nylon, polyester, eslastin

sufficient cushioning for maximum comfort

PAPLUS Ankle Compression Sock for Men and Women...

lightweight fabric

compression socks, improve blow flow and oxygen for better performance

DeFeet Aireator Cool Bikes 1 Pair


moisture wicking so your feet doesn't sweat

Best Bicycle Socks Reviews

1. Charm King Compression Socks 

Charm King Compression socks have earned a credible reputation for their comfort and health benefits.

In our eyes, these aren’t just cycling socks designed to keep your feet warm.

By combining the right technology and science with a bit of fashion, these socks appeal medically as well. 

They’re made of tough nylon and they feature a 360-degree stretch for flexibility.

Breathable and durable, the pair will keep your feet cool and dry even in extremely hot cycling trails.

Their ability to enhance blood flow and oxygen delivery to your muscles as you push and pull your bike pedals means improved performance. 

The padding at the ball and top doesn’t just get rid of foot abrasion and stress as you ride your bike.  It also provides the comfort you need to reach your destination in time. 


  • Have enough room in the toe that keeps them from binding
  • Comfortable socks, available in over 20 unique color options


  • Not ideal for cyclists with large calves

2. Swiftwick Performance Seven Cycling Socks

The best thing about Swiftwick Performance Seven is their moisture wicking ability.

Made of lightweight Olefin fiber, the pair ensures sufficient airflow from the moment you out them on.

The result is cool, dry, blister-free feet. You don’t even have to worry about hotspots once you wear these. And you get a better riding experience in different conditions. 

You will love these cycling socks because of the toe reinforcement, which offers abrasion resistance power for maximum durability.

These ones don’t have better compression.

But there’s some around the arch, enough to support your muscles while keeping the socks in place. 


  • Made of moisture wicking fiber for comfort and durability
  • The seamless toe technology eliminates friction and abrasion at the toe area
  • Cushioned for all day comfort


  • The compression is moderate and may not be sufficient for some cyclists

3. DeFeet Aireator Team Double Cuff Socks

DeFeet Aireator is one of the well-made pair of cycling socks. Made of 100% polyester, these will last for long before you crave for a new pair.

Not only are they available in 9 different colors, they also come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes so you can pick an option that best suits you. 

DeFeet Aireator Team Double feels light and has zero cushioning, not to mention that they feel a little less soft.

However, the lack of cushioning isn’t really a deal breaker because you don’t need that for cycling.

As long as you wear these with the right cycling shoes, you should be good to go to any biking adventure. 


  • They fit really well, you don’t have to go up in size if you have wide feet
  • Well-made and durable


  • Has zero cushioning, so you can’t use them for any other sport except for biking

4. Swiftwick Performance One

Pedaling for long hours requires more than just the right kind of bike shoes. You also need to have comfortable socks on.

And Swiftwick Performance One is a good pair to consider. Instead of just using Olefin fiber for the build, Swiftwick adds two more materials to the mix: spandex and nylon. T

he result is a durable pair of socks that stretches well and fits with ease. 

The moisture wicking technology is one of this brand’s strongest selling point.

The consistent airflow in and out of your feet ensures they stay cool and dry, even when you ride your bike a lot in hot conditions. 

Add to this the abrasion resistance mechanism plus the reinforced heel and toe and what you get for the price is a highly durable pair of socks. 


  • Comfortable, made to offer long lasting performance
  • Zero friction at the toes and they’re even abrasion resistant


  • Seams are somewhat bulky and the toe box may be too big for some riders

5. Giro HRC Team Socks

We’ve known Giro for their best cycling gloves.

And they’re also good when it comes to making the best cycling socks yet.

In fact, their HRC is a pair of its own kind, a well-built model tested by pro cyclists to ensure you get the value for your money.


You will love HR Team Socks for two reasons. First, these compression socks are highly breathable thank to the Meryl Skinlife fiber.

 That means sufficient air circulation to keep your feet dry no matter how long you’re out there cycling.

 Second, they offer you great arch support, making it easy for you to ride your bike and walk comfortably.

 Their HRC is a pair of sock of its own kind. 


  • Wicks moisture really well to keep your feet cool and dry
  • Meryl Skinlife fiber even helps to maintain your skin’s bacterial balance


  • They are insanely thin

6. Charm King Compression Socks

Charm King makes some of the best socks that you can use for cycling. And here’s a collection to consider if you’re looking forward to buy more than one pair at once.

The brand combines fashion, science, and technology to make these socks as good as you see them. 

Compression is Charm King’s strongest selling point, and for good reasons.

First, it ensures improved oxygen and proper blood flow to your muscles as you ride your bike.

Second, the compression enables you to pedal faster while using less energy to do so. 

And with the moderate to extra firm support that you get from the compression zones, you can say goodbye to pain and discomforts, like varicose veins and fatigue, and just have a good time out there. 


  • Good product with a good color blend
  • All are compression sock with tons of health benefits


  • They don’t have the most comfortable seams

7. Copper Compression Socks for Men and Women

If you’re looking for an alternative to knee high compression socks, then these are the best option to consider.

They’re flexible, multisport socks that you can wear for running, walking, and even cycling. They are easy to put on and take off, thanks to the low cut design. 

These ones are made of copper fiber and that should mean something. At the very least, the material is a good conductor of electricity.

And in the case of these socks, it means improved blood circulation for a better cycling experience. In addition, you get more ankle support that you would if you wore standard socks. 

These socks offer more compression at the ankle, easily reducing fatigue and enabling you to ride faster while pedaling less. 

Moreover, they’re breathable, allowing sufficient airflow so your feet remain cool and dry throughout your cycling adventure. 


  • Soft and smooth, feels comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Anti-odor and anti-bacterial, your feet feel fresh and clean when you take these off
  • Inexpensive


  • Run too large and stretch out rather too much

8. Randy Sun Socks

Randy Sun socks aren’t as sleek as Charm King are. But who are we to care about color when performance is all we want anyway?

Put into the simplest of terms, Randy Sun focuses more on comfort and performance while leaving less room for fashion. 

They get the design right from the onset, giving the pair a proper balance of nylon, polyester, and elastane on the outer and reinforcing a waterproof and breathable membrane on the inner layer. 

In those days when you have to ride your bike in cold chilly weather or you have to cruise through wet trails to your destination, these socks are downright the best choice. 


  • Waterproof cycling socks, good for riding your bike in wet conditions
  • Good for  men, women, boys, and girls
  • Cheap socks, lower price option available if you’re on a budget


  • There’s no extra large size, so consider other options of you have large feet

9. PAPLUS Ankle Compression Sock

PAPLUS is a friend to the ankle socks lover.

Owing to their quality design with a bit of a fashion blend that doesn’t seem to go out of trend, these ones have attracted a wider audience since they first came to the footwear market.

And for a cyclist, like you and us, these are just ride for improving blood flow and enhancing performance. 

And about motion? Owing to the enhanced blood flow and oxygen supply, these compression socks allow your feet to react quickly to the pedals, push and pull your feet faster, and use less energy during the process. 


  • Good pair, designed to last
  • Breathable and comfortable


  • There’s really not enough compression here

10. DeFeet Aireator Cool Bikes Socks 

With DeFeet Aireator Cool Bikes Socks, the possibility of feet sweat and pungent smell is zero. 

The breathable fabric does its job right, allowing consistent airflow in and out of the sock to ensure your feet remain cool and dry. 


  • Easily wicks out moisture to keep your feet cool and dry
  • True to size, fits really well


  • These aren’t compression socks
  • No small or extra-large version available