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Bike trainers have become a big deal these days, and for good reasons. They’re the best alternative to expensive stationary bikes. And more often than not, they appeal to cyclists on a (tight) budget. 

But understand this: 

The best indoor bike trainers aren’t popular because they’re cheap. Rather, they’ve become a staple among pro and amateur cyclists because of the role they play. 

The best bikes trainers will help you train for a cycling competition, warm up for a morning ride, stay in shape during cold seasons, and keep up with your regular riding schedule. 

And the best part is? 

They give you a similar simulation of an actual riding experience, allowing you to ride your bike for hours but with the front wheel stationary. 

Whether you want to go for a smart trainer that you can pair with fitness apps like Zwift and Fit or you prefer something simple with a magnetic tension resistance, here are some options to consider. 

Top Rated Bike Trainers Comparison & Rating Chart

Best Bicycle Trainer Reviews - Best  Indoor Bike Trainers For The Money 

1. Sportneer Bike Trainer Stand

If a stationary bike is too expensive for you to buy, you can just invest in Sportneer Bike Trainer Stand and use it with your actual bike.

It’s an inexpensive model built to give you the feel of a stationary bike. And it’s an ideal equipment to consider when you seriously need to warm up before hitting the trail. 

The steel frame build makes this a strong and durable bike strainer. The integrated locking mechanism keeps it in position, giving you a better stability from the time you start training to the time you fold it down for storage.

It will fit bikes with 700c wheels, and you can have it on this stand in under 10 minutes. 

This stand also comes with a riser block for the front wheel, which keeps the front wheel in a stationary position the entire time. In short, it completely eliminates the possibility of your bike shaking, giving you the strongest illusion of a stationary bike


  • You get a very smooth ride during your warm up
  • Very quiet, you can use it even at night
  • 6 level of resistance to let you get the most out of your ride


  • Can be tedious to setup the first time

2. Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer

There was a time when Conquer was just a pro rider thing. But its user base extended from expert bikers to occasional cyclists because it’s such a well-built unit.

Built to help you prep before hitting the road on your bike, this best indoor bike trainer can help you to get ready for mountain climbing and road racing. 

Conquer uses heavy-duty steel to design this trainer. So what you get for the price is a bike accessory that you can use for years to come.

Plus, the frame is wide enough to provide the maximum stability that you need to prep without worrying about wobbling or toppling over.

Thanks to the stability, it’s even easy to do intense exercises. 

The included front wheel riser will keep your bike in proper position while enhancing overall stability. Built to be almost on the same level with an urban trail, your bike will feel like it’s almost on the same level with the ground, even at a moderately raised height. 

It would have been great if this had different levels of resistance, but the single resistance is still good enough to give you a more natural, light ride.


  • Easy to setup, takes only a few minutes and you’re ready
  • Made of steel for strength and durability
  • Affordable


  • Only one resistance level

3. Sportneer Fluid Bike Trainer Stand

Sportneer makes some of the best bike trainers in the world. And their fluid model is an option to consider if you’re on a budget. Plus, it’s a good pick for all kinds of riders, from occasional cyclists to professional bikers.

So if you want to prep up well before hitting the road for an actual ride, then you will love this trainer. 

From a design point of view, Sportneer’s decision to use steel for the frame is such a bold decision that comes with two big benefits. First, you get a durable trainer stand that you can use for years to come.

Second, you get a wide, strong frame that provides the stability you need to train with confidence. Of course, steel is heavy and you expect a compromise.

But you’d rather overlook the weight because you won’t be moving this trainer around often anyway. 

Sportneer adds a dual locking mechanism to this trainer to help keep your bike in position. The riser block for the front wheel ensures that your bike stays still, so you can train without worrying about wobbling or toppling over. 


  • Wider base for stability, thus no shaky movements
  • Fits many bikes with 700c wheels
  • Folds down for easy storage


  • Can be a bit difficult to put your bike straight up

4. FDW Bike Trainer Stand

If you’re in the market for a trainer that can perfectly suit your road bike, then you should try the FDW cycling stand. Made of steel, this trailer is one of the best heavy-duty accessories for cyclists.

And while the material makes it a bit heavy, the weight isn’t exactly a deal breaker because what you get for the price is a durable product. 

You get five magnetic resistance settings with FDW bike trainer. This gives you the convenience to exercise at a variety of training levels and get the most out of it.

And thanks to the variable resistance, this trainer can adapt to different workout programs, including the ones you’d consider complicated.

FDW features an adjustable knob that you can use to fit wheels of different sizes. For the most part, this trailer can accommodate 26-inch, 27-inch, and 700cc wheels. Even more to the design is the versatility, which means you can even extend its use to road racing bikes.  


  • This trainer can fold down for easy storage
  • Accommodates different wheel sizes thanks to the adjustable knob
  • The magnetic resistance is progressive, which means it increases as you increase the speed of your bike


  • Makes a lot of noise when it’s in use
  • Rear wheel is ridiculously higher after mounting

5. Elite Direto 2 Interactive Smart Trainer

Elite Direto 2 Interactive was once a staple for pro and world famous cyclist. But it’s now a common bike accessories that even amateurs can use for warm-ups before hitting the road.

Instead of focusing on magnetic tension resistance, Elite integrates a power meter to this, making it the best trainer to use if you’d like to check cycling stats and improve your workout. 

The built-in optical torque sensor is almost 100% accurate. This goes a long way to give you readings that you can trust so you can improve your workout session. Elite Direto 2’s compatibility with multiple devices, including Windows, iOS, and Android lets you choose the device that you’d like to pair it with. 

The tension resistance is 100% electronic, with the Smart and FE-C sections giving you instant access to special programs like TrainerRoad and Zwift for resistance workouts.

Even hill climbing simulation is possible. And this kind of simulation lets you exercise even more intensively if you want to. 


  • Elite Direto 2 gives you readings that you can trust. And you can use the data to make a comprehensive workout plan
  • Includes interactive workouts that will help you to get the most out of your training
  • Stable, you can ride on it for long hours without worrying about wobbling


  • It generate too much heat when set to hill climbing simulation
  • It’s expensive

6. Elite Novo Force Trainer

To say that Elite has worked hard enough to ensure that this trainer is as best as it can be would be an understatement.

They’ve really put in smart work on the Novo Force, making it one of the best bike trainers yet, and the only thing that lets it down is the hefty price tag. 

Novo features eight magnetic resistance settings, which are adequate for indoor cycling. More often than not, you’ll find the resistance levels good enough for just about workout that you’d like to do.

 If you want more resistance, though, then you might want to consider the Direto 2 Smart Interactive trainer. 

One of the best things about this device is the quiet operation. 

Even at the highest resistance setting, the entry-level turbo doesn’t make noise. Which means you can use this one even in a room with people and they’ll hardly find it disturbing.  


  • The magnetic resistance settings are sufficient for a variety of workouts
  • Good for wheel sizes of between 24 and 29 inches
  • Quiet, you can even use it in a room full of people


  • This bike trainer is too expensive for a bike trainer. Go with Conquer or Sportneer is you’re on a tight budget

7. Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2 Trainer

Here’s a smart bike trainer that lets you do more than just pedal your bike in a stationary position. Kinetic Smart 2 is a cutting-edge trainer with progressive resistance level and built-in workouts.

It works well with Apple and Android device. And it even gives you access to a host of fitness apps, including Trainer Road, Swift, and Kinetic Fit. 

This smart trainer has a solid base that gives you the stability you need to keep your bike in position.

With no instances of wobbling or possibility of tripping, you get more consistent performance and better workout during every session – the exact same way you would riding your bike outside. 

This smart trainer’s kinetic app is one you’ll find yourself interacting with often. And it’s a good thing that it’s easy to use, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time to figure out how it works. 


  • One of the models with a lifetime warranty
  • It strong and sturdy, a pick that you’ll use for many months to come
  • Quiet during operation


  • The in ride sensor doesn’t return reliable data
  • Tire tends to slip sometimes

8. Tacx NEO 2 Smart Indoor Trainer

Tacx’s NEO series has been through a number of updates. And the NEO 2 Smart Indoor has been on the end of receiving the best of the brand’s innovation and creativity. To begin with, it has a better internal chip, left/right power distribution, an improved memory, and a capacity cadence sensor.

NEO 2 Smart is FTMS, ANT+ FE-C, and Bluetooth compatible. And this means you can use it with just about any training app that work with these protocols. Pairing it with Zwift on Apple TV is easy and straightforward, after which you can view your cadence, power, and speed. 

The built-in 32-neodymium magnets control the virtual flywheel by proving the braking power as well as the energy required to set your bike’s rear wheel to motion. Moreover, this machine has the power to provide 1200 watts of resistance and up to 25% of slope simulation. 

One problem with this smart trainer is that it doesn’t come with a cassette. So you’ll need to buy one to get the most out of the set. You can get a Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo. 


  • Quick response with a very quiet performance
  • Self-powered machine that doesn’t require calibration


  • It’s an expensive bike trainer
  • This product is also very heavy

9. Saris CycleOps 9930 M2 Smart Bike Trainer

Technically speaking, accuracy and precision are two things CycleOps paid close attention to when designing this trainer.

And in practice, it’s clear from the performance that the 9930 M2 smart combines both to give you the value for your money. 

CycleOps taps into power tuning technology to ensure this trainer gives you accurate reading from your workout.

 It easily monitors and returns your cadence, power, and speed. 

Also, you get up to 1500 watts of electromagnetic resistance, which will help you to get the most out of your workout.


  • Compatible with bikes of different tire sizes
  • The clutch knob assures a strong connection between the roller and tire
  • Easily reaches a climbing grade of 15% at 20 miles an hour


  • Takes time to pair with Bluetooth

10. Saris CycleOps Indoor Bike Trainer

If you’re looking for a lightweight indoor bike trainer that features a progressive resistance range, then you will love this one.

You get a consistent and quite ride that feels really smooth; more like you are riding your bike on an actual road. 

One of the best things about this trainer is its compatibility with fitness training apps, like Swift. 


  • Compatible with bikes of different tire sizes
  • The clutch knob assures a strong connection between the roller and tire
  • Easily reaches a climbing grade of 15% at 20 miles an hour


  • Takes time to pair with Bluetooth