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Last Updated on August 12, 2021

I’ve been an avid mountain and road biker for over a decade. And there have been days when I wasn’t lucky to get an amazing cycling experience. I’ve tripped multiple times.

I’ve run into bumpy roads and fallen hard from my bike. And while none of those injuries called for an admission, each taught me a very big cycling lesson. Which is to wear a bike helmet before getting on a bike.

The best bike helmet can be the difference between safety, even when cycling at top speed, and an injury you didn’t expect. To ride well and stay safe, here are some helmets to consider.


Top Rated Bike Helmets Comparison & Rating


Product Name





Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet | Front and Back...


54 - 61cm

15.5 ounces

No products found.
No products found.


Small, Medium, Large


No products found.
MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet That's Light, Cool &...

Internal, recessed channels and manage airflow

Small, Medium, Large


Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet


Small, Medium, Large

410g (S), 450g (M) or 490g (L)

Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling...


Universal Adult (54-61 cm) size


VICTGOAL Bike Helmet for Men Women with Led Light...


Adjustable Size: 22-24 inch (57- 61 cm)


MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmets with Rechargeable USB...


Adjustable Size


Giro Chronicle MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet...




No products found.
No products found.


22.05-24.01 Inches (56 - 61cm)

0.61 lb

No products found.
MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet - Detachable Super...


standard size


Best Bicycle Helmets Reviews - We Picked Cycling Helmets For The Money

1. Lumos Smart Bike Helmet

Lumos isn’t the first or the only brand to integrate smart technology to a bike helmet. But they have had a great success with it and you, a budding cycling enthusiast, are the one to benefit the most.

The quality build starts right from the design. By combining tough plastic with a soft foam on the inside, Lumos manages to add strength and comfort in their right balance, making this smart helmet one of the best options yet. 

There is more to the chinstrap than just the sturdy and durable material. First, it keeps the helmet in position throughout your ride, so it won’t simply fall off when you ride in it at top speed.

Second, it’s adjustable, which means you can tighten or loosen it to get a comfortable fit. 

Then there’s the 72 LED light feature, which is, in my take, the helmet’s strongest selling point. Reinforced on front, rear, and side, the LEDs promise prime visibility, thus enhancing your overall projection on the road. It’s all about being seen from all sides, so you can ride to your destination safely without ever having to worry about road accidents. 


  • This bike helmet is waterproof
  • Lights are bright enough to make you visible from a distance, and from all sides
  • It’s easy to use, and it provides comfort and safety all through
  • Durable, so expect this to last for long


  • Batteries that power the LED lights have a short life
  • An expensive bike helmet but worth the price.

2. Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike Helmet Summary

Retrospec CM-1 is far from just a simple helmet. Optimized for versatility and tested for effective performance, this is one of the best bike helmets yet. With the brand’s safety-first notion, this gizmo is pretty much what you need to wear before you get on your bike, even if you intend to cycle for only a couple of minutes.

The build combines ABS and EPS, two high quality materials that enhance all-time safety. As the ABS provides shield against head injuries from the outside, the EPS foam absorbs the most shock from the inside to keep your head safe.

It’s impressive that Retrospec provides three size options, allowing you to go for a pick that matches your preference and meets your needs. The package also includes two sets of pads, which you can change from time to time to give you the very best comfort you need when cycling.

The flexibility of this helmet is something that really gets people talking. Suitable for all road riding functions, the CM-1 is an option for both adults and kids aged 14+, and an ideal option for biking, roller skating, skateboarding, and scooters. Plus, it’s available in a variety of colors. So if you’re someone who also taps into the aesthetics, the options are truly limitless.


  • The ventilation isn’t the best in the world, but it’s good enough
  • Good for adults and kids aged 14+ years
  • The padding is great and it’s extremely thick for maximum protection 


  • Looks big in the head and some people may not even like the shape

3. MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet

MOKFIRE puts its best foot forward in helmet design. And this adult version is an example of what their artistic knowledge can bring to the market. The helmet is soft, comfortable, simple to use, and easy to wash after a ride. It’s not versatile like Retrospec CM-1, but it’s still function and durable enough to serve its purpose long-term.

While the appearance of this pick isn’t even close to other model in MOKFIRE’s product line, the design is downright impressive. This make has a strong ABS shell an EPS foam liner, all of which are compliant with the CE.EN1078 and CPSC safety standards.

The helmet’s ventilation is up to scratch, able to provide sufficient airflow throughout a ride. Primarily, the vents let in cool, fresh air through the front, which not only reduces overheating, especially during fast and long hour rides, but also ensures your head stays cool throughout. The padding is soft, thick, and it easily absorbs moisture if you sweat to keep you cool as your ride.

For night visibility, MOKFIRE integrates a plug-in rear LED light at the back of this helmet, making it easy for motorists, drivers, and other cyclists to notice you from a distance. With this kind of visibility, your safety in the busy city streets is a guarantee.


  • So soft and comfortable that you can wear it for both short and long rides and never feel tired
  • The ventilation prevents overheating and keeps your head cool
  • The rear LED light enhances your visibility to other road users during the night
  • The head circumference is easy to adjust


  • Not suitable for riders with big heads

4. Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet

Thousand is a sleek bike helmet that delivers what it promises.  To the eyes, it looks sleek. On touch, it feels strong. It’s not too heavy, but some people may find its size rather bulky. You’ll love the industry level build, the carefully constructed ventilation, and the fact that it’s aesthetically pleasing.

Thousand pays attention to details on design. The brand goes as far as ensuring that even the smallest details, which by the way make the biggest difference, counts. The appearance is nothing special, but the accent does grab some attention for sure.

The strap is made of leather and it feels generously strong and durable. This unit’s beveled brim doesn’t extend too much, but it’s still can provide some shade to your eyes so you don’t strain when riding under hot sun.

You’ll love the chinstrap buckle. It’s magnetic, which means it fits in a snap. It’s pinch-free, so no possibility of hurting the skin under your neck.  Plus, it clicks in really well and it’s very easy to use. This helmet has 3 air vents at the top and 4 at the back. These provide sufficient airflow, making it an ideal option to use in hot climate, particularly in summer.


  • This company provides a theft guarantee for its helmets
  • The padding is soft and fits really well
  • Available in 3 sizes, small , medium, and large


  • The bigger option can be quite cumbersome on the head
  • A bit pricey

5. Giro Register Bike Helmet

Giro Register is lightweight, iconic, and versatile. With more safety features than you would find in a typical bike helmet, it’s easy to see why Register is a safe bet in Giro’s helmet series. At the very least, it includes two extra layers of protection, making it a superior choice to many standard options in the market.

The helmet’s outer shell is a tough polycarbonate construction. Then there’s a soft foam liner on the inside that absorbs impact to protect your head from injuries. The harmonious fusion of the shell and the liner provides a better ventilation, which allows sufficient air circulation to keep your head cool.

One of the best things about Register is the universal fit. Unlike traditional helmet, this one does have an easily-to-adjust fit system. Which, in other words, is to say that it’s suitable for riders of different head sizes. And it’s a good option for men and women who would rather get the right fit straight out of the box.

We recommend this product because it has an internal MIPS, which easily manages the flow of energy in the event of an impact. By directing the energy as away from your head as possible, the Multi-Directional Impact Protection system really keeps you safe after a crash, without adding even a fraction of a pound to your bike.


  • Has a visor that helps to improve your vision on road
  • MIPS ensures your head doesn’t collide on impact in the event of a crush
  • The ventilation is up to the standard
  • The design is simple, which means the helmet is easy to use


  • It’s heavy

6. VICTGOAL Bike Helmet 

VICTGOAL is a bike helmet for men and women. It’s a sturdy build, strong enough to stand up to even the strongest impact and work just fine thereafter. This unit is 9.6 ounces, making it one of the most lightweight options on this list. This isn’t available for all head sizes, though. It’s only suitable for heads with a 22 to 24 inch circumference.

Made of polycarbonate and EPS foam liner, the VICTGOAL is so far one of the safest options to consider. Together, they provide the protection you need to manage an impact in the event of a crash.

Made of shatterproof PC, the magnetic, UV400 protection visor gives you a very clear vision, allowing you to ride your bike with ease even extremely windy and dusty environments.

The strap is made of pure polyester. And a polyurethane material makes the inner padding. The backside has a dual fit design, which is easy to adjust to fit the head of either a male rider or a female cyclist. You’ll love this helmet because it has a good ventilation system. With 28 vents, sufficient airflow, which keeps your head dry and comfortable, is a guarantee. 

There’s a LED light at the back of this helmet. While you won’t use this feature often, you’ll find it useful during the night.


  • The visor gives you an all-around clear vision
  • LED light at the back makes it easy to ride safely at night


  • The visor isn’t scratch resistant

7. MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet with Rechargeable USB Light

This model is similar to the standard MOKFIRE adult road bike. The only difference is that this one has rechargeable USB light for nighttime visibility. Like the standard model, this helmet is comfortable and lightweight. Plus, it’s quite affordable. As far pricing goes, it’s half the cost of EVT Safe Zone.

MOKFIRE with USB Light is one of the well-made models in the brand’s helmet series. The outer shell is made of polycarbonate. And the inner lining features an EPS foam. Together, they help to absorb shock in the event of a crash. This gives your head the best protection possible in the event of an accident.

Besides the quality build, we also recommend this product because it’s truly lightweight. It weighs only 10.6 ounces. That’s an ounce more than the weight of VICTGOAL. But it’s still so light that you won’t even feel it on your head. And so well made that it promises to protect you and it does just that.

The helmet’s ability to circulate air in your head really well lies in the power of the ventilation system. This has 22 vents, enough to ensure perfect airflow throughout your side. And if anything, this makes a perfect option to use in very hot environment, especially in summer.


  • Good ventilation for comfortable riding
  • Made of high quality materials for strength and durability
  • The EPS lining provides maximum impact absorption to keep you safe
  • USB light, which has a battery life 40 hours, make you visible at night


  • Some people fine this to be quite large
  • The light  isn’t bright enough

8. Giro Chronicle MIPS MTB Helmet

Your brain is delicate. And whether you’re a slow or fast cyclist, you need to cover your head before you jump on your bike. Giro Chronicle helmet is a good cover to use, because it promises to protect your head from injuries and it does just that.

With this helmet on, you can ride your bike with an assurance for safety on different trails.

One of the best things about this bike helmet is the MIPS system. This technology helps to protect your head from impact in the event of a crash by absorbing energy. So even if you fall hard, you can pick yourself up and get going without worrying about head injuries.

Giro Chronicle has only 16 vents. While not comparable to what MOKFIRE offer, the vents are still enough to provide sufficient airflow in your head. And although the pads are thin, they are hydrophilic enough to soak up moisture. So your head will always remain cool and dry, even if you sweat a lot when riding.


  • Includes MISP technology that offers full protection from a crash
  • Well-made unit with plenty of room for your head
  • Fits well and stays in position
  • Air vents ensures sufficient airflow


  • This helmet is very expensive
  • It doesn’t have enough room for glass

9. Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet 

Exclusky is the best mountain bike helmet that money can buy. You buy and wear this one, and you never have to worry about injuries to your occipital bone in case you ever get involved in a road accident. Exclusky is mostly for mountain bike riders, but that’s not to say that you can’t use it for hybrid, commuting, or road bikes.

This helmet’s outer shell is made of high quality polycarbonate. The durable EPS makes the foam lining. The two materials are durable and useful. Together, they absorb all the shock that hit your head if you fall. And that means you will never experience an injury in case you ever fall from your bike.

There are 21 vents on top of this helmet. They ensure sufficient airflow in and out of the helmet, so your head stays cool throughout the ride.


  • Has air vents that keep your head dry
  • Made of high quality PC
  • Can manage high impact with ease


  • It doesn’t feature MIPS

10. MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet

A mountain bike rider doesn’t always expect to crash on a trail when cycling. But you need to be as protected as possible before you get on your bike.

And the best way to do that is with MOKFIRE Mountain Bike helmet.

This unit is well made, affordable, and offers the best protection possible in the event of an impact.

Because MOKFIRE has optimized the multi density EPS foam for energy, you’ll find this helmet useful for absorbing impact during a crush.

There are only 15 vents. But they’re large enough to allow sufficient airflow in and out of the helmet.


  • This helmet complies with the CE and CPSC safety standards
  • Has LED lights to get you noticed at nighttime
  • Stylish, built to last
  • The LED light has a long battery life and it’s easy to charge


  • The visor is not scratch resistant
  • Has a very tight Go Pro mount

These are some of the best bike helmets in the market today. And the best part is? A majority are affordable. You really can’t afford to expose yourself to unexpected crashes. So I do recommend buying yourself a helmet today.

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