Best Cycling Shoe Covers

Best Cycling Shoe Covers Reviews

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The best cycling shoes covers serve one very important purpose: keep your cycling footwear warm as much as possible even in the dead of the winter.  

They are made of either fleece-backed fabric or thick neoprene, which lock in as much heat as possible the same way insulated winter boots do. 

So if you cannot afford to buy expensive cycling shoes now and you need to beat the cold and enjoy cycling, check out the following overshoes for a fair deal. 

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Best Cycling Shoe Cover Reviews Top Overshoes For Men & Women

1. Castelli Diluvio C Shoe Cover

Castelli designed Diluvio C for all weather conditions. And they succeeded in delivering a high quality build at a price that’s genuinely fair.

Good for deep winter protection, Diluvio is an ideal option for cyclists who ride in extremely cold weather, or those who simply need shoe covers that can perform well in all conditions. 

 This cove’s neoprene fabric is 3 millimeters. While 4mm is the best thickness many cyclists have seen so far, the 3mm isn’t that bad. Apparently, it’s enough to stand up to the coldest and wettest condition out there. Which is why we say that this is a good pick for any situation.

One of the things we love about this overshoe is that it extends past the ankle going all the way to the calf. This way, it’s able to provide additional shoes protection so they last longer even if put to daily use.

 Lastly, there is reflectivity on this model. And while it doesn’t seem bright enough in our eyes, it can blend well with your bike lights and provide protection at night. 


  • Thick neoprene fabric for excellent protection and comfort
  • Good amount of reflectivity


  • There’s no reinforcement on the sole

2. Gore Wear Unisex Windproof Overshoes

 Maybe you’ve known Gore Wear only for their bike helmets, the best cycling gloves, or cycling jackets. But they also design high quality shoe covers, with his unisex model being their best make so far.

When it comes to performance, these seem to hold up quite well in dry and cold conditions, so you can use them for any kind of ride. 

As far as design goes, these are made of windproof fabric.

 They have a fleece lining that provides sufficient warmth, which can stand up to temperature as low as five degrees. 

Moreover, the fabric is water resistant, which means these overshoes will hold really well in damp conditions and rainy weather. 

Gore Wear also take safety into consideration by adding their reflective logo on the cover. This way, other road users can easily spot you from a distance and drive or ride past you with ease. 


  • Good construction, will last for a while before you crave for a replacement
  • The seam is fully taped to offer you maximum protection
  • Breathable enough to keep your feet cool and dry


  • These windproof shoe covers are expensive

3. Fizik Winter Shoes Cover

Fizik doesn’t just design the best cycling shoes. They also make high quality shoe covers that you can buy and use to protect your cycling footwear.

The winter option is one of their top models. And it’s just as good as Velotoze. 

The reflective logo element on the cover offers night visibility, although it isn’t nearly as bright.

The sole section features a rubber build, which offers better shoe grip so you can pedal your bike with confidence and with the least effort possible.  

The upper is waterproof. As such, the cover can protect your shoes from water. Also, the cover is windproof, so you can use it in chilly mornings.

 The thermal seams feature a decent stitching, making the cover particularly good for use in cold weather conditions. 


  • Rubberized outsole offers a better grip
  •  Waterproof and windproof, perfect for all environments


  • This cover is somewhat pricier

4. Giro Knit Shoe Cover

Giro has been quite active in designing some of the best cycling accessories. For example, their cycling gloves are quite popular for their quality.

And we know from experience that their cycling caps are up to the standard thanks to their comfort and breathability. 

Their Knit shoe cover is also a good product in the category. Available only in black and lime green, these may not exactly be the most aesthetically pleasing cover to wear.

But they serve their purpose and that’s what’s important. These made of Cordura. And they come in small, medium, and large size. 

It’s important to note that Cordura is one of the most durable materials yet. Plus, it’s tear resistant.

 This means that, for the price, you get a high quality shoe cover that will last a long time. And as much as they‘re lightweight, they provide better insulation, so you can use them even for chilly morning biking. 


  • Made of high quality material for durability
  • Lightweight and warm


  • They don’t seem to be windproof enough

5. Velotoze Road Cycling Shoe Cover

Velotoze road bike shoe covers are colorful and catchy. And they’re downright affordable and ideal for cyclists on a budget.

Also, these are among the most durable models you’ll come across thanks to the rubber build.

 Plus, they’re lightweight, only adding an almost unnoticeable weight to your shoes. 

We love how elastic the rubber material is. With this kind of flexibility, this cover fits nearly any road biking shoes out there.

Because this shoe cover is windproof, it will make it easy for you to pedal your bike even in extremely windy environment.

And that means you can use them in cold mornings and even in winter. 

You’ll love this cover because it’s waterproof. You can pedal your bike through damp areas or ride in rainy condition with the confidence that this will hold up just fine. Velotoze shoe cove features two holes. One if for the cleat and the other is on the heel. They both make it easy for you to fit your footwear perfectly. 


  • Fit really well
  • Water and waterproof, keep cold and water out respectively


  • This cover doesn’t last for a very long time
  • The level of breathability could be better